Are Heartworms and Big Pharma Squeezing the Life Out of Your Wallet?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

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If you’re like most canine owners, you probably love your dogs very much and want these family members to be as healthy as possible. Pet adoption is a serious responsibility and quite often the bond between an animal and human can last for a very long time.

Being a dog owner, I can certainly identify with the many responsibilities associated with caring for pets. And over the years, I’ve had to bring my dogs to the vet for a number of reasons. In an emergency situation, a good veterinarian can mean the difference between an animal surviving and dying. But the same animal, health care specialists that can save your pet’s life, in an emergency scenario, can potentially decrease their overall level of health while trying to prevent them from acquiring diseases and parasitic infections.

I believe that many people fail to…

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One thought on “Are Heartworms and Big Pharma Squeezing the Life Out of Your Wallet?

  1. Donna June 1, 2015 / 9:25 pm

    Our dog lasted 14.5 years, recently having to be put down in May 2015. It was a horrible day for all of us, but we had a clue it was coming. Renal failure is what the hospital said. Okay, so that was not the point of this reply so here goes. He was maltese/poodle, with curly hair. I think mosquitos had a hard time getting at his skin to begin with. He was horrible at taking pills, and could easily eat the cheese and spit out the pill, eat the peanut butter and spit out the pill, eat the pill pocket and spit out the pill. Got to a point that if he was ill or recovering from something (poor thing had bladder stone surgery and also a later patella surgery) I would have to melt a mini marshmallow in the microwave and shrink wrap the pill inside, or put it into a spoon of ice cream. Meat flavored pills? No dice. It didn’t matter what kind of pill, he was difficult to get it down his throat.

    So, our vet also said only to give him the flea pills during certain months – he was also prone to seizures of unknown origin, and maybe it was the pills.

    After 2 years, I stopped the pills, and never used any of the liquids on his coat. He never in 14 years tested positive for heart worms. Maybe when he was 4 the vet asked…are you giving him the pills and I said no….he isn’t out but for 2 walks a day, and never in the yard alone or for long, and like me, mosquitos don’t seem to go after him.

    Big Pharma is indeed making billions on these drugs. I had dogs all my childhood, and they barely got to the vet~! Nowadays, dogs aren’t as sturdy as they used to be, and perhaps that is all the meds and breeding on the meds.

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