All Living Things Express an Inborn Intelligence!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


All living things have very unique abilities to be able to adapt to their ever-changing environments. If you think about this for a moment, you will soon realize how amazing life, on our little planet, really is.

Imagine, in your mind’s eye, an acorn landing in a field of grass. It becomes naturally embedded in the ground. It receives sunlight and rain and within a short period of time, it becomes a tiny sapling. As the years pass, the sapling will grow larger and eventually will mature into a massive, full grown oak tree that will begin to produce and drop its own acorns. The oak tree is able to survive the toughest elements that are featured in each of the changing seasons. It does all of this, on its own, without a brain. How can this be? The answer is that an acorn and an oak tree both contain an inner wisdom, an inborn intelligence, which allows it to grow and survive in its immediate environment. All living things have this inner wisdom that allows life to flourish. In traditional chiropractic, we refer to this inner wisdom as innate intelligence – the inborn wisdom that exists in all living organisms.

As people, we witness examples of innate intelligence on a regular basis. Think about how we eat and digest our food without consciously paying attention to the complex biochemical processes that are involved in accomplishing this task. The human physiology has to break down the food, absorb and assimilate the nutrients, and prepare the leftovers for elimination. We don’t have to sit in a room, after eating a large meal, and attempt to figure out the proper amount of chemicals that are necessary to successfully carryout this very important physiological process.

There are also many other examples of innate intelligence that we can observe on a daily basis. The ability of the human eye to adapt and change its point of focus on a given object, in just a few seconds, so that we are able to perceive the surrounding environment in a very clear and unobstructed manner is accomplished through innate intelligence. We don’t have to consciously think about calculating the different distances for various objects we encounter so that we can see things properly. The body inherently accomplishes this and other amazing feats twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The human immune system constantly attempts to keep us healthy by making biochemical adjustments, every few seconds, as we encounter regularly changing conditions in both our internal and external environments.

A viral or bacterial microbe that has, temporarily, imposed its will on a living being is no match for the immune system. The inborn intelligence of the body immediately begins to scan the foreign organism for weaknesses and then launches a plan of attack to disable or destroy the offending invader.

In many situations, bacterial and viral microbes are weakened and disabled through heat. The immune system recognizes this fact and begins to create an environment, a fever, which is conducive for returning the body back to a state of proper health. Very often, people make poor healthcare decisions and attempt to interfere with the innate decisions of human physiology. How many individuals do you know that have taken an aspirin, or another drug, in an attempt to lower a fever or to minimize some other annoying symptom? You probably know quite a few folks that have done this – maybe even you!

Just the other day, I was watching television and viewed a drug commercial about a product that was designed to break up mucus in the airway passages. This drug is an expectorant and it works by thinning out the mucus in the chest and other portions of the body. At first glance, this might seem like a good thing. After all, it produces the desired effect (relief) that a person suffering with congestion might want. But if we truly understood how smart the human body was, we would rarely interfere with what it is trying to accomplish.

In the case of thinning out mucus in our body, we have to first understand that the inborn intelligence in a human being has a good reason for doing the things it does. The body doesn’t create thick amounts of copious mucus just for the hell of it. In many situations, the body wants to conceal an active infection or sequester it from other body areas so that it won’t spread and do additional damage. After the immune system successfully destroys the threatening infection, it will reduce the thick mucus in the chest and allow the remnants to be coughed up and expelled. Keep in mind, this is allowed only after the infection has been neutralized.

The problem with taking the expectorant is that the product interferes with the immune system and allows the consolidated and sequestered infection to be released through the entire body while it is still active and dangerous. This is not a good thing even though it might temporarily give the person some minor relief from the annoying symptoms associated with congestion and an unproductive cough.

Most symptoms, associated with colds/influenza, and signs of disease are nothing more than intelligent attempts by the immune system to rid the body of harmful invaders. Unfortunately, the educated minds of most people, in society, have been programmed with misinformation when it comes to understanding issues regarding health and wellbeing. A lot of our understanding about health and disease has come directly from giant petrochemical corporations (drug companies) that have a vested interest in keeping you and I sick throughout our entire lives. The products that these companies produce do not cure people from disease. Instead, the products block, in a number of ways, the attempts of the immune system to fight off and cure problems that are challenging our overall health.

Millions of Americans are walking around the planet with a condition known as hypertension (elevated blood pressure). If you ask the average person about hypertension, they’ll explain to you that high blood pressure is a disease process. They will tell you this because this is what they have been taught by pharmaceutical companies and doctors that have been taught the same nonsense. This misinformation is repeatedly taught at medical schools, which utilize textbooks that have been written by scientists and employees that work for pharmaceutical companies. We are a society filled with repeaters. We keep repeating the same things over and over again without any understanding of what we are repeating!

Hypertension is not a disease! It is a physiological adaptive process which forces blood to reach areas of the body that are not getting adequate blood supplies. The inborn intelligence of the body automatically elevates blood pressure so that people won’t die from a stroke or a heart attack. Strokes and heart attacks are caused from an inadequate amount of blood to the brain or heart. They are not caused from blood pressure being too high. Very often, strokes and heart attacks will occur because the amount of blood, going to the heart and brain, is insufficient despite the body’s attempts to raise blood pressure.

The common protocol to treat patients suffering with hypertension is to place the individuals on medications that will prevent the body’s inborn intelligence from raising blood pressure. The drugs actually interfere with the nervous system (they disrupt communication between the brain and other portions of the body) so that the blood pressure cannot be elevated even though it really needs to be raised in order to get a sufficient amount of blood to vital organs and body tissues.

Years ago, a “normal” systolic blood pressure reading was widely accepted by the medical community as being 100 + your age. In other words, if you were 75 years old you should have had a systolic blood pressure reading of 175. If you were 40 years old you should have had a systolic blood pressure reading of 140. Systolic blood pressure is a measurement of the blood pressure when the heart is beating. The other measurement, the bottom number, is known as diastolic blood pressure and is a measurement of the blood pressure when the heart is relaxed. Under the old system, a person that was 80 years old would be considered to have a “normal” blood pressure if they produced a reading of 180/80. By today’s standards, the same individual would be classified as hypertensive and be prescribed anti-hypertensive medications.

Most medical organizations today agree that a “normal” blood pressure reading should be at 115/75. Anything above this level would be classified as hypertension. How convenient this change, in calculating a “normal” blood pressure, has been for the petrochemical corporations. Their profits originating from selling anti-hypertensive medicines have skyrocketed while people’s blood pressures have plummeted along with their health.

In all likelihood, the official organizations that conducted the so called “scientific studies” that led to the change in how “normal” blood pressures are calculated were, most likely, heavily influenced by the petrochemical corporations. By lowering “normal blood pressure values” it instantly placed millions of people into a hypertensive category and suggested they be placed on anti-hypertensive medications for the rest of their lives.

The important point that I want my readers to understand is that all living human beings have an inborn (innate) intelligence that constantly strives to keep them alive and well. This intelligence never sleeps, never take a day off from the job, and will be with them for as long as they are alive.

Your own innate intelligence always knows what’s best for your body, at any particular time of the day, and it is always operating through the very important pathway that keeps you healthy – the human nervous system!