2014: The End of Fiat Currencies Worldwide?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


There is literally too much to write about concerning global happenings taking place on our little, blue planet. The different subjects that regularly affect our lives on a daily basis are so diverse in appearance; it is often quite difficult for most individuals to make sense out of everything taking place. The mainstream media’s (MSM) delivery of news and world events is intentionally presented in such a way in order to obfuscate the interconnectedness of everything currently taking place. They do not want people to see the bigger picture.

There are so called experts attempting to make sense out of every genre that contributes to the fabric of human, perceived reality. Whether it is science, religion, healthcare, economics, politics, war, or terrorism, people are writing and speaking about important subjects without connecting the dots. While everything happening in the world appears to the masses as being unrelated and isolated events, the reality of the situation is that the really big news events regularly being reported on by the MSM are directly related. By studying world events and comprehending the interconnectedness of world happenings, it becomes very easy to predict what will happen in various genres/subjects that concern human beings.

Within the next few weeks or months, I believe we will witness an historic meltdown in the world’s financial markets and global economy. This is a byproduct of the endgame of many fiat currencies that can no longer function the way they were designed to. What can we expect? I think we can expect a large drop in the financial markets all over the world. I think we can expect a surge in precious metal prices like never before. What is about to occur in 2014 will probably make the 2008 financial meltdown look insignificant.

Readers might think I am out of my mind or even crazy for making a prediction like this one. Maybe my prediction will not come true? I hope I am wrong about all of this. Based on what I have read and what I am observing in the MSM, I had to write this post before this event begins to unfold.

What do you think about this subject?