Why Are We Working For The Supermarkets And Not Getting Paid?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

 reizer3Granted, I often cover some controversial and off world subjects on this website. I know it bothers the heck out of some people when I report about the various activities taking place on Mars and our moon. Some people just can’t handle the truth about certain subjects. So I thought that maybe I should take a break from all of that unearthly stuff in this particular article and discuss one earthly problem that continues to affect so many of us.

Have you been to a supermarket in the last several years? Have you used one of those convenient/inconvenient self checkout registers after completing your weekly grocery ritual? Do you enjoy working for big supermarket corporations and not getting anything back in return as far as monetary compensation is concerned?

A number of years ago, the corporate brain trusts of many supermarket chains in the United States made a collective decision to train their customers to work for them and to do the work for free. Go to any major supermarkets in the United States and you will see plenty of self checkout aisles located at the front of these stores.

The way that the self checkout services have been branded and forced down our throats was quite ingenious. At first, a few of these aisles were created and marketed as a way to avoid waiting in long lines. Gradually, as the years have passed, fewer cashiers have been scheduled to work and more of us have been nudged gently into the self checkout lines. The other day, while doing my personal shopping, I counted four cashiers working the 25 available aisles in the front of the store. There were numerous self checkout registers in operation and they were all filled with long lines of frustrated customers.

The funny/sad thing about self checkout services is that the people/customers doing the work are not getting anything in return for their hard work. Why are we working for the supermarkets for free? Wouldn’t it be nice if the stores offered customers a discount on their food bills in exchange for bagging and scanning products? Am I crazy or is this practice we are all being subjected to okay with everybody out there? Do you enjoy working for big supermarkets for free? I was just curious and wanted to get your feedback regarding this subject.

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