The U.S. Government Shutdown

By Michael Morris

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During the past twenty-five years, measured from a third dimensional perspective, I have had an opportunity to channel information through a few thousand biological incarnations that were simultaneously and sequentially expressing Vast Intelligence’s blueprint. In most of those expressions I wrote about major events taking place that were impacting Earth and its participants. In this communication, I wish to address yet another major event that is currently in progress.

I think it is important for readers of this website to fully comprehend the following concepts: The agenda that is in place, currently being managed by the global elitists, is not pliable. The major events you are witnessing, through mainstream news, are all tied to the overall plan to manage human beings more efficiently from the top down. In addition to the fact that certain things are stringent and not going to change much as far as the management of the general population is concerned; the Earth game is nearing its conclusion. I am not permitted, due to universal rules, to release a specific time frame regarding game parameters. I will tell you, however, that the world politics affecting humankind are directly connected to the upcoming termination of the Earth game.

The current shutdown of the United States Government is nothing less than a predictable theatrical performance. The powers that be have been managing the enslavement of human beings, on behalf of the Controllers, for an extensive period of time. The enslavement of humans is carried out in many ways. For the purpose of this communication, I will focus exclusively on the financial enslavement of your species. Please keep in mind that financial enslavement represents only one tentacle of many that leads back to the major octopus that is interfering with the human expression of Vast Intelligence.

The financial systems that have been implemented in your world, for the most part, are based on fiat currencies. Simply explained, the currencies of your world are produced out of thin air and backed by nothing tangible. The currencies, in reality, are worthless IOU’s that represent a promise by the United States Government or other countries to pay back an amount of borrowed debt. This is why the paper currency in the United States is printed with the words, Federal Reserve Note.

In your not so distant past, the major currencies of the world were backed by an inventory of precious metals. Such precious metals were represented by a circulating currency that had serial numbers printed on the individual pieces of cash that were released for public use. Instead of citizens lugging around silver, gold, and platinum, the paper currencies, far less cumbersome to transport on one’s person, were transferred in exchange for goods and services by the good people of Earth. A transfer of paper cash between two parties represented a transfer of the precious metals that remained locked inside a vault.

When paper or electronic money is backed by precious metals, the financial enslavement of people and their governments cannot take place. It is impossible for inflation to occur when money is backed by tangible assets. When money is backed by silver, gold, and platinum, you are not supposed to be able to print dollars of currency beyond the value that exists in an asset vault.

When fiat currencies were placed into circulation, all accountability of the bankers was instantly removed. The creation of the Federal Reserve System, in the United States in the year 1913, allowed for inflationary practices to commence. Because the governments of the world have broadly embraced the practice of using fiat currencies in exchange for goods and services, individual countries and their citizens have become trapped in debt. Every citizen of the United States has been assigned a proportionate share of the country’s national debt that continues to accrue because of the United States government’s business practices.

The Federal Reserve System is not a federal agency nor does it have anything of value in reserve. It remains a private corporation, made up of very wealthy elitists, and it has an exclusive permission to lend fiat currencies to the United States Government. These elitists are robbing Americans everyday while pretending to be a part of the United States Government.

The Controllers of your world can maintain leverage over governments and their citizens by placing great amounts of imaginary debt on such entities. All fiat currency systems are based on fraud and very deceptive banking practices. I am oversimplifying the deceptive strategies tremendously in this article for the sake of brevity.

In keeping in line with the theme of simplicity, let me write that the powers that be do not want the existing fiat currency systems to end prematurely. They will end, as they were intended to, but not before they have destroyed the entire financial well being of the world’s most powerful sovereign countries.

In order to convince the people of Earth that a global banking system is necessary to restore financial order in the world, there must first be a gigantic financial catastrophe. This financial catastrophe must be so large and damaging to the average person that the public will beg the powers that be for a financial solution. And one such solution is already planned and waiting to be implemented; a global fiat currency system.

The continuous threat of a government shut down in the United States is a theatrical performance by all of the political puppets that are supposedly representing your interests. The lesson they are trying to teach citizens, through this grand performance, is the only way to avert a financial disaster is to embrace the insane practice of allowing the government to continue to borrow money that is backed by non tangible assets.

The central issue at stake, regarding the latest theatrical performance, has to do with the argument between Democrats and Republicans and whether or not the United State’s debt ceiling should be raised. If it is not raised, there will be hell to pay according to key players involved in this dog and pony show. The consequences of not raising the debt ceiling have been publicly debated by the political puppets. There remains a highly publicized threat of various government services being interrupted. Some of the services that might be interrupted include the Internet, distribution of pensions, utilities, police and armed services, etc. Sounds a lot like Y2K some years back.

I will tell you, with great certainty, that the debt ceiling will be raised. The manufactured crisis you are currently observing will end very soon and the political puppets in the United States will congratulate themselves and be perceived as heroes by the average citizen.

Once again, the lesson the Controllers want the herd to learn will be accomplished and discussed on the major news networks. The stock market will jump off the charts and precious metals will fall in value. People will, ultimately, come away with the understanding  that it is necessary and an acceptable practice to continue to borrow more fiat money even when you are already in debt up to your eyeballs. When this financial time bomb finally explodes, a global currency system will be introduced and embraced by every country on your planet. It too will be based on the concept of printing money out of thin air.

More to follow…later!

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  1. Edwina Reizer October 14, 2013 / 8:26 pm

    Reading about all of these things that are happening right before our eyes although disturbing gives those who understand the end game a feeling of peace to know that all of this will change by the more people that become awake. Like the 100th monkey syndrome ,as soon as we reach the level of enough humans becoming aware of the game , the quicker the game will be over. Thank you Michael (JOHN) for this information. Mom

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