Flu Shot, Cancer Awareness, Back to School Vaccines….It must be Fall Again?

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

 10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nIt’s fall again, a very beautiful time of the year. When I think of autumn, thoughts of pumpkins, witches, Halloween and colorful landscapes, filled with countless trees and changing leaves, usually pop into my mind. The last quarter of the calendar brings with it the return of the holiday season as well as the reopening of schools for our children.

The fall season also features an extremely aggressive marketing campaign that is financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Their toxic products and ideas are then pedaled by its exclusive distributors, the medical profession. The efforts of this campaign can be observed by any person that happens to turn on a television, reads a magazine, purchases a newspaper, enters a public library, watches a professional sporting event, sends a child to school, visits a doctor’s office, peruses the Internet, or partakes in some other activity within a given community.

The pharmaceutical marketing campaign I am writing about has been carefully designed to sell toxic vaccines, drugs, and promote awareness about breast cancer and other diseases to American healthcare consumers. It is a recurring event. Placed into action like clockwork; you can count on the same propaganda being transmitted to the public by the pharmaceutical industry every year. It’s etched into the calendar, just like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The proliferation of diseases worldwide has been accomplished, over time, due to society’s collective embracement of dangerous medical concepts. The dangerous ideas have been shoved down our throats for the longest time by the petrochemical giants that bombard us with one toxic poison after another. Poisons that are routinely packaged and marketed to consumers with fancy names are regularly painted as the exclusive answer to cancer or the sole prophylactic for childhood diseases.

When we support fundraising campaigns that have been developed to administer more toxic vaccines, promote awareness about cancers, cancer screenings, and cancer treatment protocols that do not cure patients, we ultimately contribute to the global expansion of chronic and deadly diseases.

Every single dollar that is collected through medical fundraising efforts helps the pharmaceutical companies pay for the development of additional toxic drugs that never cure anything. The management of a never ending list of symptoms is the only goal of big pharmaceutical companies. Keeping you and me in the dark about real cures, that have been previously discovered and found to be successful for eliminating cancers and other disorders, is what medical fundraising is really about.

Are you sure that you want to get the very toxic Flu jab this fall at the corporately owned drugstore in your hometown? Do you really know what you are injecting into your body? It’s amazing how the influenza virus seems to hide during other times of the year. How does it do that? Does it go on vacation like Santa Claus?

Each fall we witness the same pathetic stories all across America. The news stations will be filled with lengthy interviews featuring doctors dressed in white garments explaining about how the influenza virus will be the worst strain encountered in modern history. The carefully crafted news spots will also tell a gullible public that there will be drastic shortages of vaccines during the upcoming season. This will, undoubtedly, cause a run on the vaccine market. People will, for all intents and purposes, trample one another for the right to stick out their arms in order to be injected with toxic medicines that increase their odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease as well as other autoimmune disorders.

As kids, we used to scare one another by watching horror movies during the Halloween season. Those movie flicks were innocuous and quite harmless. Now, as adults, we take part in another type of horror show. We have become willing participants in a production that is not so innocuous and presents a real danger to the integrity of our immune systems. We routinely give our consent to take part in the medical horror show. In addition, we are financially supporting organizations that are making it impossible for the real cures to see the light of day. We are enabling modern medicine and the petrochemical industry to make us weaker and more dependent on a never ending list of poisons. Perhaps, one day, Americans will wake up and finally reclaim their natural right to be healthy. Perhaps, one day, Americans will become so spooked by this annual horror show that they will stop contributing monetary donations to these insane practices.

What do you think about this subject?

Dr. Reizer’s Newest Book: “Lies and Deception”

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


I would like to take this opportunity to announce the publication and general release of my latest book, “Lies and Deception: Trying to Understand the World we Live In.”

Our limited perceptions of reality are very far removed from what is truly taking place in the world and throughout the universe. Until society gets a clue and begins to understand that what we are being fed by trusted media sources, concerning most current events, is inaccurate and misleading, we will continue to struggle in our attempts to comprehend the true nature of reality.

This book attempts to enlighten readers by offering them a collection of essays that have to do with the various lies we are routinely served on a daily basis. It is my hope that the subjects covered in the text will bring to light for some a perspective of reality that they might not have otherwise explored to date.


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Beware Of The Disease Support Organizations You Embrace

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


This is, perhaps, one of the most difficult articles to write without coming across, to readers, as being an uncaring, off the wall, idiot. The knee-jerk reaction most people will have in response to what I have authored here will be anger. Having written that disclaimer let me venture into the controversial territory anyway. The information is far too important to ignore and, in my opinion, needs to be brought to the attention of the general public.

Every year there are swarms of national campaigns designed to promote awareness about certain diseases such as autism, autoimmune disorders, cancer, leukemia, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and other serious life altering conditions.

At face value, the foundations and organizations that have been established to collect monetary donations from corporations, small businesses and individuals, in order to finance medical research that will lead to a cure for various diseases, appear quite benevolent. After all, everyone wants to eradicate terrible diseases – right?

Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have the slightest understanding about the machinations taking place right under their noses. The foundations and organizations, ad nauseam, currently sponsoring walkathons, races, parades and other fanfare to cure diseases have, in actuality, been cleverly developed by the Medical Establishment (secretly funded by the petrochemical corporations) in an effort to maintain public awareness about toxic drugs that have been packaged to look like logical solutions for managing debilitating conditions.

Many of the synthetically patented drugs being offered to manage diseases are extremely toxic and should never have been approved for public consumption. But the sad truth is the products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and unleashed on citizens around the country. The fact that these poisons are being prescribed to innocent health care consumers, in the first place, is disturbing enough. The fact that Americans and small business owners are continuously encouraged to donate funds, earmarked for the development of additional chemical toxins, through well coordinated media campaigns is just rubbing salt into the center of an already open wound.

In reality, the numerous organizations that have been opportunistically launched into existence, to promote awareness about specific diseases, are doing a great job in making sure the lucrative disease industry never disappears. I know this is a hard pill to swallow for many people because the conclusion one comes to, from reading this information, is very disturbing. The mere mentioning of this subject also speaks volumes about how absolutely awful certain corporations really are.

It is uncomfortable for many people to realize that others would have no problem profiting from the misery of others. But this is exactly what is happening in the current health care environment. The petrochemical giants have only one concern – profit! They do not care about the health and well being of health care consumers.

If you take the time to truly examine the foundations, that have the names of the diseases they are supporting/promoting built within their organization’s title, you will see these entities are, very much, financed and promoted, at all of their official events, websites, etc., by pharmaceutical companies that specialize in offering the latest drugs currently used to manage the different maladies in question. You’ll also notice the pharmaceutical companies never promise a cure, just the long term management of each disease process.

This is an absolutely ingenious plan that was implemented by the petrochemical corporations long ago. They have given birth to foundations (support groups) that engage in regular, annual campaigns, and have the sole objective of promoting awareness, to compromised healthcare consumers, about poisonous drugs currently available to manage a specific ailment.

Many of the diseases, in question, plaguing humanity could have easily been eradicated by natural methods, such as increasing the level of Vitamin D in the body or by improving the nutritional content in foods we consume. Valuable information such as this is never addressed by the Medical Establishment, nor is it publicized through the mainstream media.

Many food products we consume today are being produced or prepared by companies owned and operated by larger companies that have direct ties to the pharmaceutical corporations. It’s pretty apparent that the larger parent corporations don’t want to get rid of the diseases they are already profiting from. Is it possible they want to create more diseases? Is it also possible these corporations are responsible for the current plagues already terrorizing humanity? In my considered opinion, I feel there’s a good possibility that many of the diseases, challenging our species, have been designed and purposely unleashed on society, through vaccines, so that multinational companies can earn large profits for years to come.

In addition, the giant corporations, in question are either directly or indirectly responsible for genetically modifying our foods. When you visit a supermarket, it’s almost impossible to find products that have not been compromised or at a minimum laced with artificial sweeteners, MSG, etc. Many scientists are convinced such substances are toxic and making people increasingly ill.

Readers need to understand that the pharmaceutical industry generates billions of dollars in profits on an annual basis. The various foundations organizing walkathons and other public events, in order to secure donations, are an important component of keeping the lucrative disease campaigns alive. The funds the, so called, altruistic organizations collect are used to make sure the diseases, in question, are never eliminated. Each disease is a cash cow and petrochemical companies have little desire to develop a cure, through research they’re paying for, that would, ultimately, put them out of business.

Staying Positive and Never Giving up is More Important than Ever Before

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


Most of us have heard inspirational speakers preach about the importance of keeping a positive attitude throughout our lives. The old adage about keeping your chin high and never giving up has a lot of truth behind it.

The single item that seems to separate successful people from individuals that have encountered a lack of success, throughout their lives, is persistence. Having the ability to get off the ground in order to give it another go is a priceless personality trait. Successful people rarely give up in life. Instead, they view failure as just another opportunity to succeed at a later date. If you think about this mindset, it’s quite inspiring. As long as you never give up, you’re still in the game. Only when you decide to stop trying, does the world failure ever creep into the picture.

We all know that life can certainly be difficult sometimes. Adversity involving our careers, health, relationships and many other areas are commonplace. Most people, at one time or another, have to face such difficult issues. How we respond to various obstacles, that might come our way, ultimately determines the amount of success or lack thereof we will achieve in our lives.

We’re living in interesting and challenging times. As a nation, of like-minded people, we must keep our chins high; our determination to keep fighting strong and our minds open to alternative concepts and ideas.

We must also remember that America was built, from the ground up, by highly determined, out of the box thinkers. It will need equally strong and committed citizens if we are to survive some of the challenges that appear to be on our horizon. As Americans, we can do this, and we can do it with pride because, quite frankly, we have no other choice. Failure is no longer an option; it’s just another opportunity to succeed!

Why I Will Never Forget Room 110

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

 10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nIn the summer of 2013 I was hired by a local college in the town where I lived to teach a medical terminology course for students that planned to enter health careers. Prior to this teaching assignment, I had been an associate professor for 11 years at a chiropractic college until I retired in 2010. I had always enjoyed sharing knowledge with the chiropractic students enrolled in my classes. I was very excited to be in front of students again in this new setting.

My new employer was concerned that perhaps I would have a difficult time relating to undergraduate students after working so long with graduate level candidates. I assured them that I was a flexible instructor and welcomed the opportunity to share knowledge with anyone that possessed a desire to learn.

When I received my schedule on the first day of my employment, I saw that my class was scheduled to meet in room 110. After getting all my materials organized, I found room 110 and began preparing for my first lecture.

After a short period of time, students began entering the classroom. As luck would have it, the computer systems and power circuits in the college were not working properly on this day. I was unable to access the student roster sheets and the emergency lights were functioning which allowed the room to be bathed in a very dim level of lighting. Not having access to the computer system or the overhead projection tools that were provided within the facility for classroom instruction, I decided to deviate from the scheduled curriculum that I had previously planned to teach.

After a brief introduction, I began talking to the students about healthcare. The class time allotted was two hours. After a few minutes of speaking about some very general subjects that related to health careers, one of the students asked me a question regarding my opinion on the safety of vaccines for young children. My stomach immediately had a strange feeling inside it. Of all the audiences that I had lectured in front of over the course of my career, I never expected a controversial question about a healthcare topic from this group of students. But there it was right in front of me, not even 15 minutes into the scheduled class time. I dove right in and answered the question as truthfully as I could. I held nothing back from the students. I never do.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, I will tell my readers that I covered subjects in that two hour period of classroom time that I never covered in all the years I worked at the chiropractic college when I was regularly in front of graduate students.

The students in room 110 were interested and fully engaged in the conversations taking place. There were many intelligent questions asked by students and they were extremely receptive to the answers I attempted to offer.

When the class had ended, I left room 110 feeling very fulfilled. Room 110 had changed my life forever. I would never prejudge a group of students again. The students in room 110 had received and processed the information I had shared with them better than many of the professional graduate students I had come into contact with for many years.

The following Monday, the next time my class was scheduled to meet, the electrical and computer systems were functioning normally again. I was relieved to learn that I would have full access to my PowerPoint files and that I could begin to teach the prescribed curriculum.

When I went to my mailbox in the faculty mail room, I noticed that my classroom assignment had been changed to room 114. I looked over the paperwork that had announced the room change as well as some updated student rosters for my course. Once I walked inside of room 114, I realized that none of the students sitting in the classroom looked familiar.

To this day, I am not sure whose students I lectured to in room 110. I know now that they were not assigned to me. It had been the best two hours of my teaching career and yet it had been a mistake.

Sometimes the best experiences that are offered in your life turn out to be mistakes. You have to try and make the most out of every opportunity that is presented. I will never forget room 110 for as long as I live.

People Need to Understand That Cigarettes Are Drugs and Smokers are Addicts

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

 10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nNot so long ago, I had an interesting conversation with one of the patients in my private practice. Dr. Ron (not his real name) is a retired medical doctor that practiced for 25 years. I’ve taken care of this man as a chiropractic patient for a couple of years now. On Ron’s last visit, we were talking about several issues that challenged the well being of healthcare consumers in America and around the world. Suddenly, the subject of cigarettes was brought up.

Dr. Ron had been a smoker for over 30 years before deciding to quit ten years ago. He explained to me how difficult it was for him to become an ex-smoker. And this was a doctor that knew about the dangers of smoking from a physiological perspective. With a lot of determination, he finally eliminated cigarettes from his life.

Dr. Ron told me that when he worked in the hospital system many years ago almost every person on staff, nurses and doctors alike, puffed away on cigarettes right in front of patients. According to the good doctor, smoking even occurred when a physician was in the middle of a patient examination. That type of bedside manner would never be permitted in the year 2014.

Over the years, there have been many changes in federal, state, and local laws that make it extremely difficult for smokers to partake in their addictive behaviors. Smoking at one time was widely embraced by the members of society as well as society’s governmental facilities. This is no longer the situation today. If you walk inside a United States government building in 2014 smoking a cigarette, you will be arrested. Smoking in government buildings is against the law. This holds true for state and most private buildings. With very few exceptions, today’s smokers must congregate in designated smoking locations in order to satisfy their habits.

Being married to an ex-smoker, I am well aware of just how hard it is to “kick the habit” so to speak. I can remember how difficult it was for my wife to break her addiction to cigarettes. When she finally decided to put down the smokes for good, we designed and implemented a plan to walk a mile every time she developed a craving for nicotine. My God, we walked many miles that summer, 18 years ago. The withdrawal symptoms she experienced were very intense and it took a number of years before those cravings finally disappeared. Not every person has the mental toughness that my wife possesses. It takes great strength and determination to stop smoking without the assistance of health care professionals. Most people cannot do it!

In the many years I have practiced chiropractic (27 years), I have had lots of patients that were smokers. I have heard their stories, witnessed their failures, and tried to be sympathetic to their feelings. I have always told patients that smoking cigarettes will kill them and their loved ones.

I personally believe smoking is just as dangerous for the people that do not smoke but who live in close proximity to a smoker. Secondary smoke that is inhaled by non-smokers can cause them many health related problems. It is a lethal and very unfair situation for family members and friends that choose not to smoke but are still being poisoned nonetheless.

Today, it’s even more difficult for smokers to get out of the game. Cigarette manufacturers have recently made their products more addictive than ever before. Genetically modified tobacco crops have been redesigned to yield larger and more concentrated amounts of nicotine. The flooding of the market with modified tobacco has resulted in increased amounts of addictive nicotine per cigarette. Nicotine is a powerful and addictive drug. It is probably just as addictive as heroin. We don’t usually think of cigarettes as being drugs and smokers as addicts. But in reality, this is exactly what cigarettes and smokers are.

The consequences of smoking cigarettes have been well documented. A few health problems associated with smoking are lung cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchial problems, cardiovascular challenges, and a plethora of other diseases. The list of complications is two miles long. In a nutshell, you will die an early death if you continue to smoke cigarettes.

If you are a smoker and serious about living a long and healthy life you need to stop your drug habit immediately! As is the case with all drugs that are habit forming, smokers will always require more and more nicotine in order to satisfy their cravings. People that smoke a pack of cigarettes each day will soon smoke two packs per day. Eventually, some people will find themselves smoking in excess of three and four packs of cigarettes per day. The human body is durable but has its physiological limits and will shut down after being poisoned for many years.

For the person that is serious about stopping this dangerous drug addiction, there are medical and alternative health care solutions available. Consult a health care professional immediately and become proactive in saving your life and the lives of your loved ones!

Remembering My Past Lives

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nAt the age of five, I had an exceptionally clear understanding that I had lived multiple lives. Although I cannot presently recall the specific details of those lives, there is no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that I have lived before.

As a young boy, I knew things that a person just entering the world for the very first time wouldn’t be aware of. I remember telling my parents, as a young child, that people lived over and over again. I also remembered what happened in-between those lifetimes. For example, I knew that when a person died he or she immediately reviewed what had happened in their most recent life as well as events from previous lifetimes. I knew that we picked our parents and friends prior to being born. I knew we chose what problems and challenges we would have to work through in a particular lifetime. I also knew that what we failed to learn successfully in one lifetime would have to be reintroduced and addressed in future lifetimes.

I remember knowing that we lived many lives as men and women and that a person who was a parent or a sibling to a person in one lifetime might have been their friend or spouse in another incarnation.

I knew very early in my life that the people closest to me had been present in my other lives. We were all connected, as a package of souls, to one another and enrolled in a never ending curriculum that offered universal lessons about experiencing physicality while being housed in third dimensional bodies.

When I was three years old, I was able to play a piano that was situated in my parents’ home. Whatever music I heard on the radio or television I could replicate on the keyboard without any problems. How could I have had the ability to play a musical instrument like a piano unless I had played one in a prior lifetime?

By the time I was eight years old, I spoke about past lifetimes and the different dimensions of universal existence. I knew about many other things early in my life concerning this subject. Later, I would read about the same concepts in books that had been written by paranormal researchers.

As a young child I knew that all physical matter vacillated between being solid and a frequency. At 10 years old I understood the basic mechanisms of what is known today as quantum physics. In addition to this, I had already developed an understanding that frequencies were read by something in our bodies that made our environment look and feel solid. Years later I would read interesting theories by scientists concerning this material and would come to realize that human DNA was the tuning mechanism that read and converted those frequencies into a third dimensional reality construct.

The fact that I knew all of this information as a young child could only be explained by another fact. I had lived multiple lifetimes as a human being. But I also realized very early on that I was not special or a unique individual. I understood that all human beings lived many incarnations in an effort to be exposed to universal knowledge that could be obtained by experiencing thousands of lifetimes in a classroom setting like our earth.

As of this writing, I am 51 years old. But like every other person walking around on this planet, I am an eternal soul that has lived many lifetimes in different biological vessels and I have experienced countless scenarios in various incarnations.


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