It’s a Lot Different than You Might Think

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By Michael Morris

Guest Writer

 michaelmorrispicI am a first time contributor to this forum but a long time purveyor of important information that deals with the subject of human awareness. I have politely asked this site’s editor for permission to use as a platform to reveal important information that, in my opinion, needs to be released to a very special group of individuals that have the necessary skill set to understand what I am going to write about.

This is not a joke! I am not writing fiction here, although a fair number of readers might review my materials and dismiss them as something that is less than genuine. That is quite understandable because the information I will be writing about is not meant for everybody. I am not kidding when I write that there are plenty of people that will be unable to metabolize what I will provide herein. Nor will they be able to use it as a source of spiritual nourishment.

I have chosen this particular vehicle, and its audience, because this website has the right feel, types of subscribers, and also because I believe that it is not controlled by a corporate mentality that would preclude the transmission of truthful content.

My writings are not limited to this venue; however I go by different aliases when writing on similar platforms where there is an audience that I choose to interact with.

I want to explain to readers that nothing (and I want to overemphasize the word ‘nothing’) is the way that it seems on Earth. The surrounding set of frequencies that your DNA constantly interacts with and converts into an absolute illusion of physicality is part of a grand game that has been set up for your benefit. That benefit, very simply explained, is a plethora of experiences that you can not access on other planetary locations.

Even though there are countless worlds in existence that are populated with intelligent, sentient beings, there are a very limited number of locations that can offer the experiences found on your Earth. In addition, Earth provides a rapid learning environment that is quite uncommon in the third dimensional construct you commonly refer to as the Universe.

Most people living on your planet are experiencing sequential incarnations (lifetimes) with complete or relative amnesia. This inability to remember has been artificially induced in most of the human population by entities that greatly influence human life as well as Earth’s important business happenings. I am speaking about the off world beings that are manipulating your planet’s governments.

A small percentage of humans are able to retain memories from past lifetimes. A smaller percentage of the population has conscious awareness regarding what happens in-between incarnations. In other words, they do not remember a particular past life, but they do remember the review process that occurs after a lifetime has ended and before a new biological vessel has been selected to reenter the game (Earth).

An even smaller percentage of humans are experiencing simultaneous incarnations (living two or more lifetimes in the present) and are cognizant of this fact. From your limited perspective this might seem impossible. From my perspective it is much easier to understand.

From my vantage point (a frequency range slightly beyond what most human DNA can perceive) there is no such thing as linear time. In order for time to exist as it does in your world (dimension/frequency) there must be physical matter. The movement through physical matter requires a passage of time. So in a third dimensional construct, where universal frequencies are converted by DNA into particulate objects, there is solidity (matter) and thus the false illusion of time is perceptible by human beings.

Outside the lines of a third dimensional construct, time is removed from the equation because matter reverts back into its more natural state of existence – frequencies. No matter = frequencies. Frequencies = no time, because there is nothing of substance, physically speaking, to pass through and therefore time can not and does not exist.

In most dimensions, outside of a third dimensional construct, everything taking place occurs simultaneously. This is often a hard concept for humans to embrace when they are situated in a biological vessel (body) that has been hardwired with human DNA. Human and animal DNA have been preprogrammed with Earth codes that are very difficult to override. This ensures the participants in the Earth game with an experience that is perceived as being quite real even though, in actuality, it is an illusion.

Like all games that exist in a third dimensional construct, there are starting and ending points. The Earth game has now reached its ending point. The opportunity to gain valuable, fast paced learning on your planet is almost over! This means that there is very little time left to reveal the information I wish to deliver on this and other platforms.

Please keep in mind that outside of your third dimensional existence there is no birth, life, or death. You cannot be destroyed because you were never created. You have always existed and will continue to do so on many different frequencies. This will allow you to continue to garner experiences from different opportunities that exist in many venues. The ending of the Earth game does not preclude you from gaining additional experiences on other worldly locations or frequencies.

In the next several months I will attempt to bring readers information that will be quite valuable to everybody on Earth as your planet, species and environment begin to transform out of a third dimensional construct as the Earth game concludes. As more and more souls and soul groups begin to exit the Earth game, in search of other available games, there will be an increase in empty biological vessels on Earth. The ramifications that will occur from this process will affect the lives of all humans in the near future. Many of these biological vessels will become inhabited by animal spirits and other entities that are hungry for power and control. In addition, the powers that be that have for the longest time ruled and controlled your planet are in full panic mode at this particular point in Earth time. They are aware the game is over and are desperately trying to hold on to their positions of authority and control. There is, ultimately, nothing they can do. The game is over when it is over. And this game is in sudden death as they say in your sports world.


Editor’s Note:

First published back in September, 2013. 

Major Earth Changes are around the Corner

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By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for

 michaelmorrispicDear followers of this blog, you are about to experience an incredible set of Earth changes that have long been predicted by some in the know. The scenarios that are forthcoming have been detailed in many books and movies. The difference between those scripted story plots and the real deal is that until recently, the dates of said changes have been very closely guarded by the Reptilian overlords that run this blue sphere you know as Earth.

I have discussed the single most important story to ever affect humanity for many years. I am a self-proclaimed parallel incarnation of the editor of this website that currently exists in an alternate dimension of reality. I have meticulously dissected a vast global conspiracy which has been in the works for many thousands of years. I have methodically taken readers through a journey of disturbing alien agendas and have attempted to create a state of clarity so that the common man and woman can understand the many components of this magnificent system of deception.

The alien agenda has been in place for 187,000 years. The alien presence is in complete and total control of the world’s most powerful governing bodies. The countdown to the final Earth changing events will take place extremely soon. And I will reveal the commencement date on this blog. There will be 90 days in-between the announcement date and the commencement of changes.

Pay careful attention to the world news and especially the stories that are occurring in Israel. If you wish to survive what is coming in the near future, stay tuned.

More to follow very soon!


Editor’s Note:

This information was channeled by me from Michael Morris in the usual fashion. Prior to this communication, I had not received any information from Michael in many months. He asked me to publish this article as soon as possible. I am doing as the parallel incarnation has asked!


Mind Over Matter: The Placebo Effect

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


The human mind is extremely powerful. For the longest time scientists and doctors have known that the concept of mind over matter is nothing to joke about. Thousands of patients that have been diagnosed with serious health conditions have miraculously found their way back to good health just by thinking positively.

Many people have heard about a phenomenon known as the placebo effect. Simply written, the placebo effect occurs when a patient suffering from a disease process gets better after being given an inert substance that is perceived by the patient to be a real drug used to treat the condition in question. In certain situations a patient will respond to the sugar pill (placebo) being administered as if it were an active drug. In other words, the patient seems to have a change in his or her symptoms when no drug has been administered. The conclusion that has been made by scientists over the years is that the placebo effect demonstrates clear evidence that the mind can eliminate physical problems in the human body.

Some doctors also believe that many physical diseases that afflict patients can have their origins traced back to emotional disorders deeply embedded within the minds of certain people. While it is probably true that many diseases can be cured when the mind cultivates positive thoughts, it is also quite likely that a plethora of diseases can come to fruition when people harbor negative thought patterns for a prolonged period of time. The conclusion to this hypothesis is that a person can quite literally think themselves into a serious disease process.

Recently, I carried a tremendous amount of stress in my life. As a result of this situation, I developed many physical symptoms that I perceived as being a serious physical condition. I experienced heart palpitations, shortness of breath, stomach distress, and chest pains. I honestly believed that I was very ill and experiencing cardiovascular anomalies. I was so damn convinced that I was ill that I consulted a cardiologist and a few other medical specialists. After three months of doctor visits, tests, and lab profiles I learned that I will probably live for a very long time. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me from a physiological perspective. What I learned from my experience was that stress and anxiety are killers and if people can not adapt accordingly to stressful situations that come their way, it is very possible that a disease process will affect them down the road.

The mind listens to everything we say or think. This is why it is so important to try and fill our heads with positive thoughts. This is easier said than done in a world that is filled with countless media products that constantly broadcast negative content.

What do you think about this subject?

Walls Crumbling Around ‘Official 9/11 Story’ – Why?

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By Walter Burien

Reply by WJB to an article from Global Research –

I truly wish all writers would bring up the following “glaring in your face” points in every 911 article. I bring the points up as a prior tenant of WTC1 from 1978 – 80, and the following three points are the 1,2,3 knock out punch per exposure towards true motive behind the event:

1. The WTC Towers were constructed with hundreds of tons of asbestos foam sprayed on the internal infrastructure as a fire retardant. Then asbestos for use in construction was then banned, whoops. In 1979 the WTC spent about 135 million dollars to build a special micro-particle air filtration system to capture asbestos particles as they broke down to keep exposure of the particles from the tenants.  They also commissioned in 1979 a report per the cost for demolition of the towers due to the asbestos. It came back with a cost of 8 billion dollars and the report noted that is was not accounting for the billions in law suits that would arise from people saying they were exposed to the asbestos as the towers were demolished. That problem they were sitting on was resolved on 911.

2. From almost completion of the towers it was a “no-fly” zone. Only commercial aircraft at a high altitude were allowed to fly over on a pr-designated flight path.  Any private plane that came to close, an intercept was launched from one of the three surrounding military bases. If the plane did not back off as instructed by the intercept, it could be taken down by the intercepts. Any commercial airplane that flew off course, did not respond, could be shot down with an order to do so from any one of the base commanders. Thousands of military sorties were run per threats, potential threats, or practice drills from the opening of the towers. Port Authority, the owners of the WTC complex bragged in their monthly tenant news letter that the response time from threat alert to military intercept in the air was less than four minutes. The only day in an exemplary history of protecting the towers for over 25-years from in the air threats, that an intercept was not launched from not just one reported threat in the air but four known threats in the air? That day was 911. On that day was the only day a firm stand-down order was given. When I saw that on 911, as a prior tenant, I knew with great certainty they were allowing this to happen.

3. The Port Authority starting in 1978, now knowing about the asbestos situation and in a separate matter that due to the massive flat surfaces of the towers, if a level 4 or 5 hurricane hit with sustained winds of 195 to 210 MPH hitting those flat surfaces, the towers could not withstand the massive millions of metric tons of directional wind force, and would go down. The tower’s ratings were designed to handle “gusts” up to 165 MPH. Port Authority in 1978 started diligently pushing to sell the WTC complex. No matter how hard they tried with any and all potential world buyers, no takers. Then in 1999 / 2000, in steps Larry Silverstein, a joint US and Israeli citizen, who negotiates a 99-year lease on the WTC complex with the total lease having a cost of 3.5 billion dollars and requiring “monthly” payments of somewhere around 100 million dollars monthly. The contract was signed for the lease and Silverstein effectively was now the new owner by lease of the WTC complex. The complex had no insurance for terrorism events, so one of the first things Silverstein did was put out a bid to the insurance companies for a policy coverage that included a “double indemnity” clause on the 3.5 billion dollar lease, so total coverage would be 7 billion dollars. It took several months for a group of insurance companies to come together to write the policy. When the final large insurance company that entered finalized the policy, in so many words, the ink was not even dry yet on the policy and down go the towers, and in goes Silverstein’s claim for payment under the policy of 7 billion dollars noting the double indemnity clause that there were “two” acts of terrorism. Poof, there goes the problem of the asbestos, flat surfaces of the towers in the event of a level 4+ hurricane, the excuse initiated and promoted for the largest military action in recent history, and by the way the dates and targets for that military action were planed in advance two-years prior to 911. The Iraqi “Shock and Awl” hit took place to the day as planned.

SUB NOTE: I think we all remember the TV News video shot they played over and over again in the first three days after 911 of a bunch of mid-eastern types noted as Arabs that were celebrating and popping bottles of champagne on a rooftop from Fort Lee, NJ overlooking the burning towers shortly after being hit. Clear exuberance was being shown due to the event by one and all on that rooftop as they toasted their champagne glasses. Well, the press immediately pulled that segment when it was learned that all on that rooftop celebrating were Israeli Nationals, celebrating due to the fact that they knew based on the event, the US Military would now start the planned event of decimating Israel’s presumed neighboring enemies in the middle east. I bet most Americans never knew what the reality was behind that video clip broadcast and then pulled. Additionally, the towers were designed where the center “steel core” would act as a guide for collapsing floors in the event of catastrophic failure. By design, the floors would pancake down around the center steel core protecting surrounding buildings but in no event would the center steel core fail. When I saw the center steel core “coming down” with the collapsing floors, there was no question in my mind that pr-placed demolitions on the center steel core was the only plausibility for that to happen. Even “if” as they said in the promoted story line heat from fires on the impacted floors caused the center steel core to fail, then the upper intact steel core would have toppled over, and the lower unaffected would have been left standing. NO QUESTION WHAT-SO-EVER demolition. The 3000 911-architects for accountability concur.

The top individuals controlling a large and corrupted government view the general populace as “useful idiots”. Their well planned “in advance” story line towards one of the most corrupt acts in history, 911, is designed specifically for the uninformed by the perpetrators intent, useful idiots to parrot.  Including the selected date and logo used: 911, a well know call for emergency action.

Will there ever be serious and consequential accountability levied on the inside players that pulled off 911 and the subsequent devastation that took place in its aftermath? I sure as hell hope so! The clock is ticking and so far those responsible have been laughing their asses off all the way down to the bank over the last decade without any or true consequence for their acts..

Please share my comments with one and all. If you have a website or news letter please publish.

Walter Burien – – Prior Tenant WTC1 – 1978/1980

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

PS: The “Poster Boy’s” name, Bin Laden was mentioned by CNN and other Media networks as the claimed perpetrator starting “22 minutes” into the event. Must be some very clairvoyant news reporters out there, but then in reality they mostly are just following a pr-drafted script given to them.

The Ebola Virus: A Worldwide Problem Requiring A Worldwide Vaccination Campaign?

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

 10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nProblem – Reaction – Solution! One of the oldest tricks in the world that has been used by the powers that be on the general public was the introduction of a major crisis of some sort followed by the mass reaction/panic of the same general public to that crisis which was then followed by the implementation of an already established solution to the original problem that had been patiently waiting in the wings.

Let’s pretend that the powers that be wanted to launch a worldwide vaccination campaign on the general public. How many people do you believe would stand in line, roll up their sleeves, and stick out their arms to receive said medicine? Not too many!

Now let’s pretend that a very nasty hemorrhagic virus that is not well understood by laypersons and medical specialists alike was reported to be the next great world pandemic. Keep in mind that this hemorrhagic virus had been portrayed by the mass media and perceived by the general public as something that could bring about the deaths of many innocent people worldwide.

Finally, let’s pretend that a certain pharmaceutical company had a patented vaccine waiting to be unveiled in the laboratory that could neutralize or prevent the spread of the nasty hemorrhagic disease. How many people in the general public do you think would demand that health officials make available this miracle vaccine? Oh so many!

Could the Ebola Virus be a worldwide problem – reaction – solution campaign in progress? Will a vaccination campaign be announced and prepared for worldwide distribution in the months to come?

What do you think about this subject?

Keeping us Inside the Box

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nDid you ever happen to notice how major news networks treat subjects and story lines that tug and pull us away from our carefully manufactured understanding of the way things are supposed to work in the world? For example, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of UFO sightings every year. Despite all the reports of paranormal activities, the traditional media companies, writers and news people turn a blind eye or a deaf ear, in a lot of situations, to very credible witnesses. Can so many people in the world be wrong about aliens, UFOs and other strange happenings?

When the occasional story, challenging conventional mindset, makes its way on the evening news, it often seems as if the anchor person, delivering the day’s propaganda, feels obligated to apologize to viewers for broaching such subject matter. Or, even worse, some news people feel inclined to joke about the witnesses attached to a particular story, making them seem as if they’re all lunatics on leave from a local mental asylum.

On almost every television documentary I’ve ever watched, that attempted to seriously examine paranormal activities, there’s always some authority figure (skeptic) afforded an opportunity to get the last words on the topic. This individual, without exception, is the proverbial bull that’s about to enter a china shop. The china shop, of course, being the carefully constructed theories of reputable scientists and the commentary of selected eyewitnesses offering their understanding of said paranormal activities being scrutinized.

There’s a common pattern that can be easily identified in many of these documentaries. In the first 45 minutes of the program, viewers are encouraged to believe that the paranormal subject under consideration is plausible.  As the show progresses, pieces of evidence are reviewed and experts interviewed. One by one, scientists promote the idea that the paranormal event is under serious review. It’s all a cleverly plotted script. It’s also a psychological roller coaster, designed to build up the hype before the bull enters the china shop.

It’s the final 15 minutes of the presentation that is really important. In those 15 minutes, the skeptic methodically crushes everything that was presented in the beginning of the film. The skeptic, the paid shill, neatly pulls the entire viewing audience back to terra firma. At last, conventionality is restored and the documentary’s real objective is achieved. That objective, of course, is to maintain conventional thinking standards in the minds of all members of the viewing audience.

The purpose of the History Channel is not to teach history. Its agenda is to teach members of society the false history the powers that be have authorized. The tremendous influence of media products is often underestimated by individual citizens. When we watch television or read magazines, people are often unaware of the hypnotic effects these products can induce in our minds. We assume, incorrectly, that everything being broadcast on television is truthful information. You know the saying, “If it’s on television, it’s got to be true.” In reality, it’s most likely not true. Television programs are paid for by corporate sponsors and those companies have agendas. Some of them have dangerous agendas that affect our understanding of many important issues.

The producers of the mainstream media circus want us to believe that everything happening in the world does so in a conventional manner. They want to keep us inside the box. According to the corporate controlled media, everything is portrayed as being black and white with no shades of paranormal activity. Unfortunately, our poor understanding of what’s occurring in the world is a far cry from what is actually taking place on a daily basis.

What do you think about this subject?

What is the Right Religion?

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By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

 10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nI’ve studied anatomy and physiology and worked on human cadavers in college. It was a very humbling experience for me because I realized, early in my studies, the intelligent design of our bodies was so damn amazing that it’s quite unlikely we would ever be able to understand, fully, how human beings function.

If you ever had an opportunity to study the body, you already know how incredibly magnificent it is. The neurological circuitry alone is breathtaking. Organs, tissues and cells all functioning, simultaneously, for the common goal of maintaining a living being that has the ability to repair itself when it encounters physiological challenges; there should be little doubt, if any, in a person’s mind that we’re not walking around on this planet by accident. Something incredibly intelligent has designed human beings, animals, plant life, the earth, the universe as well as any other physical matter in existence.

A lot of my friends and acquaintances, at different times, have approached me wanting to know what my religious beliefs were and if I’d ever consider attending their church. Many of these individuals are very nice people and more important, good souls.

When I explain that I don’t follow/worship a particular deity or subscribe to a specific belief system and that organized religion is not something I desire to have in my life, my friends want to know why I am an atheist. Some of them even seem to work harder in their efforts to convert me to their way of spiritual reasoning.

It’s funny how people incorrectly assume a person is an atheist because he or she does not embrace an organized belief system. I am not an atheist! I believe there is an intelligent, creative force that I am forever linked to. In my opinion, all people are connected to the creative force of the universe. Because I choose not to personify the creator, in my mind, does not make me a less spiritual person than someone that attends a formal church service every week.

Sometimes people become down right nasty when they discover your spiritual beliefs are different than the majority of members within the surrounding community. In most situations I make a strong effort to keep such information private. I believe a person’s beliefs are a private matter. How I connect or communicate with whatever intelligence has designed us is my business. The last time I checked, there was no definitive proof any organized belief system had confirmed, one hundred percent, their perception of spiritual reality was correct.

Please understand that I am not writing this article to criticize any organized belief system. I definitely respect a person’s right to believe anything he or she desires.

Although I don’t personally agree with the common practice of worshipping named deities, because I feel doing so actually inhibits spiritual growth, I do believe I am a very spiritual person. In my opinion, worshipping something that is inherently a part of my physical and spiritual existence is counterproductive. Every living and non living thing on this planet, and in the collective universe, is an expression of universal intelligence.

The simple truth is that not every person is an atheist simply because he or she doesn’t embrace one of the socially accepted organized belief constructs. No person on this planet can state, with absolute certainty, what is the right religion! No matter how much we believe or disbelieve in something, it has no bearing whatsoever on the validity or invalidity of the concept or, in this situation, the religion in question.

What do you think about this subject?


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