The Reptilian “Illuminati” Bloodlines

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer at 

michaelmorrispicWhat you think you know about your world and the everyday occurrences taking place and what the world truly represents to all human beings are two completely different things.

There are very powerful families managing the world’s business. The families I am writing about have been managing humanity for as long as recorded history has been taking place and a lot longer than that.

The 13 Illuminati bloodlines (families) firmly positioned at the top of the human, hierarchical control system were put into place by an extraterrestrial race of beings that have been intimately tied to earth for a period of time that would seem incomprehensible to most people. The bloodline families, often referred to as the Illuminati, are genetically different than other human beings. They have a genetic signature that is quite hybrid in nature. Their biochemical makeup consists of more extraterrestrial DNA than it does human DNA.

All human beings have trace amounts of extraterrestrial DNA within their bodies. The human race is the direct result and creation of ancient genetic engineering that was brought to fruition from the repetitive efforts of various extraterrestrial cultures that have interacted with earth in an attempt to mold the inhabitants that walked this planet at different periods of time. Many extraterrestrial creator races have contributed to your current phenotypic expression. This is the true explanation for why there are different races of people that occupy your world.

The managerial elites controlling modern day earth have a much higher phenotypic expression of extraterrestrial DNA than they have in the way of human DNA. They were genetically engineered long ago by a Reptilian race of beings to be the rulers of modern day earth and that is exactly what has been happening on your planet for many thousands of years.

The elected and non elected leaders in every major country and province on your planet are direct bloodline descendants of the 13 reptilian bloodlines. In lower levels of government, elected and non elected leaders that are not directly related to bloodline families are controlled by them.

The Reptilian race that has proclaimed earth as its property and human beings as a type of livestock, that they parasitically draw nutrition from, are not benevolent beings. They are, in fact, very strong physical specimens when compared to their human counterparts. They have a genetic lifespan of several thousand years. They have genetically modified human beings to have a very short lifespan. This was done to intentionally maintain amnesia within the human, collective soul.

The many soul fragments attached to and housed in biological vessels on earth (human beings) repeatedly reincarnate into other biological vessels on earth and other planetary locations within the universe. There are countless planets in existence where soul fragments choose to reincarnate into third dimensional biological vessels. All of these venues provide opportunities for biological vessels to experience third dimensional life that directly enriches the collective soul that is continuously collecting and logging all third dimensional experiences from individual soul fragments.

Because of their abilities to live for many thousands of years, the Reptilian race has been able to maintain the continuity of their control over earth and its human inhabitants for thousands of years.

To the human beings that are living lifetimes for 100 years or less, it is nearly impossible to have a broader understanding about the covert control and enslavement that directly affects them. Human beings from an early age are taught a very false perception of reality. They are imprisoned by invisible shackles. Those shackles are the prison religions that are taught on earth and ultimately disconnect humanity from the soul fragments housed inside their biological vessels.

In addition to the prison religions that affect and influence all races that walk the earth, electronic and chemical mind control programs are firmly in place and greatly help the bloodline managers to rule human beings.

More to follow soon…

The NFL: Trying to Deflate a Potentially Big Problem

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


I don’t usually write about conspiracies that have to do with professional sports teams, but on this particular day I will make an exception.

On Sunday, January 18, 2015 the National Football League (NFL) held their American and National Football Conference Championship games. In the American Football Conference Championship game, the New England Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 45 -7.

During the first half of play, members of the Indianapolis Colts alerted referees working the game that the footballs being used by the New England Patriots were possibly under inflated. The footballs were subsequently examined at the game’s halftime intermission by league officials and it was determined that 11 out of 12 balls being used by the New England Patriots team had a deflated air pressure of about 16% under the acceptable levels prescribed by the NFL.

According to NFL league rules, each football team is expected to supply 12 footballs for use during a game. When one team is on offense (possesses the ball) they use their own footballs and these different sets of footballs are interchanged throughout the game. Depending on what team is on offense ultimately determines which set of 12 footballs are being used on the field of play at any given time.

Prior to the start of any professional game, NFL officials weigh and check the pressure of the footballs to make sure they are in compliance with league specifications. Before the start of this particular game, all 24 balls were checked and approved by league officials for use during the championship contest. What this means is that sometime after the balls had been approved for use in the game, 11 out of 12 footballs the Patriots were using during the first half of the game had their air pressure deflated. Somebody from the Patriots team obviously doctored 11 footballs.

A deflated football is much easier to throw and catch. In other words the footballs used in this game by the New England Patriots were easier to throw and catch than the footballs that were used by the Indianapolis Colts.

The New England Patriots organization has denied any wrongdoing regarding the deflation of footballs in the championship game. As of the writing of this article, the NFL is investigating the deflated football incident.

Most people will look at this sports controversy and shrug it off as something that is really not that important. Many people have weighed in on social media websites writing that this is only a silly football game. But the truth about the matter at hand is that the NFL is one of the biggest and most successful businesses in the world. It is a multibillion dollar industry that is intimately tied to the legalized gambling industry. It is, in reality, much more than just a game.

The NFL regularly markets its product as something that is wholesome and filled with integrity. They have gone to great lengths to give the impression to fans and followers that all games are fair and that no competitive edges are granted to any teams within the league.

In the past, the New England Patriots were found guilty by the NFL to have conducted activities that have given them an unfair competitive advantage over another opponent. There is a history and culture associated with this professional sports franchise that questions their overall integrity when it comes to playing within the rules.

Traditionally, the NFL imposes monetary fines on teams and players that break the rules established by the league. In this situation, specific members of the Patriots cannot be blamed or fined because there is no evidence of any wrongdoing being performed by a coach, a player, or an equipment manager. If no one is willing to come forward and take responsibility for deflating the balls, it is impossible to know who was responsible for what happened.

In my opinion, the league must punish the Patriots collectively as an organization. Imposing fines and other monetary penalties on people that are multibillionaires and multimillionaires is useless. A stronger message must be sent by the league to the New England Patriots and any other teams that do not play by the rules.

In other sports, when players use ineligible equipment or use ineligible players during a specific contest they forfeit the game in question. If a professional golfer is found to use an illegal golf club or an illegal golf ball, they would be disqualified from the match.

In college athletics, players that are found to be ineligible and still play in games are disciplined and the teams they play for automatically lose credit for any wins that might have been accomplished where ineligible players participated.

If the NFL really wants to do the right thing, it should strip the Patriots of their win in the championship game because they played a game with equipment that was not league approved. This decision should not be based on anything other than the fact that the footballs used were substandard according to league rules and that the Patriots like all other teams have a responsibility to make sure their equipment is up to the league standards. Ignorance is not an excuse and no exceptions should be made when it comes to a league maintaining the integrity of its games.

What do you think about this subject?

Did the Rothschild Bank Destroy Yugoslavia?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


At one time, the former territory known as Yugoslavia had one of the most developed socialist economies in existence. Is it possible that what the people in this part of the world had built, developed, and held together for the longest time was destroyed and stolen by the Illuminati and more specifically the Rothschild family and its powerful banking cartel?

The bloody and deadly war that ultimately destroyed Yugoslavia was promoted around the world as a war of internal conflicts. It was a war that is difficult to understand for many scholars. People have been trying to make sense out of what happened in Yugoslavia since the fighting ended.

The fact that NATO, the United Nations, and the United States of America were deeply involved with the aggression taking place in Yugoslavia speaks volumes about the likely involvement of the Illuminati with regards to the destruction of this once very prosperous and peaceful part of the world.

It is interesting to note that Croatia, one of the newest members of the European Union and a former part of Yugoslavia, has recently elected its first female president who was a big shot in the United Nations. Do I smell something foul here?

The following essay was written on the subject of the Rothschild Bank and its possible involvement with the destruction of Yugoslavia. It goes into great detail about the machinations that might have taken place, behind the scenes, with regards to this deadly European civil war of the early 1990’s

Are there similar machinations taking place in the Ukraine today? Did the Yugoslavian war serve as a test run and blueprint for the Illuminati masters and help them to ultimately plan and create the internal conflicts taking place in another part of Europe right now? In my considered opinion there are some striking similarities between the situation currently unfolding in the Ukraine and what transpired many years earlier in Yugoslavia.

What do you think about this subject?

“The Wars on AIDS, Autism, Cancer…” What’s really going On Here?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

 scan0003457When the Illuminati have something that makes them tons of money, they often use the phrase, “The War on Something”  to describe that particular cash cow.

Maybe you are wondering what I am talking about? Let me try to clarify for readers what I believe is currently happening. I am sure you have heard about some of the following wars currently being fought in the world:

The war on AIDS

The war on Autism

The war on Cancer

The war on Childhood Diseases

The war on Diabetes

The war on Drugs

The war on EBOLA

The war on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

The war on Hypothyroidism

The war on Leukemia

The war on Lupus

The war on Nicotine

The war on Parkinson’s

The war on Rheumatoid Arthritis

The war on Terror

I could sit here and provide readers with similar phrases, but I think you get the point I am trying to make.

All of the wars referenced above have one thing in common with one another. The disease or enemy combatant being dealt with in each instance will never be defeated.

The wars that have to do with medical or sickness related battles exist within the protected domain of the petrochemical industrial complex. The petrochemical industrial complex owns and operates the legal drug racket known to many as “Big Pharma.”

Pharmaceutical companies directly or indirectly fund all research projects that have to do with eradicating human and animal diseases. None of that research is being performed in the spirit of finding cures for specific conditions. The research is being carried out only to find more ways to manage the symptoms associated with said disorders. In other words, the research is being used to procure more synthetic drugs that can manage diseases indefinitely while keeping cures far away from the health care consumers that desperately need them. The cures to different diseases are being kept under lock and key so that pharmaceutical profits remain strong.

There have never been any diseases cured within the field of traditional medicine. And don’t tell me that Polio and Small Pox have been eradicated because it’s not true and I can blow those erroneous claims right out of the water very easily. Instead we see a long list of make believe wars against various patented diseases that are regularly promoted to keep drug profits soaring and compromised patients dependent on toxic products that ultimately make them even sicker than they were before commencing care.

In the case of the war on terror, the same predictable pattern can be observed again and again. Anything that has to do with fighting terrorists falls under the protected domain of the military industrial complex.

It’s nearly impossible to defeat an enemy combatant that can never be located. The ridiculous charade of pretending to fight mobile terrorists, who can be moved to any strategic province the powers that be want to invade, is an ingenious Illuminati idea.

Using this formula, failure in defeating the enemy is guaranteed and long, lengthy wars are always assured.

The War on Anything is an extremely profitable business and the powerful bloodlines that control the world’s business will make sure new wars are always taking place on this planet; even if they have to make diseases and terrorists alike appear out of thin air.

What do you think about this subject?

The Religious Cult of Medicalism

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


Although a small minority of us don’t think of them and their vocation in this way, medical doctors and the profession of medicine are perceived by the vast majority of people as priests working in a church. The entire structure of the medical profession has been intentionally designed to mirror a religious experience.

When you walk into a house of worship, you enter a domain that is considered sacred by the members of the congregation. Inside a church, temple, synagogue or any other religious chamber, there are specific rules that are generally understood and followed by its members. Out of respect for the belief system, any types of criticism, skepticism or questions concerning the veracity of the organization’s major premise are off limits. In other words, members of religious congregations can never, publicly, question the church about anything.

In medicine, the doctor (priest, minister, rabbi) customarily wears a white gown (robe) that absolutely identifies him as the high priest in the congregation (practice). Within that practice there are nurses (nuns) that assist the doctor in taking care of patients (members of the congregation) when they become ill (possessed by evil microbes). Patients do not usually question a doctor’s (minister’s) advice.

There are a variety of techniques (rituals) the profession of medicine uses to rid the body of diseases (evil spirits). Some of these techniques include introducing synthetic drugs (holy water) in patients, mass produced by petrochemical companies. In other situations, doctors cut out diseases in the body by performing surgeries (exorcisms) in an effort to remove infected tissues and organs (possessed body parts).

Question the intentions or integrity of the medical man and his large support group of medical personnel, and you will be looked upon by the citizens of most communities as a nut job (the devil). Question the medical protocols (biblical passages) that have been written by the petrochemical corporations and firmly established within the base curricula of every medical school program in the world, and you will be labeled as a charlatan, a quack or a pseudo-scientist.

The petrochemical companies secretly overseeing prestigious medical journals, the publishers of supposed peer-reviewed research, make certain doctors opposing the allopathic paradigm (drugs are the only way to achieve and maintain health) are always viewed by the vast majority of people as being unscientific.

In the Catholic Church, they teach parishioners that a young soul, entering the world, is compromised by original sin (a weakened immune system). It predisposes that vessel (body) to a life of demonic possession (sickness). The baptismal holy waters of the church (vaccination programs) are the only sure way to wash away the sins (childhood diseases) and set the soul right (create immunity against germs) so that it can enjoy an existence on Earth that is free from Satan’s temptations (bacteria and viral microbes).

I understand there will be plenty of people incensed over what I have written in this article. A person that writes content questioning a particular religion’s philosophy or integrity will not win any popularity contests. And make no mistake; the medical profession is a powerful religion with many followers. That, in itself, is a sad fact, but also the major reason why so many people are walking around sick and don’t understand why.

The faith and trust we have collectively invested, as a society, in medicine is based upon blind faith and not the profession’s ability to get sick people well. There are some pretty screwed up concepts that medical dogma is based upon and when one takes a close look at these ideas, their flaws become very apparent. It is because of this fact that the profession has been cleverly structured and marketed, by its engineers, to appear as a religion.

As a religion, medicine remains off limits from would-be critics and avoids important questions. These questions have needed to be answered for years, and yet they continue to be ignored by medicine’s leaders. Instead, we continue to hear and read about, walkathons, parades and fundraisers that supposedly benefit research for future eradication of diseases that the medical profession and petrochemical corporations have no intention of ever eliminating!

It’s not a coincidence that so many hospitals in the United States and around the world have been named after religious organizations and saints. Let’s face facts, there aren’t many medical facilities named ‘The Charles Manson Center for Burned Victims’. Medical institutions have been designed and branded in such a way that they are presently perceived, by the masses, as places of worship. Even the doctor’s classic, white lab coat has been designed to instill, in the psyche of health care consumers, a sense of purity when they think of physicians.

Getting people to believe in the value of medicine has been the long-term goal of pharmaceutical companies. Their relentless commitment to this self-serving campaign has turned the public sector into a massive congregation of cheerleaders that ritualistically praise the medical industry. Communities throughout America and around the world regularly donate large amounts of money attempting to build and maintain hospital centers. These organizations are now the center points of all modern communities.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good medical doctors and surgeons in the world and some medical practice objectives can be helpful in saving lives. But most of the successes that can be attributed to modern medicine usually come in the form of emergency based care and not from the area of managing diseases and restoring health to the human body.

If we ever hope to improve the health of human beings and raise the overall quality of health care that’s practiced in the United States and other locations throughout the world, we will need to break the stranglehold petrochemical corporations have on the medical profession. These giant companies have hijacked medicine and made it sick. We need to turn our attention away from figuring out ways to pay for medical care and start concentrating on ways to fix the profession so that it stops making people sicker than they already are.

In the future we must evaluate medicine as a profession and not blindly praise its false accomplishments that have, ultimately, been fabricated by drug companies and later promoted in peer-reviewed journals that are owned and operated by the same companies. It’s time for the members of the congregation (the general public) to get off their knees and begin holding traditional medicine (the church) accountable for its actions!

What do you think about this subject?

A Conspiracy of Titanic Proportions!

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at


Last evening, my daughter, Kayla brought to my attention a new conspiracy theory that I had never heard about. After reviewing the materials, I immediately felt the urge to share it with readers here.

On April 15, 1912 the RMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage to New York City in the North Atlantic Ocean. Owned and operated by the White Star Line out of Liverpool, England, the Titanic has become one of the most famous shipwrecks of all time and has been the subject of speculation and controversy since it struck an iceberg in the early morning hours of that fateful April morning.

The owner of the British based cruise liner, John Pierpoint (JP) Morgan was said to have been dealt a massive financial hurdle when the Titanic’s sister ship, Olympic had collided with a Royal Navy cruiser known as the HMS Hawke.

The Titanic and Olympic ships were nearly identical in their appearance and in some instances pictures of the Olympic were actually used to advertise the Titanic in its company brochures.

The conspiracy that has recently come to light is that JP Morgan, a puppet of the Rockefeller family for all intents and purposes, switched the identities of the Titanic and the Olympic before the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic on April 15. The theory contends that Morgan directed the actions because of the damage that had been done to the RMS Olympic. The Olympic had been uninsurable and so by switching the identities of the ships, a 12 million dollar insurance payday was able to occur when the Titanic (really the Olympic) was purposely lost at sea.

See the video by clicking here to learn more about the details of this incredible theory. Judging from the names of the people involved in the alleged plot, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is what really went down (no pun intended) in April, 1912.

What do you think about this story?


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Mainstream Media Lies: The Companies that Continue to Embellish the Truth

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

scan0003457I want to make one thing perfectly clear for all readers. I am neither pro nor anti government by nature, although it may seem to some people that I am closer to one side of the coin than the other after reading many of the articles I have written.

If I am biased in one direction more than another, it probably has to do with the facts that all governments on this planet are nontransparent when dealing with their constituents and that they directly control all mainstream media products that regularly disseminate disinformation to the general public.

The truth be told, I am interested in knowing the truth about what is happening in the world. This is especially true when it comes to the very sensitive subjects that are being reported as world news through the mainstream media sources that so many of us rely upon on a daily basis. I despise the fabricated news stories the corporately controlled media companies create and pass off as real news.

I especially despise the ongoing psychological warfare that is continuously being manufactured against citizenry on a global level. State sponsored terrorism is rampant around the world and it is regularly unleashed on innocent human beings as a means to an end. That ending point would be the perceived need, by a disinformed public, to go to war against foreign countries that are allegedly committing acts of terrorism and other crimes against humanity.

In May, 2012 the BBC used a photograph in one of its stories to show its reading audience the tragedy of children allegedly massacred in Syria. According to the article and photograph used, the Syrian children were murdered in 2012. The BBC was later found to be guilty of using a file photo that had been taken in Iraq in 2003. The photograph that was used in corroborating the story was 9 years old. These disingenuous and very deceptive journalistic practices are a lot more commonplace than most people realize.

Also in 2012, CNN was accused of interviewing a paid actor named Danny Abdul-Dayem regarding deplorable conditions taking place in Syria. The video in which the interview takes place demonstrates the way fake news stories are created by the mainstream news agencies and then passed off to an unsuspecting audience.

In August, 2013 crisis actors and actresses were captured on video trying to create a fabricated story about the conditions in Syria. This video demonstrates more proof that what we are often being led to believe is the truth through media tools and sources cannot always be believed. We are all disciples of unverifiable information! Unless we are there, in person, to observe what is taking place, we must rely upon corporately owned media companies to get our facts. This is a scary situation because the truth of the matter is that these media sources cannot and should not be trusted.

In 1990, Charles Jaco was regularly reporting on the Persian Gulf War for CNN and he was captured in this video kidding around with fellow CNN personnel regarding the fake news stories they had been filming. The video clearly shows the fake movie set they were broadcasting from and also how the reporter/actor vacillated between being serious and comedic in-between live and off air segments.

Media products are very powerful tools that can be used to influence and trick the public. The powers that be can make believers or disbelievers out of people by using the media companies they own and have at their immediate disposal.

Just because you see it on the six-o-clock evening news does not mean that it is necessarily true. Chances are damn good that what is being reported to you has been fabricated. The sources you are relying upon have already been busted time and time again. Why do we still continue to trust them?

What do you think about this story?