Happy Birthday, America!

4 Jul

Life After Death – Deepak Chopra

3 Jul



“Hear This Well: Vaccines Can And Do Cause Autism”

2 Jul

Pyramid Found on Mars?

1 Jul

Are We Witnessing the End of the European Union?

30 Jun

Was Charleston, SC Shooting Another False Flag Event?

29 Jun

On Vacation! We’ll Be Back Soon!

22 Jun

Dear Readers,

We’re taking a much deserved vacation and will be back with new informative posts beginning in August, 2015.

If you happen to leave a comment before we return, it will remain in moderation until August when it can be reviewed and approved for publication.

We will continue publishing posts, remotely, that are newsworthy prior to our return but will not be able to comment on content or author original articles at this time.

Enjoy the summer with your family and loved ones and stay safe.

See you again soon!

Dr. Reizer


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