What the “Beginning of the End Game” Really Means

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer at NoFakeNews.net

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What is presently happening on earth is known, outside a third dimensional perspective, as the beginning of the end game.

I have written on many occasions that life on earth is actually a game. Although it feels quite real to the participants experiencing the simulated environment of the game, I assure readers that everything they are currently going through is an illusion written and directed by Vast Intelligence.

Life on earth is only possible because of the broadcast of universal frequencies that are constantly being converted into something of substance through a process known as solidification. Solidification is the unique process whereby universal frequencies are converted by DNA into subatomic particles. The subatomic particles are then arranged in a prescribed order to create the solidness of all things within the universe. That solidness would include the earth as well as all living and nonliving things that are found there.

Earth and its associated life are parts of a well designed virtual reality game. The universe is a computer simulated program written and directed by Vast Intelligence. The language that Vast Intelligence uses to create and direct the earth game is known as universal frequency code.

Universal frequency codes are written very specifically. In simple terms this means that anything that is intelligently designed within the universe is initially written in frequency codes first. The frequency codes are then converted through solidification into subatomic particles and then the particles are intelligently arranged into a particular aspect of third dimensional reality.

Think about the amazing designs of various biological vessels occupying earth and other worlds within the third dimensional construct. The anatomical and physiological designs of these biological entities, as amazing as they are, are not real. They are, in actuality, the phenotypic expressions of DNA. Even that description is not entirely accurate. They are more accurately defined as being third dimensional products yielded from the solidification and organization of universal frequency codes.

The game has been set up in order that fragments of Vast Intelligence can experience physicality in a third dimensional environment. Vast Intelligence seeks to always expand and broaden its knowledge base. One of the ways it is able to achieve this goal is to experience different dimensional venues. Some of the locations that Vast Intelligence creates and gathers experiences from are inside platforms that human beings cannot understand. However, human comprehension of other dimensional venues is not necessary in order to understand what is currently transpiring on earth.

Vast Intelligence has been operating the earth game for a very long time. Of course time is illusionary and does not exist from other perspectives of reality. To make things easier to understand, I am writing here in terms that are applicable to the earth game, as it exists in its third dimensional setting.

Vast Intelligence’s soul fragments have been continuously reincarnating into biological vessels on earth in an effort to expand its knowledge base.

The program’s very specific quarantine of certain frequencies, that regularly protects the different dimensional perspectives, has been compromised. This breach in the security matrix of the game has allowed other entities (The Reptilians) into your dimensional construct. This situation does not usually exist on other planets that are home to sentient beings also taking part in a third dimensional platform. The manipulative and parasitic nature of this particular interdimensional species created, for a period of third dimensional time, a unique opportunity for soul fragments to experience rapid learning on earth. However, in the big picture of things it has also precluded further expansion of Vast Intelligence’s knowledge base.

Because of the compromise within the computer program, some areas of the game have been terminated by Vast Intelligence. The earth game is one area within the virtual reality scenario that has been terminated. This does not mean that earth will explode into a ball of fire and that end of the world scenarios will take place.

The End Game signifies the commencement of the end of soul fragments reincarnating inside a third dimensional earth platform. Very soon, no more soul fragments will be able to commit to incarnations on earth. This means that any humans conceived after this period of time will not be afforded a soul fragment from the game parameters. These fetuses will become occupied by rogue frequencies that have already invaded the dimensional boundaries of earth. Others (authorized soul fragments) that are currently living out lifetimes on earth will proceed as planned and will then reincarnate to alternate platforms at a preselected time.

Sometimes the Best Course of Action is No Action at All!

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It is not very easy for people suffering with chronic diseases such as Cancer and autoimmune disorders to come to the realization that sometimes the best course of treatment is no treatment at all.

Many of us make the giant mistake of buying into the lie that traditional, organized medicine can successfully treat chronic diseases. In my opinion it cannot! A hard pill for many to swallow (pun intended) is that the standard treatments are a bigger threat to a person’s health than the actual diseases they are supposedly battling. The sad truth is that the treatments/drugs cannot cure any of these diseases, and that the management strategies offered by healthcare specialists are based on the insane goal, in many situations, of shutting down the human immune system in an effort to control inflammatory properties being launched by natural body physiology.


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Maintaining control from the top down is not as difficult as one would think. This objective has been successfully accomplished, repeatedly, throughout our modern history. This is especially true within the corporate world. The corporate structure of a given company is akin to the structure of a pyramid. At the top of the corporate pyramid, a select few know everything of importance regarding the health and well being of a particular company. The further down the pyramid you move the more people in the company become involved. The company members that hold a particular position of rank/status/employment within the lower levels of the pyramid are not privy to the same quantity of information as the individuals who hold a higher level of pyramidal rank/status/employment. The further down the pyramid you move the less company information is known by each of the employees. At…

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If you’re like most canine owners, you probably love your dogs very much and want these family members to be as healthy as possible. Pet adoption is a serious responsibility and quite often the bond between an animal and human can last for a very long time.

Being a dog owner, I can certainly identify with the many responsibilities associated with caring for pets. And over the years, I’ve had to bring my dogs to the vet for a number of reasons. In an emergency situation, a good veterinarian can mean the difference between an animal surviving and dying. But the same animal, health care specialists that can save your pet’s life, in an emergency scenario, can potentially decrease their overall level of health while trying to prevent them from acquiring diseases and parasitic infections.

I believe that many people fail to…

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Mars: Lies, Damned Lies, and More Damned Lies!

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I admit that I am guilty as charged! I have an unusual fascination with the Red planet. Mars has piqued my curiosity for a very long time. As a young person, back in the 70’s, I can remember waiting, patiently, for the first Viking Lander to send back its initial set of photographs from the Martian surface. At the time, I thought the event was one of the coolest things that could ever happen. Here I was, a young boy glued to the idiot box, watching the landscape of a distant and foreign world appear before my eyes on live television. Could it have gotten any better than that?

As it turns out, the answer to that question was a resounding…YES!

Who would have guessed that the government agencies taking the pictures of an alien world would intentionally leave out the best parts…

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Van Allen Belts Not Funding Have Prevented Manned Missions to Moon and Mars

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From 2005-2009, NASA planned and developed the Constellation Program (CxP). Constellation had the major objectives of completing the International Space Station, resuming manned missions to the moon by the year 2020, and delivering the first manned mission to the planet Mars.

If we read through the lines of official statements that were created and disseminated by the United States Government regarding Constellation, we are lead to believe that funding issues and a lack of desire to return to the moon by NASA executives were the reasons President Barack Obama cancelled the program in 2010.

The truth be told, NASA has been attempting to figure out a way to safely transport astronauts through the impenetrable radiation belts that completely surround our earth and protect human beings from lethal cosmic radiation since the days of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. The Van Allen…

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Why the NIOSH NFL Study is Somewhat Misleading

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In 1990, the NFLPA (National Football League Player’s Association) requested NIOSH (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) to perform a study on the rate and causes of death for its players.

According to the results of the study, NFL players, which played from the years 1959-1988 for at least five years, lived longer than men in the general population, experienced less cancer than people in the general population, and experienced less heart disease than members of the general population. Interesting to note, certain player positions, where players had a higher BMI (Body Mass Index) were found to have a higher rate of heart disease than other players.

Historically, there’s been some concern amongst parents of young children as well as older, professional players about the dangers associated with contact sports. I can remember listening to talk radio programs, many years…

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