An article praising the benefits of world hunger was recently deleted from the United Nations website

The screenshot below was taken of an article recently deleted from the United Nations website that praised the benefits of world hunger.

” For those of us at the high end of the social ladder, ending hunger globally would be a disaster.”

– George Kent

The United Nations, a representative of a hidden world governing construct, is at war with humanity. The best outcome for the people of Earth would be to collectively work on a plan to end world hunger and the United Nations’ ideologies that threaten the well-being of most people on this planet.

– Dr. Reizer

Snapshot of UN Article


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2 thoughts on “An article praising the benefits of world hunger was recently deleted from the United Nations website

  1. Dr. John Reizer July 10, 2022 / 9:32 am

    Thanks for sharing, Lisa! 🙂
    Yes, our actor assassin in Target List is very convincing!

  2. lhakes12 July 10, 2022 / 1:02 pm

    This George Kent trys to rationalize why people should remain poor and hungary. To remain basically slaves in order for the elite to continue living their overly lavish lifestyles. He thinks you should starve people so that they can clean his toilet. I mean really! It’s not that hard.
    All people should have the opportunity to work themselves up the ladder.
    And well nourished people certainly are better at their jobs. To make them hungary sounds like torture. And there will always be people who need to work, even it is a menial job.
    I think more people are willing to work at fast food restaurants lately because they are offering better pay. They are better fed!

    (And John, that is one bad looking dude from the Target List movie! 🙂)


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