Getting Ready for the Fourth of July

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The Vaccine Genocide Continues

Science’s False Accomplishments and General Observations

1. We cured Small Pox with a vaccine. (No, you didn’t!

2. We developed Nuclear Weapons. (Nope! There are no nuclear weapons in existence.)

3. We went to the moon with Apollo. (Sorry, Charlie, it never happened.)

4. We isolated the sars-cov-2 virus using proven scientific methodologies. (Not a chance in hell you did that.)

5. We can test for the presence of the COVID-19 virus in humans with a PCR test. (Oh my God, you haven’t even isolated the damn virus!)

6. Vaccines prevent diseases? (Not in this universe they don’t.)

7. The Sun will destroy our electronic devices because of solar storms. (Not gonna happen.)

8. AI will become smarter than human intelligence and take over the world. (Are you kidding me?)

9. Elon Musk will get to Mars before NASA or any other country. (Nobody’s leaving Low Earth Orbits anytime soon.)

10. We are working hard to cure all diseases. (Like hell you are!)

11. COVID Vaccines are safe and effective. (That’s the funniest one on the list.)


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    John, have a spectacular Fourth of July, and a wonderful week of fun and relaxation!

    Lisa 🙂

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