The Reason I Can’t Trust NASA — They Lie!

Dr. John Reizer

I have written a few articles over the years about NASA. As many of you already know, I don’t trust a single word coming from the American Space Agency. Why would I? NASA has been caught lying to the American public about space technology and various alleged space mission accomplishments for decades.

There are a plethora of faked moon photos in official NASA catalogs that were published during the Apollo program.

Stop jumping for the photograph!

If you take the time to go through the real evidence as I have, you will conclude that none of the Apollo photos were taken on the moon, but rather in a studio on Earth.

I have spent several years looking at photos taken by Apollo astronauts. Many of the photos show astronauts standing on the moon with the lunar module (model) in the background.

There’s no longer a question about whether the photos are fake or genuine. Forensic photographic analysts have proven the photos were not taken on the moon!

People have been arguing with one another since the 60s about the authenticity of Apollo and other NASA missions. People are going to believe what they want to believe because they’re invested in a specific narrative.

Here’s the problem I have with NASA. The people working at the space agency in the present have inherited the lies told years ago and refuse to come clean and tell the uncomfortable truth.

What NASA should do is tell the world that they made up the stuff about going to the moon in the 60s and 70s for national security reasons.

Another lie they could have told that would have been more believable than the current ridiculous narrative is that the film and cameras taken on the journey didn’t function in space. How could they? The cameras and film were no different than the models used every day on Earth. That information was verified years ago by researchers that interviewed the film and camera companies that worked with NASA.

Can you imagine film loaded into Polaroid cameras and the astronauts taking beautiful photos in the vacuum of space, in pressurized space suits and gloves? Don’t forget that we were told that temperatures on the moon fluctuated hundreds of degrees in a matter of seconds when the astronauts moved in and out of sunlight. What about the radiation allegedly interacting with the cameras and film on the lunar surface?

The biggest problem with the Apollo narrative is NASA’s admission several years ago that they misplaced the technology that allowed them to get through the Van Allen Belts and go to the moon.

According to NASA, the science of today has not figured out how to go to the moon, Mars, or to even go beyond low earth orbits (LEOs).

So, we are supposed to believe that a technology that was perfected sixty years ago can’t be used in 2022. Don’t you find that a little bit strange?

The Blue Marble

Despite NASA’s admission, that it cannot go beyond low Earth orbits, there are people all over the Internet claiming the moon landings were real and the photos of Earth taken by Apollo and other NASA projects are authentic.

I read one comment recently defending NASA. A poster wrote that photos of the Earth taken by Apollo astronauts couldn’t have been photoshopped during Apollo because the technology hadn’t been invented yet.

The Photoshop technology might not have been available to the general public at the time of Apollo, but it seems to have been available to the United States government, and the fraudsters at the space agency.

Judging by how our government lied about the pandemic, I’d say there is a good chance NASA lied about most space technologies people believe are real.

What do you think about this story?


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