In case you were wondering how they confirm the monkeypox virus, it’s with a PCR test!

Dr. John Reizer

“Confirmation of monkeypox virus infection is based on “nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT), using real-time or conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR), for detection of unique sequences of viral DNA,”

The inventor of PCR technology, the late Dr. Kary Mullis, went on the record and stated that his invention should never be used in clinical settings to diagnose the presence of pathogens in animals or humans. According to its creator, PCR testing can make anything seem like it is present in people when it is used as a clinical diagnostic tool. In other words, it is capable of yielding an unlimited number of false-positive results if the people administering and developing the tests desire that outcome.

I don’t think people realize how significant of an issue PCR technology is concerning the plandemic. The PCR test is the great sars-cov-2 legitimizer. Without this bogus lab test, there would be no world pandemic. PCR testing has made COVID-19 appear to be an actual disease in the eyes of the public healthcare consumer — something it most certainly is not!

The monkeypox psyop is in motion. The psyop’s architects need case numbers to announce a new pandemic. The way that millions upon millions of case numbers will be realized is through another rigged PCR test.

If society’s members want to follow science — let them begin at once by demanding that the PCR test is disqualified from being used as a diagnostic tool in clinical settings. Let them start by requesting the technology is no longer used as a diagnostic indicator of infectious diseases for animals and humans.

All the case number statistics PCR testing has produced, concerning every infectious disease known to modern science, must be reevaluated and the authentic results republished.

The controlling powers’ worst collective nightmare would come to fruition if people worldwide began to follow science and apply that scientific understanding to infectious diseases and, more specifically, COVID-19, its fictitious variants, and now monkeypox.


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6 thoughts on “In case you were wondering how they confirm the monkeypox virus, it’s with a PCR test!

  1. sandy edwards June 2, 2022 / 8:24 am

    I thought the PCR test was already disqualified last July and to be discontinued on Dec. 31, 2021. What happened with that??

    • Dr. John Reizer June 2, 2022 / 8:33 am

      They replaced the original PCR test with another PCR test. It was merely a publicity stunt to make people believe a more accurate test was developed. All infectious diseases are diagnosed through PCR technology or antigen testing which has the accuracy of a coin flip (44%). 🤣


  2. lhakes12 June 2, 2022 / 11:37 am

    The PCR test was definitely a significant part of the controlling powers scheme to set their evil agenda in motion. And making sure Dr. Kary Mullis was no longer around was a crucial part of it.

    And as you mention, John, they even use the PCR technology testing on animals. And what about our pets vaccinations? I have had pets for eons, and I was programmed to always go in and get my pets wellness check and vaccinations. Sounds just like our children, doesn’t it? This makes me wonder if veterinarians have been taught incorrectly along with the pediatricians and other doctors. Of course, emergency treatment is always needed but what about these so called prevention diseases our pets get jabbed for as well?

    I think of this because I had to pick up one of my dog’s seizure medications the other day at the vet, and a schedule of all your pets vaccination expiration dates get attached to your receipt.

    And now I am wondering if that is even the best thing to do. I have been slacking lately on getting this done for my four pets. A lot of over due vaccinations listed. And the one I cannot get out of is the rabies shot because our city requires you to come in once a year with proof from your vet that it was done.

    But all these shots trigger my Keeshond dog to have seizures. Plus, heartworm pills as well. So the only vaccine I have gotten for him these last few years is the rabies. Although it doesn’t fail that he will go into grand mal seizures a day or two later. And now I am feeling hesitant about bringing my other other dog and two cats in for their shots.
    My other dog is developing allergies. And I do have to wonder if my Keeshond would be even having seizures at all if he had never had any vaccinations in his life.
    And although I hate having to give him two drugs twice a day everyday for his seizures, he will surely die now if I don’t. All it takes is to miss one dose and we have an emergency. And I cannot tell you how expensive it is if you have to take your pets to an ER.
    Although as of lately if he should have seizures, I give him tons of CBD oil first. And then when he is calm enough I can get more medication in him as well. This seems to keep us from having to visit the pet ER.
    And I had tried using just CBD oil before putting him on medication, but it just wasn’t enough anymore.
    The pharmaceutical companies are making big bucks off of our pets as well!

    (And, John, I like this touching photo of Rachel Alig playing the role of Donna with the pony. A scene that will help explain Donna’s resolve in this story!)


    • Dr. John Reizer June 2, 2022 / 12:45 pm

      I don’t enjoy coming down on other professions, Lisa but the truth is the truth.

      Any person who has studied a health career has been the recipient of inaccurate information concerning infectious diseases. Veterinarians, chiropractors, medical doctors, and many others fall into this category.

      Regardless of whether a PCR test is being used to diagnose infectious diseases in animals or humans, the tests return false-positive results. It’s scientific fraud, either way, you slice it.

      Do animals need vaccines? Do people need vaccines? In my opinion, vaccines cause the proliferation of diseases globally. It matters not if the patients are animals or humans.

      Big pharma makes billions of dollars selling human and animal pharmaceutical products. Veterinary medicine like human medicine is controlled by multinational drug corporations.

      Years ago, I wrote an article about heartworms and the mitigation of that disease by veterinarians. I was immediately attacked by the veterinarian community. People wanted to know if I went to vet school and why I was questioning things I had no right to question. So, there’s another entirely different segment of cognitive dissonance to get through when you approach that group.


      • lhakes12 June 2, 2022 / 1:56 pm

        Absolutely, John! And these veterinarians are the most well meaning and hugest lovers of animals that there is. But again, who and what is behind their education? And they are conditioned to believe that what they are doing is the best for our furry friends!


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