Connecting the dots yet again!

Dr. John Reizer

The mainstream media corporations have a hidden objective to dis-inform people about what’s taking place domestically and abroad. There are a plethora of stories being thrown around each week for the public to chew on. Many of the stories are directly and intimately connected. Still, they’re not presented by the media companies in a way that allows viewers to always see that the content is related. The powers that be don’t want us to connect the dots in many situations.

The human brain is wired so that it focuses on patterns. The mainstream media companies are doing their best to ensure that our minds cannot home in on said patterns that would reveal what is happening on a bigger and more worldly scale. This strategy is also being applied concerning the coronavirus hoax.

Sometimes when you look at a picture real close, it’s difficult to perceive what you’re viewing.

The artwork below was created by my nephew, Jackson, a college sophomore art student. The picture he created was made by various patterns of individual dots.

When looking at Jackson’s creation up close, it appears like there are plenty of unorganized dots present. But as you begin to pull back from the creation, it becomes more and more clear to the viewer that there is a purpose and connectivity to the different dots. They all play a significant role in the making of a bigger picture.

Artwork © 2022 by Jackson Reizer
Artwork © 2022 by Jackson Reizer
Artwork © 2022 by Jackson Reizer
Artwork © 2022 by Jackson Reizer
Artwork © 2022 by Jackson Reizer
Artwork © 2022 by Jackson Reizer

Sometimes, the clues we are searching for are hidden in plain sight because we are looking too closely at compartmentalized information. Only when we take several steps backward and change our perspective can we begin to focus on and see the monsters in front of us.

By connecting the dots properly, it’s possible to see that the world pandemic has never been about a deadly infectious disease, but instead is a global plot to cull the human race through the broad administration of bioweapons disguised and marketed as life-saving vaccines!


Target List Production – Picture of the Day!

May 14, 2022

Lunch on the set!

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7 thoughts on “Connecting the dots yet again!

  1. Louise May 14, 2022 / 9:06 pm

    Incredible artwork! Very impressive!

    • Dr. John Reizer May 14, 2022 / 9:11 pm

      He’s quite talented, Louise! 🙂

  2. Anonymous May 14, 2022 / 9:21 pm

    Great article and drawing. Wow!

  3. lhakes12 May 14, 2022 / 9:53 pm

    John, your nephew, Jackson, is a fantastic artist! That is quite the terrifying creature!

    And this reminds me of the alien on the back of the one dollar bill. At first I did not see it. I only saw the eagle. But when I held it back I could see the alien being. And now I cannot unsee it.

    But these misperceptions people have about the events of the world are on a much larger scale. And it does seem like the controlling powers leave us clues such as the one you put out earlier. MODeRNA (modify RNA). But most do not step back to see the whole picture!


  4. lhakes12 May 14, 2022 / 9:56 pm

    PArry Masons (cuz Jeff)
    1 hour ago Facebook
    “Allow me to paint a picture or
    Express an idea of what this world
    Appears to be versus what This World actual is
    It’s as if
    The Archons and engineers
    Gave you a Puzzle to put together
    But they failed to give you all the pieces
    There are many pieces where you aren’t sure
    Where they fit, and others you just can’t even imagine
    Unless you have more of the pieces you need
    That is the reality of the world we appear to know
    All of those missing Pieces, swept away under the excuses and disguises of
    unsolved mysteries
    But they know
    They know almost everything there is to know
    And they lie by omission
    To intentionally keep the public in the dark about
    What unsolved mysteries actually are
    The truth
    Covered up
    Cover information
    Control information
    Giving birth to the false definitions
    Of things like conspiracy theories
    To leave out important information needed
    To complete the whole of that information
    In order to see the whole picture
    This is of course just
    An example of how there is always
    Secret Societies And hidden hands
    Who not only control society
    But divide in to pieces
    Like puzzle pieces
    So they conform to their heirarchy and Supremacist ‘ideals’
    While engineering false matrix Reality
    Below them
    As cattle resources and energy harvesting capital
    While giving us not only a counterfeit reality to live in
    But they divide it into polarities so we are always in constant division
    Such as the Lefty Blue vs Right Red paradigm
    They give us things like MSM
    So they only give us a few of the puzzle pieces
    If that’s how we see the picture
    The puzzle unfinished
    Then that’s the lie that shapes our perception of reality
    Then they give us alternative media
    But only the populism stuff gets support and controlled information from both sides
    To deceive people into following gate keepers and false shepherds
    But people get a few more puzzle pieces in the process
    Despite the brainstew we crawl through trying to make sense of half truth and half lies for information
    But then you add that center path
    The spirit
    The soul
    And the esoteric mind
    That can see exactly what they hide
    And omit from us
    And we know there’s no missing pieces of the puzzle
    Where others don’t seem to care
    And believe in what limited truth that they have
    This creates psychological separation between us
    What really causes all of you to call us conspiracy theorists
    And why we call you stupid sheep
    In addition to very possible genetic traits that may limit many people to the perception of being
    ‘Soulless’ and incapable of questioning
    These esoteric things
    Making them entirely ‘Podling’ like creatures
    Not evil
    Not dumb
    Inferior in the sense of spiritual wisdom
    Good for fighting, fishing, hunting And worker bee things
    But not so much in psychology, imagination, music, art
    Literature, ‘mysterious’ investigative research, intuition or personal critical thinking
    Not fully human
    So it doesn’t help those of us who DO have the ability to wake up from this amnesia reality we live in
    Wake up our questioning minds
    And our basic human instincts that are sedated by
    Drugs, technology and entertainment
    These are the people who hold us back
    Because of their limitations of sub intelligence
    To demand the missing puzzle piece from those who work endlessly to keep others
    from seeing…
    The bigger picture”

    • Dr. John Reizer May 14, 2022 / 10:10 pm

      Oh, wow! Thanks so much for sharing this, Lisa! 👍🙂


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