“Is it backed by science?”

Dr. John Reizer

We have all heard the question at one time or another that asks if something claimed is or is not backed by science.

“I heard about a new drugless way to get rid of hiccups. What you must do is apply a little bit of…”

“Oh, I heard about the same thing,” a stranger rudely interrupted my conversation with a friend, “but is it backed by science?”

I frowned for a second before recapturing my train of thought. “I don’t know if it’s backed by science, but it works like magic. I tried it last night and my hiccups went away in a few seconds,” I explained.

“Yes, yes I know it worked, but it needs to be backed by science before I would ever try it,” the guy shot back.

“Why must it be backed by science?” I asked him.

The fellow scratched his head and then shrugged his shoulders before replying. “I don’t know, it just feels more comfortable to me when I know something is backed by science.”

I smiled at the man and asked, “Are you a religious person?”

“I am,” he said proudly. “I never miss a sermon.”

I paused momentarily before proceeding with caution. “Do you believe the things that are written in the minister’s sermon and the big book he reads from every week?”

The guy stared at me contemplating the question I had just delivered. “Yes, of course, I believe in the words of God.”

“Why,” I asked, “do you believe the minister’s words and the words written in a book thousands of years ago without any scientific evidence?”

The fellow looked a bit confused. After a moment he answered back, “Because I have faith and you don’t ever question the good book or the minister’s sermon.”

“Hey buddy,” I queried, “did you get any COVID vaccines?”

Without any hesitation whatsoever he replied, “Of course, I did. I told you that I follow the science.”

I explained to the stranger that there is absolutely no science backing any vaccines. It’s all predicated on scientific fraud.

At that point in the conversation, the man rolled his eyes and slipped back into a state of mass hypnosis like many other citizens.

Please understand that I am not judging anyone or their religious beliefs. If someone wants to believe in a specific concept, it’s their prerogative and none of my business.

The thing that does bother me is when someone demands scientific proof for one concept and has a completely different set of standards concerning other important things.

If you are a regular visitor to NoFakeNews, you already know my stance on vaccines — I believe they cause the proliferation of different diseases worldwide.

It’s damn near impossible to get into an intelligent scientific debate with anyone concerning this subject.

The religion of vaccinology is a well-established and protected cult. Big Pharma companies and many different governments around the world have been instrumental in shielding this medical abomination from any public criticism whatsoever.

As a health care professional, you are either a proponent and supporter of all vaccines or you will be ostracized from the medical community.

Health consumers, for all intents and purposes, can’t even file a lawsuit against a vaccine maker if they become injured by the products.

The reason for the hands-off policy when it comes to vaccine criticism and legal actions against drug makers is that the vaccine industry has successfully leveraged different governments to indemnify them from lawsuits stemming from product injuries.

There’s absolutely no scientific evidence that proves vaccinated people are healthier than unvaccinated folks.

Because of such protective vaccine laws, more and more pharmaceutical companies have been champing at the bit to enter the lucrative vaccine industry. It’s a business that carries no risk to the manufacturer yet has plenty of financial rewards.

The research that goes into vaccines is minimal and the studies that have been published are written and paid for by the vaccine industry. The vaccine theory is not backed by real science!

Unfortunately for health care consumers, there can be no debates over the efficacy of said products. Additionally, any serious discussions concerning the dangers directly linked to all vaccines in existence are routinely dismissed by the mainstream scientific community.

The newly created mRNA antiviral bioweapons that have been introduced to the public as vaccines are another disturbing story altogether.

Any product that can’t stop the transmission of the disease it is advertised and marketed to address is not a vaccine by definition. Sleights of hand tactics were used by the controlling powers to introduce broadly the COVID death jabs. I believe society’s members are paying a high price in the forms of chronic illness, sterility, and outright fatalities.

If the truth was not censored, what I have written would be backed by science!


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  1. Lisa May 7, 2022 / 9:02 am

    “If you can question it
    It’s science
    If not
    It’s propaganda”

      • Lisa May 7, 2022 / 11:14 am


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