Following the oxymoron called medical science

Dr. John Reizer

I had an opportunity recently to eavesdrop on an undergraduate microbiology course that was being taught online at an accredited university in the United States.

The content of the course material that I listened to for only 15 minutes made me physically ill.

I don’t know how in the world I ever made it through the basic sciences portion of my professional education. I couldn’t do it all over again knowing what I have learned in my life about health and sickness.

Several years ago, I had an opportunity to teach a microbiology course at a college for nursing students. The school sent me the syllabus and lecture notes.

After reading the course notes, I declined the teaching assignment. I couldn’t in good conscience spit out baloney sandwiches to unknowing students that were packaged as science.

The online course that I listened to recently and the course materials I received years ago were nearly identical. Things haven’t changed much.

The courses were drug infomercials sponsored by big pharma. Most of the materials presented discussed the names of different diseases and the amazing vaccines that were available to prevent them.

The undergraduate colleges and universities are where the lies are first taught. Only the most brainwashed candidates usually get accepted to postgraduate medical education programs. The people who have little to no ability to critically think and can follow predesigned formulas are the most coveted medical students.

To con a society of people into believing an infectious disease paradigm is legitimate and that toxic drugs placed inside human bodies are the answer to cancer, you must first brainwash healthcare providers. Then you throw a white coat on the doctors and nurses, a stethoscope around their necks so people believe that they are knowledgeable, and the stage is set.

Medical science to some extent is an oxymoron. There’s a lot more science fiction than science in big segments of medicine. It’s hard for many people to come to terms with this fact, but the facts are the facts.

As I have pointed out numerous times before, most infectious diseases are diagnosed by lab technologies incapable of diagnosing any diseases. This fact alone speaks of massive scientific fraud that has been committed for decades by organized medicine to instill fear in healthcare consumers so drug companies could market vaccines and antiviral products.

Physicians and nurses working for big hospital corporations always and without exception, follow a cookbook of procedures that are not up for debate.

If symptom A is presented by a patient, procedure B is ordered. No critical thinking is permitted, doctors! Physicians follow the instructions and protocols that have been laid out by people that were smarter than them.

The brave doctors in the past couple of years who critically thought about COVID-19 and the deadly vaccines associated with the fake disease were, in many instances, ostracized by their peers. This was especially true when the doctors made their positions clear through the way they tried to care for patients.

When physicians and nurses engage in the practice of medicine they are not free to creatively express their medical arts skills. They are required instead to follow a pre-written script authored by big pharma companies.


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2 thoughts on “Following the oxymoron called medical science

  1. Lisa April 21, 2022 / 1:30 pm

    The Truth about Cancer
    Ty Bollinger

    “Pasteur’s Claims to fame, pasteurization and vaccines, hinge upon a worldview that looks at bacteria as a menace. And this worldview is prevalent today.”

    “Contrary to what you were probably told in school, not all bacteria and viruses are bad. Other scientists who lived during the time of Pasteur strongly disagreed with his theories of disease, and they too claimed to have science on their side. Rather than bacteria being the cause of human ailments, they alleged, it’s the “terrain” on which bacteria gains a foothold that determines whether or not a person gets sick.”

    “[The Rockefellers} started finding out through organic chemistry that they could alter oil-based molecules into all kinds of things, and they developed these into patented drugs, or drug molecules, “Dr. Bell explained to me. “Now these were very profitable, but in order for the public to accept them—- because quite honestly, they’re poison—-they would have to take control of the education system.”

    “A handpicked group of men led by Abraham Flexner was tasked with developing a new framework for medicine in North America. Spurred on by the Rockefellers and the Carnegies, in concert with the AMA, this cohort of brilliant yet malleable minds single-handedly redirected the course of medical education in North America. The AMA’s lobbying efforts during he second half of the 19th century catalyzed the “rigorous brand of systematized, experiential medical education” Rockefeller and the others envisioned when they pioneered the Flexner Report. Flexner and his elite group were merely pawns used to bring about the endgame.”

    “Many medical schools operated as for-profit teaching departments at colleges and universities alike. They accepted virtually anyone who wanted to learn and could pay”

    • Dr. John Reizer April 21, 2022 / 1:44 pm

      It’s amazing how the Flexner Report destroyed so many medical schools overnight that refused to comply with what would later become big pharma’s curricula for all medical institutions of higher learning.


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