False science is a major obstacle when it comes to understanding universal existence!

Dr. John Reizer

Most people attempt to validate the information they come upon by inputting the data into one of two mental compartments where it is quickly processed and analyzed, by our brains, for a final decision – valid or invalid. The mental chambers the vast majority of people use to assess the validity of something are science and religion.

Science is something that, for the most part, is not questioned. The institution of science is a belief construct respected and endorsed by the educated people of the world. The laws of science are unbendable. Scientific laws remain rigid and unforgiving ideas that can be even more dangerous than religious concepts that are routinely accepted exclusively through blind faith and without any proof whatsoever.

Science is demonstrated through mathematics. Science explains everything in the physical world. It is the complete opposite of religion, the rationale for everything in the spiritual realm. Its proof can be replicated through experimentation.

Step out of an airplane at 37,000 feet, and gravity will kill you every time unless you’re wearing a parachute that will reduce the amount of speed associated with your freefall to Earth.

Science can even calculate the exact rate of speed you will be falling just before you hit the ground.

Science is taught to us, early on, in black and white concepts with no shades of gray in-between.

What we are not taught about science, however, is that the physical world we live in is much more involved in its design than what our genetically-gifted sensibilities can consciously demonstrate. The perceptions of various frequencies, by human senses, allow us to mistakenly assume we are continually experiencing total reality at any given period. In actuality, we are only experiencing, through a five-sense world, a very narrow sliver of truth. Much of what is total reality (what’s really out there in the universe) exists in frequency ranges that are far removed from what humans can sense.

The truth of the matter is that science can only validate for us the physical portions of reality our senses can adequately comprehend. For example, a radio can only tune into the limited number of frequencies it’s been designed to access. There are a plethora of other radio signals bouncing around the universe. The fact that a specific, limited instrument is unable to access them doesn’t change the fact that they are authentic and part of a legitimate reality construct.

Although science can sometimes be a useful tool to help us make sense of the physical world we mistakenly confuse as complete and total reality, it is unable to give us insight into other, more invisible, parts of reality that exist further up and down the reality spectrum.

The powers that be understand the limitations of science as it pertains to the sensory spectrum of perceived reality versus complete and total truth. Knowing how things really are, compared to the way they are routinely presented to the sheeple population, is an essential component in the process of keeping the members of a society confused about what’s real and what’s possible to attain. It’s ultimately a game of power and control. Those individuals that have accurate knowledge about the way things work can control others. A select group has a true understanding of universal existence, and that’s how and why a few can control the lives of many.

Of course, we went to the moon!

The careful control and distribution of information are of paramount importance to the powers that be. Their influence over humanity is ultimately achieved through creating confusion, ignorance, and apathy within the masses. They eventually accomplish this goal by using false science as a means of mind control to sway and influence society concerning many agendas.

There is no better example of how misinformation and false science can broadly influence the masses than the world pandemic–a psyop of epic proportions!


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3 thoughts on “False science is a major obstacle when it comes to understanding universal existence!

  1. Lisa April 20, 2022 / 1:23 pm

    Intriguing article! There seems to be somewhat of a misconception when it comes to science.

    And I am glad that the material you put out, John, will at times coincide with other materials that appear to me, so that I am able to interrelate them. I don’t find them, they find me through some channel!

    Plus, I don’t know who wrote this. But it’s good! Heck,I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it was you! Lol!


    PArry Masons (cuz Jeff)
    1 day ago Facebook

    (I didn’t write this
    But felt compelled to share it
    Things that resonate)

    The original alliance between religion and science is an important facet of the evolution of the common level of consciousness. But we must not forget the time before that, when the two were one. In the Vedas and older Upunishads, astrology, mathematics, physical sciences like biology, geology, and herbology, and quantum physics were all interwoven fractals of sacred geometrical patterns of movement (vibration) which stem from a system of electro-magnetic duality (binary code) which empowers the Aetheric grid to reflect the diffusions of consciousness back to the thinker/observer.

    It’s all there in the allegories if you have “eyes to see” or knowledge of the code.
    Hacking free will has always been a thing.
    Not even the church had a monopoly on that.

    The soul/matter separation is ridiculous.
    For what shapes matter if not the soul?
    If our nervous system is tuned to a specific key, then all we perceive must be within the same key, and therefore sync up with our consciousness.
    Add that to the fact all of the particles and sub-particles which compose all matter are just 1s and 0s at the quantum level, and you can strip all matter away and say that awareness still exists.
    Likewise you can strip away all awareness, but at that point, matter ceases to exist.
    How could that be unless the two were interconnected? Unless the purpose of matter itself was to perform for the mind?

    Many religions will tell you there is but one creator. Science will tell you that created things are mechanical. Only philosophy can bridge the two.

    At one time in our evolution, we needed to hear fairy tales in order to remember truths.
    So truths became legends.
    Legends became distant whispers.
    Whispers were drowned with our science.
    And now we are at odds between the two.
    But philosophy will be the neutral party which shines light on the different communication styles to reveal that they are both saying the same thing, without awareness of it.


    Awareness is often confused for consciousness.
    This a a problem. They are not the same. Consciousness is one thing broken into many points of observation.
    Awareness is individual to each point of observation. Consciousness is mind. Awareness in matter.
    The consciousness is magnetically connected to all other points of observation through the Aetheric field. Awareness is activated by the nervous system’s receiving of information from the environment surrounding the point of observation.
    Awareness stems from the Limbic system, the part of the brain that consolidate all nervous system data (corpus callosum) into one sacred timeline.

    This is how we know that what we see is the same thing we hear in live time. It also creates memories (Hyppocampus) and adds emotional content (amygdala) and communicates directives to the nervous system (cerebellum) via the 13 cranial nerves. Awareness is a condition of observation. It is the purpose of embodiment into material form at all.

    Consciousness is something that uses the tools of awareness in order to experience growth which is potential energy elsewhere.
    That elsewhere is what religion calls “God” and what science calls “space”.
    There is one consciousness in all the world. It is fractalized into many points of observation, but all WiFi connected to each other and the main server.

    Each point of observation has its independent awareness and that is what we call “Ego” or identity But the differences between the egos of points of observation are small details which are fun to explore, but ultimately do not change the pattern of the codes which operate the realm of matter.

    Our free will is a real thing. But inexorably limited by the options given. There may be an entire aisle of shampoos to choose from, but that is the illusion of choice because they are all produced and distributed by the same four parent companies.
    The bandersnatch paradox.
    This a tactic that was if effect long before media and propaganda was so vastly distributed.

    They are using deep fake to control the information flow.
    When we were still on horseback, there was very little knowledge of world affair between regions.
    Now that we are connected so easily, it is hard to discern the truth from lie.
    But there again, you are only as manipulated as you allow yourself to be.

    • Dr. John Reizer April 20, 2022 / 1:26 pm

      Lots of people are wide awake, Lisa! 😀👍

  2. Lisa April 20, 2022 / 1:34 pm


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