About NoFakeNews


The goal of NoFakeNews is to provide every visitor with a chance to learn about real news through alternative sources. Traffic on this website is made up of people from many countries that have a sincere desire to learn the truth about what is taking place throughout the world. Our readers are looking for more reliable sources than the mainstream media companies that are obviously owned and operated by corporations that have longstanding agendas to misinform the public.


Since our reality construct is very much influenced by the media products that surround us on a daily basis, we believe it is important for all persons to have access to more truthful news products. Our philosophy is no fake news! We hope this website will have a major impact in helping people see a clearer picture of what is taking place here on planet earth.

We want to caution readers that many of the articles/links published within NoFakeNews are going to challenge most people’s understanding of the world and its associated happenings. If you want to proceed and remove a covert veil of fabric that prevents most from seeing the truth, click on the “RED PILL” below. If, on the other hand, you want to continue to live in ignorant bliss and continue to be sequestered from the truth, click on the “BLUE PILL” below.


Dr. John L. Reizer

Founder of NoFakeNews


Ignorance – Click Blue Pill             The Truth – Click Red Pill

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