“Professor” Dave Farina – The guy who claims to know everything about space, chemistry, Covid, anti-vaxxers, and anything else that challenges the many narratives of officialdom

Dr. John Reizer

Did you ever meet a person who seems to know plenty of information about almost everything? Meet Professor Dave Farina who has gained an enormous following on the world’s biggest video platform, YouTube.

You remember YouTube, the company that has been censoring tens of thousands of knowledgeable doctors and scientists for the last three years because they have proof COVID and the pandemic are a hoax.

I came across Professor Dave a few days ago on a YouTube video where he was debating a guy about the flat earth theory. I am attending a flat earth venue soon to write an article on the subject for the website, therefore I am trying to get a better idea of what flat earth theory is all about.

While watching the video debate, I became so irritated by Professor Dave because he wouldn’t give his opponent a chance to explain his position. Dave kept interrupting the guy and was nasty, calling him a moron, an imbecile, idiotic, stupid, and some other choice words.

My frustration with Professor Dave had nothing to do with the shape of the Earth, but everything to do with his condescending attitude and general lack of respect for his debate opponent.

The next day, I began researching the professor and learned that Dave had a lot of things to say about vaccines and COVID -19. None of them were very good or accurate, by the way.

In a nutshell, Professor Dave knows that vaccines are great, anti-vaxxers are idiots, and COVID is real. He knows this because Dave is a professor who reads scientific research that has been conducted by real scientists.

For example, Professor Dave knows that performing Koch’s Postulates is a waste of time and no longer a requirement when isolating a new pathogen. Dave says that using a computer to assemble the genomic signature of a nonexistent virus is a better way to proceed nowadays versus using the antiquated way of actually identifying the microbe using Koch’s postulates. (This guy is a real moron).

When debating Professor Dave here is what you can exoect:

1. It’s Dave’s way or the highway. Dave’s opinions are solidly backed by science and yours are not.

2. Dave is a professor and you are not. He will be happy to point out to you repeatedly that you being less intelligent than he is a fact of life.

3. You will not get an opportunity to make your points during the debate because Dave is rude, nasty, and unprofessional. You will not get in a word edgewise.

4. Dave is well-rehearsed in the fact that he knows official science pretty well. He is a parrot of scientism. For example, he sounds like a spokesperson for big pharma when he rattles off his speech about how human immunity and microbiology work.

My analysis of Professor Dave

I believe Professor Dave wanted to get a big following on YouTube because it’s a highly lucrative business. I think professor Dave brings in a lot of money by kissing the asses of mainstream science and big pharma. Dave’s YouTube videos are littered with pharmaceutical advertising. Professor Dave’s mainstream propaganda is fully supported by the censorship police on the YouTube platform.

I don’t know too much about flat Earth theory, but I know more than a few things about the mainstream narrative concerning infectious diseases.

Unlike Professor Dave, I was a former associate professor of clinical sciences at a graduate school accredited by two federally recognized accrediting agencies. It took me twelve years to earn the rank of associate professor. I began as an adjunct instructor before becoming a full-time instructor. Then I published content and partook in research with other faculty and became an assistant professor; five years later I earned the rank of associate professor before retiring from academia.

The Fake Professor!

Professor Dave Farina”

Dave Farina is a mouthpiece for mainstream science, and although he can intimidate a lot of people with his “science credentials” he does not intimidate real scientists speaking out against the real dangers of the COVID death shots.

Don’t listen to Professor Dave!

Dave Farina is the person I believe should be censored on all platforms. His bad advice continues influencing millions of people to take the COVID bioweapons that are murdering innocent lives. The other reason Dave should be censored is that Dave is full of you know what!


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