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We would like for every guest visiting this website to have a great experience. Please be sure to signup as a subscriber so that you will be notified via e-mail every time a new article is published. In addition, bookmark the site’s address and check back frequently as there’s always something important developing somewhere. If it’s taking place, chances are pretty good you’ll find it here.

Due to the requests of many international site visitors, we have installed a translation program. Click on the language you prefer and the entire website, and its links, will be immediately translated to that language.

On the left side of the website you will always find the entire list of archived, original articles for a given month. To access articles from previous months, simply click the desired link on the right side of the menu and scroll down the page to select a specific month. In addition, you can always type a “keyword” into the site’s search database to look for articles that have been authored about a certain topic. Please take the time to read all articles and be sure to leave us your comments. Keep comments clean and be respectful to others regardless of your position on a particular topic. Distasteful and vulgar posts will not be published and your address will be blocked from posting additional content!

Since February, 2012, has been providing readers from the United States and throughout the world with a wide variety of interesting and informative, original content. Our intent is to continue operating the electronic magazine for as long as it remains possible to do so.

There are no advertisements on This is not an oversight on our part or due to a lack of interest from prospective companies. This is intentional! You will not find any original articles here that were written to influence readers to purchase products/services. We would never write or publish articles in an attempt to please advertisers and do not have to worry about doing so because we have zero ads on the entire website.

We hope this information will be helpful in making your visit to less confusing and more productive. There are many things occurring in our fast paced world and it’s extremely important to keep a close eye on all of them.

We believe that very serious situations are currently taking place on our planet, and more will likely be taking place very soon. Because of this fact, the world’s traditional media sources are spewing out even more disinformation than usual. Within those mainstream stories are both valid information and blatant disinformation. Through our website, we hope to offer readers a tool that can help them separate truth from fiction.

Finally, thank you for visiting and please encourage your family members and friends to do the same. The world will become a much better place to live in when more people become enlightened and truly aware of global happenings.

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3 thoughts on “Website Navigation

  1. Edwina Reizer July 29, 2013 / 11:37 am

    There is no more important time in our history to have access to truthful info than the days we are living through now and the days that are coming much too fast. Take the time to become informed and due yourself a service . Visit my son’s site and come alive to truth, not fiction. Mom

  2. Marijana Perić July 30, 2013 / 4:32 pm

    I like this website because it is independent and not under the influence of corporate sponsorship. There are no annoying advertisements that bombard us while we read the interesting content. We get enough of that trash in the mainstream media throughout the course of the day.

  3. lapis borrillious vanko August 24, 2014 / 4:17 pm

    Lemuria? Where is lemuria

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