Reject the World Pandemic (Sign the Petition)

I wanted to take a few moments to explain a little more about the petition I put together and am asking everybody to sign. First of all, I realize there are plenty of petitions out there, and some of them have amassed a tremendous number of signatures. The names keep accumulating, the statistics are compiled, and then what?

In many instances, the people who write a given petition take the final results and present them to some legal or governing body, asking or expecting the authorities to change their minds or stop some activities against the petitioners’ beliefs and their database of names.

We already know what would happen if we present our COVID-19 petition to a government organization — NOTHING! Regardless of whether we collect 100 signatures or 100 million names, the world’s governments will ignore the people’s sentiment. In other words, the people allegedly representing our best interests couldn’t care less about the general public that put them into office.

So, why did I write up a petition and ask people on NoFakeNews to sign the document?

The petition I wrote was not prepared so that the final results could be presented to a governing body. The document was created for the people in the world who have had enough of the psyop. The petition we are signing is a contract between ourselves that makes the case that we have reviewed the evidence that has been suppressed and censored by the powers that be and have decided to take the governing decisions surrounding the plandemic out of the hands of our elected (selected) leaders. We will now govern ourselves and our health and well-being from this point forward.

Those of us awake realize the virus does not exist. We realize that there is no public health emergency and that the world’s governments are in the process of committing a genocidal act on their citizenry.

As soon as we sign this petition/contract between ourselves, we decide to hold ourselves accountable and opt-out of the official COVID-19 narrative. It’s over as soon as we sign the document, and we stop, at that point, doing anything that breathes life into the fakery that has been imposed upon us by the powers that be.

As I have written before, the madness ends when the people in the world decide it ends. Sign the petition, and stop acting like there’s a virus lurking in the distance. If enough people decide to do this and end the fakery in their minds, the powers that be cannot enforce the madness that is taking place.

The petition document is a symbolic device. The petitioning company could censor it tomorrow, and the document might disappear from existence. It doesn’t matter. We’re not sending the results to anybody in government. The document is for us, and we know when we sign it that we have committed to ourselves and our families to stop being part of the human herd.


The sars-cov-2 virus has never been fully isolated, identified, or extracted from a human or animal host, and the alleged genetic structure of the virus that has been published by the scientific community was computer-modeled using data coming from other previously isolated/identified coronaviruses that have been known to exist for many decades.

Since the sars-cov-2 virus does not exist, diagnostic PCR tests could not have been developed to identify the presence of COVID-19. Since the sars-cov-2 virus does not exist, a vaccine could not have been developed to protect humans or animals from COVID-19.

It is the consensus of healthcare professionals worldwide that the Covid-19 vaccine is not a safe product and that there is no world pandemic and public health emergency taking place.

The true scientific opinions coming from healthcare professionals and scientists worldwide, speaking out against the official narrative being parroted by government spokespersons, are being censored by mainstream media corporations and Internet communication platforms.

The Covid-19 vaccine is not a safe product, and there is no world pandemic or public health emergency currently taking place. The COVID-19 vaccine is an experimental medicine that has not been sufficiently tested by scientific methodologies to determine if it poses potential health risks to human beings.

The undersigned reject the official narrative that COVID-19 is a real virus and a public health emergency. We also reject the offer to take the COVID-19 vaccine that has been rushed to market. We do not give our consent to take the COVID-19 vaccine and refuse to wear face masks under the guise that these medical devices offer us protection against a nonexistent virus.