Illuminati Hierarchy


1. (Non Human Entities)
Non Human Entities that have claimed earth as its property and human beings as a type of livestock, that they parasitically draw nutrition from in the form of negative energy, are not benevolent beings. They are, in fact, very strong physical specimens when compared to their human counterparts. They have a genetic lifespan of several thousand years. They have genetically modified human beings to have a very short lifespan. This was done to intentionally maintain amnesia within the human, collective soul.

2. The 13 Bloodlines (Human-Non Human Entity Hybrids)
The Royal elites controlling modern day earth have a much higher phenotypic expression of extraterrestrial DNA than they have in the way of human DNA. They were genetically engineered long ago by the Non Human Entities to be the ruling managers of modern day earth.

3. The Shadow Government (Non Elected and Invisible from Public)
The shadow government consists of members of the ruling elite, various intelligence agencies, and certain portions within the military industrial complex.

4. The Banks and Major Corporations
The banks and major corporations are involved in finance, oil, energy, pharmaceutical industry, military industrial complex, media, and organized religion.
The major corporations have tremendous control over the government, and the institutions of higher learning.

5. The Elected and Non Elected Governments (Visible to the Public)
The elected and non elected leaders in every major country and province on earth are direct bloodline descendants of the 13 hybrid bloodlines. In lower levels of government, elected and non elected leaders that are not directly related to bloodline families are controlled by them.

6. The General Public
All human beings have trace amounts of extraterrestrial DNA within their bodies. The human race is the direct result and creation of ancient genetic engineering that was brought to fruition from the repetitive efforts of various extraterrestrial cultures that have interacted with earth in an attempt to mold the inhabitants that walked the planet at different periods of time.
Many extraterrestrial creator races have contributed to the current human phenotypic expression. This is the true explanation for why there are different races of people that occupy the earth.
Because human beings live lifetimes of 100 years or less, it is nearly impossible for people to have a broader understanding about the covert control and enslavement that directly affects them.
Human beings from an early age are taught a very false perception of reality. They are imprisoned by invisible shackles. Those shackles are the prison religions that are taught on earth and ultimately disconnect humanity from the soul fragments housed inside their biological vessels.
In addition to the prison religions that affect and influence all races that walk the earth, electronic and chemical mind control programs are firmly in place and greatly help the bloodline managers to rule human beings.

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