All vaccines have been used to weaken and destroy the health of humanity!

Dr. John Reizer

Whether we are discussing traditional vaccines or the newly developed mRNA vaccines distributed during the COVID-19 world pandemic hoax, we are discussing deadly poisons.

The eugenicists running the show behind the scenes have been creating a plethora of diseases in human beings for decades. They have accomplished their diabolical plan through an assortment of vaccines.

Cancers, autoimmune problems, and many other physiological disorders commonly observed in people have been launched into the public domain through the administration of childhood and other vaccines.

The medicinal poisons (vaccines) are all laden with ingredients that, over time, cause people to lose their health and die prematurely. Meanwhile, big pharma companies profit through the selling of other drug products designed to mitigate the symptoms and problems caused by the vaccines. It’s a helluva racket!

In the case of traditional vaccines, we are looking at slow-kill products that do their dirty work over a longer duration of time.

The new mRNA products have been engineered to kill people faster and with far more precision than their predecessors. Gene-altering vaccines can instruct the body’s immune system to attack its cells, tissues, and organs quickly.

The ability to develop and distribute mRNA vaccines worldwide required decades of scientific research. The products could not have been created from scratch in under a year — the official narrative peddled by studio scientists through the mainstream media.

I have not written any new earth-shattering information in this post. I have explained the vaccine agenda on the NoFakeNews platform before. I do believe, however, that this is an important enough subject to keep repeating.

People need to know that the eugenicists’ plan to cull humanity and reset the population into a more obedient and manageable herd has been underway for decades. It’s only now that more people have been awakened and can see what is transpiring.


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