The Control and Destruction of Alternative Health Care by Big Pharma

By Dr. John L Reizer

Editor at

When one seriously examines the large monster known as “Big Pharma,” it becomes blatantly obvious that this is an industry hell-bent on destroying each and every competitive health care profession that subscribes to a non-toxic approach of maintaining the health of human beings.

Throughout its relatively short history, organized medicine has been successful, with the assistance of petrochemical companies, in eliminating virtually every alternative health care profession in existence. For the sake of brevity, I’ll concentrate on the better known cases that have occurred and directly impacted the health and well being of many people throughout the world.

The medical profession, itself, was the original victim of Big Pharma many years ago. In the early 1900’s, the Rockefeller and Carnegie families paid two men by the name of Henry Pritchett and Abraham Flexner to create a devious scheme that would forever change the construct of medical schools. The Flexner report, written by Pritchett, concluded that only medical schools that committed to using synthetic based medicines and avoided plant based treatments (homeopathic and naturopathic protocols) should be offered large grants that were created by Rockefeller and Carnegie. Some 17 years after the Flexner report had been written and published, almost half of the previously existing medical schools had been forced to close due to an inability to attract students that would pay tuition. In a nutshell, these schools were unable to compete with the medical institutions that were regularly funded by the large foundations set up by Rockefeller and Carnegie. (1)

From that point forward, only medical schools philosophically aligned with petrochemical companies would become successful in graduating medical physicians. Presently, the same petrochemical companies have great influence and control over most components associated with modern medicine. The Rockefeller family and its far-reaching tentacles, that can be traced directly to the petrochemical and banking industries, have a great deal of influence regarding curricula as well as other important elements embedded within the modern medical institutions of higher learning.

Over the years, traditional medicine and its powerful unions have infiltrated and destroyed any healthcare profession, modality or theory that was based on something other than synthetic, toxic medicines. If it fell outside the pharmaceutical paradigm, it was routinely labeled as pseudo-science and removed from serious consideration by the scientific community. In other words, if it was backed by Big Pharma it became known as a scientific concept and if it was not backed by Big Pharma, it was never heard of again or was cast into the undesirable realm of pseudo science and banished from public consumption.

Historically, the two professions that annoyed Big Pharma and presented the most formidable challenge to the Rockefeller-Carnegie agenda were Osteopathy and Chiropractic. As some people might be aware, Osteopathy was aggressively infiltrated and absorbed by Big Pharma then repositioned, harmlessly, as a branch of organized medicine where it could no longer pose a threat to the petrochemical industry.

Chiropractic, on the other hand, has managed to survive autonomously since 1895 when it was discovered by Dr. Daniel David Palmer. History teaches us that Dr. Palmer’s son, Bartlett Joshua Palmer (September 14, 1882-May 21, 1961) was the individual responsible for developing the chiropractic profession. (2)

Although chiropractic, on the surface, appears to have survived the onslaught of legal and political blows that Big Pharma has unleashed upon it for many years, some chiropractic practitioners are quick to point out that their profession has already been successfully infiltrated by the medical bogeymen and is currently being repositioned as a branch of physical medicine. Certain practitioners believe the transformation of chiropractic into medicine has already occurred.

Speaking on a condition of anonymity, one chiropractor explained to me that the absorption of chiropractic into the medical arena was accomplished, over the years, by the Rockefeller agenda and its abilities to manipulate and control health insurance reimbursement programs for chiropractic services and also through influencing the United States Department of Education and chiropractic’s specialized accrediting agency.

It’s no small coincidence that both osteopathy and chiropractic originally had very similar professional objectives. Those objectives dealt with maintaining the integrity of the spine’s alignment in an effort to promote the body’s natural recuperative powers. (3)

The power of Big Pharma is enormous and its ability to influence the perceptions of scientists, doctors, and patients should not be underestimated by the American health care consumer.