Some News And Updates

Dr. John Reizer

Every year at this point in the calendar, I think long and hard about what I want to accomplish in my life over the next twelve months. Those thoughts also include my goals for the NoFakeNews website.

The new year is almost here and there are so many important things happening in the world that are being orchestrated by the psychopaths that run the world.

1. The Human Trafficking System

2. The Ritualistic Sacrificing of Children

3. The Ongoing Global vaccine genocide

Most of these things have been in motion for years. People are only now learning about them.

Personal Health Challenges

Last year my life was disrupted by health issues. I was forced to retire from my private practice and had to say goodbye to my patients. That in itself was a difficult thing to do. I don’t like to walk away from things unless they are on my terms, and that wasn’t the case regarding my retirement.

The Future of the Website

In the past, I used this time of the year to contemplate whether or not to publish NoFakeNews the following year. I have already made my decision for 2023; the website will continue to publish truthful content about world happenings.

News And Updates!

As many of you already know, our feature film Target List will make its world premiere in 2023. The movie will be seen by a limited audience during the last two weeks of December. Right now, there are plenty of things happening behind the scenes with this project.

I am very proud of the movie, the production team, the cast and crew and all the talented folks that made the film a reality. There were many times when things were touch and go.  I think everyone was scared of getting halfway through filming and getting shut down because of a false-positive PCR test. But we got through the process and somehow, against all odds, produced a great movie.

I also want to thank those of you who have donated to the GoFundMe page for our film. Your contributions helped us make the movie and I am forever grateful for your assistance.

Interview on David Icke’s Platform

I will be interviewed on Wednesday, December  14th on the Ickonic Platform by Gareth Icke about the Target List movie.

We decided to take out a small banner ad campaign on David Icke’s website for Target List. During that process, I had several email exchanges with David’s son, Gareth. He seemed generally interested in the movie. In one email I explained my story and how I became ill last year. I told Gareth why the movie was so important in my opinion.

The next thing I knew, I was contacted by Gareth and he wanted to know if I wanted to come on the David Icke platform and discuss the movie. So, that is happening this week as well.

I will post more information about the interview soon.

Nonstop Promotion of the Movie

I know that a lot of content on NoFakeNews has been centered around Target List since 2021. This movie is a big deal for the truther movement, and probably the most important thing I have accomplished, with the help of many others, to awaken people who are still asleep. That is why I spend so much time marketing the project.

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. I wish all our readers health and happiness in the new year.



Watch it on the big screen!

If you are going to be in Reno, Nevada on December 16th and want to watch the Target List movie on the big screen with members of the cast and crew here’s your chance.

Tickets are on sale for $10.00. Seating is limited so don’t wait too long. Click here to purchase tickets for the Reno VIP screening!

If you are unable to make the Reno VIP screening, be sure to order the movie on the Vimeo platform and watch Target List as many times as you want for 72 hours per rental.


The Independent Film Event of 2023!

IMDb Page

Watch the trailer

Watch Beginning December 16th!



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