Why Conventional Cancer Treatments Don’t Work

Dr. John Reizer

Any serious student of human physiology can comprehend and appreciate the illogicality of conventional cancer treatments. The facts demonstrate that the average healthcare consumer is being sold a false bill of goods about the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation in treating cancers. The truth is that modern medicine has failed miserably in its attempts to conquer most forms of chronic illness.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapies applied to cancerous tumors are tantamount to people pulling the heads from dandelions. You’re not going to kill the weeds, and similarly, you’re not going to stop the tumors from reappearing in human bodies at a later time.

Medical research focuses on pulling the heads from dandelions instead of getting to the root of specific problems. Simply written, there are far more profits for drug companies when they manufacture treatments that focus on managing the expressions of diseases versus treatments that focus on eliminating the problems — the physiological causes of different disorders.

If we administer chemotherapy and radiation to healthy people, they will become sick and die. How can we expect sick people to get better when administering the same toxins?

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