September 11, 2001


16 years ago one of the most horrific terrorist attacks ever committed against the United States and the American people took place in New York City, Washington, DC, and the state of Pennsylvania.

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The mainstream media companies continue, many years later, to keep the memories of 9-11 fresh in our minds by making available, through television, movies and magazines, the accounts and pictures that were permanently recorded that September morning. But the version of the story that’s repeatedly drummed into our heads is the 911 Commission’s Report. They would later publish, in a very lengthy book, the government’s official findings so that all Americans could learn how Islamic terrorists cleverly hijacked commercial airplanes and later crashed those airliners into the World Trade Center Towers and U.S. Pentagon.

Today there are more people than ever before questioning the government’s official version of 9-11. According to quite a few independent polls, which have been conducted by Internet and mainstream news sources, most people believe in various alternative (conspiracy) theories regarding September 11, instead of the government’s published account.

In all fairness to the conspiracy theorists, there are numerous unanswered questions about the 9-11 Commission’s Report. Some of those outstanding questions have to do with the alleged hijackers; the commercial airliners; the inability of our military to respond to those hijackings in a timely manner; the resemblance of a controlled demolition explosion twice in each of the World Trade Center buildings; the resemblance of a third controlled demolition explosion hours later in WTC Building number 7 which had not been struck by an airliner; the absence of any significant airplane parts at the Pentagon after the supposed crash; the lack of any airplane remnants or debris in the Pennsylvania countryside where another commercial airliner supposedly crashed; and the absence of the four black boxes that contained the flight recorders (the same kinds routinely found in virtually every other commercial airline accident in the history of aviation) for the hijacked planes.

Below are a list of links that may shed some light for readers on what might have actually transpired that horrible day:


AE911Truth – Richard Humenn P.E.E. WTC Chief Electrical Design Engineer

AE911Truth Kamal Obeid, C.E., S.E. Civil and Structural Engineer

AE911Truth Jerry Lobdall, C.E. Chemical Engineer Physicist

AE911Truth Casey Pfeiffer, S.E. Structural Engineer

AE911Truth Robert Podolski, Physicist, Engineer

AE911Truth Lynn Margulis, PhD, Scientist


AE911Truth Tony Szamboti, M.E. – Mechanical Engineer

AE911Truth Stephen Barasch High-rise Architect

AE911Truth – Scott Grainger,FPE – Fire Protection Engineer

AE911Truth – Les Young – High-rise Architect

AE911Truth Robert McCoy High-rise Architect

AE911Truth Kathy McGrade, B.S. Metallurgical Engineering

AE911Truth Ron Brookman, S E Structural Engineer

AE911Truth David Topete, MSCE, S.E.

WTC Eyewitness ” a bomb went off in the lobby first,then a plane hit”

9/11 WTC Eyewitness heard explosion before WTC2 collapsed

9/11 Eyewitness- “Flames exploded out the front of the World Trade Center”

911 Eyewitness Nina Pineda – “ground shook/booming sound.”

911 Eyewitness ABC7 Nina Pineda – “Firebombs And Explosions.”

9/11 Eyewitness Nina Pineda -“From that last explosion it is now again dark”

9/11 WTC Eyewitness – Philip Morelli


9/11 Eyewitness to molten metal David Long.

9/11 WTC Eyewitness Marlene Cruz describes basement explosions

9/11 WTC Eyewitness Joe Torres. WABC-NY

9/11 : WTC Eyewitness heard “large boom” before the collapse of WTC2.

9/11 WTC – NYPD Cop “numerous secondary explosions” in WTC.

9/11 WTC CNN:”When The First Tower Collapsed It Was A Massive Explosion”Patty Sabga

WTC Eyewitness ” a bomb went off in the lobby first,then a plane hit”

9/11 : FireFighters describe 3 Explosions After Plane Hit WTC.

9/11 :WTC Eyewitness describes explosions ( see video description) NIST F.O.I.A.


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