Off World


We are very curious why the United States Government and NASA seem to be hiding the fact that intelligent life currently exists on the planet Mars? The websites, and clearly demonstrate that this is the case. Using only the government’s official photographs from various NASA catalogs, these websites seem to show the existence of intelligent life and infrastructure on the red planet.

The Mars Monorail System

The website also offers plenty of evidence that NASA has photographed huge bases and buildings on the lunar surface with the Clementine spacecraft. Why haven’t we been informed about this information since our tax dollars have funded these programs?

We believe there are two possibilities with regards to the photographic catalogs in the public domain that have been provided by NASA and the United States Government.

Possibility number one is that the photographs are genuine and have been intentionally obfuscated by the space agency in order to hide intelligently designed structures on the lunar and Martian landscapes.

Possibility number two is that the photographic catalogs are not genuine and have been made available to citizens in an effort to promote a fake space program that has never executed a successful manned or unmanned mission to another celestial body.

What do you think about this subject?



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