A Significant Event is Coming…

Originally published: September 12, 2015

We do not write or post content on this website to create or promote sensationalism!

The purpose of NoFakeNews is to provide its readership with credible information derived from both media and non media sources believed, by our editorial department, to be reliable and completely devoid of misinformative or disinformative content.

We have two sources that are extremely reliable. Although these sources remain hidden from the purveyors of mainstream news, they have helped us in the past to understand a bigger picture of what is currently transpiring in the world. Our sources have informed us that a significant event is likely to occur very soon. They base their claims on information they have analyzed that is in the public domain.

For reasons that are obvious, we have hesitated in the past to publish specific dates regarding future events that might take place and impact human beings. After careful consideration, we have decided to publish this page because of the trust we have in the two sources that have reported the information to us.

We realize the reporting of specific dates tied to a significant event could be potentially dangerous to our website’s reputation if, in fact, the information turns out to be inaccurate. Despite this risk, we feel an obligation to our readers to make this information known at this time.

Our sources have devised a probability index formula that directly influences their level of confidence with regards to this event coming to fruition.

We believe the significant event will occur between 5/17/17 – 11/11/17.

A time traveller once told us that, “Time is the ultimate teacher that eventually kills all of its students.”