Why haven’t these vaccine cheerleaders been arrested for crimes against humanity?

Dr. John Reizer

The data is in, and the results are terrifying. More people have been harmed (murdered) by Covid-19 vaccines than by any other medical drugs in recorded history. Despite these findings, the poisons continue to be dispensed and administered to people worldwide.

The world pandemic was a hoax. It was launched into existence by science fiction writers that orchestrated a psyop that made it appear as if a real virus caused massive illness in the population.

The goal all along was to convince people to voluntarily take bioweapons disguised as life-saving vaccines.

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are two prominent individuals who have played a major role in convincing the American public to take the Covid jabs (poisons), and they should be held accountable, with many others, for their actions. Why haven’t the two frontmen been arrested, and why haven’t the vaccines been pulled from the global marketplace? The answers to those two questions are that the plandemic is part of a global Holocaust that continues to push forward, and the controlling powers are protecting Gates, Fauci, and the official narrative.

Put them in jail!

People want Gates and Fauci behind bars!

Millions upon millions of people are dying from the vaccines, and the death statistics are being hidden and ignored by the perpetrators of the crimes.

The powers that be told us what they were planning to do far in advance of 2020. Now that they have carried out their plandemic, they want to hide the damage and pretend nothing has happened.

The medical psychos that call themselves healthcare providers are just as guilty as Gates and Fauci. They are not heroes as portrayed by the lying mainstream media.

Until people wake up and start realizing what is happening in the world, they will continue to be the victims of this and future psyops!


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3 thoughts on “Why haven’t these vaccine cheerleaders been arrested for crimes against humanity?

  1. lhakes12 February 10, 2023 / 2:26 pm

    Right on to those protesters, John!
    And right on to your article! Both Gates and Fauci need to be brought forth by the law to be tried and sentenced for their crimes against humanity. And many more along with them.
    Our bodies and minds have been markedly invaded by these sinister culprits and retribution is in order!
    And our bodies are our “Temples!”
    Cuz Jeff
    18 hrs ago
    “Scientific proof of Self Realization
    Every 29 1/2 days
    When the moon
    Is in the sign of the Zodiac
    That the sun as at the birth
    Their is a seed
    A psycho physical germ
    Born in the or out of the Solar Plexus
    Also know as the ‘manger’
    This seed is taken up by the nerves or branches of the gastric nerve and becomes the
    Fruit of the Tree of Life
    Or the Tree of Good or Evil
    Everything that we think of
    As Religions today
    Under the Vaticanized Roman Empire is a subversion of the truth, and not the truth
    We are living in the generations of the great work
    Or the great Deception
    And always have been
    This generation is the Generation of the Apocalypse
    Which means to reveal what is hidden
    Or occult or esoteric in nature
    To reveal that we have long been living in this Deception
    And these are the days fit been revealed to the world.
    As secrets are no longer safe in the age of the internet
    But information is a source of indifference
    Used as a weapon to wage war on collective consciousness by controlling said information and controlling the doors of the cosmic either by which we
    are open to corporate suggestion only
    As like in the days of television networks or radio stations
    Yet technology is just an imitation of the real psychic Network of mind to either communications
    That is inherent to nature
    But used as like a filter
    To block our psychic abilities and instead cloud the either with TOXINS and FREQUENCIES that blur all our lines of communication so only the traversing electromagnetic energy gets through
    At the expense of our own natural psychic intuition
    And degrading health
    However, because the body itself is divine
    And engineered to rise above technology And its effort to be invasive to our health and awareness
    They try to keep us vulnerable to this technology
    imprisoned by it
    Rather than us learning how to overcome it
    Our creator Gave us the natural ability to activate all that grey matter in our brains, all that junk DNA tell us about
    And it’s a scientific proof that our biogenetic chemistry
    Is And always has been Divine
    With the potential to activate it as
    Christ mode Consciousness
    Religions work tirelessly to call this phenomena
    New Age deceptions
    But the science of the body is real
    And the world of institution try hard to hide this truth from you
    to Shame or gaslight you
    To push every lie they can
    Including vaccination agendas
    To stop this genetic miracle from happening
    The Rebirth
    They don’t want you to reincarnate in truth
    Or you even considering it might be true
    And they go to such lengths to deceive us
    To make nature evil
    And evil the new normal
    But the discernment And Faith belong to you
    To each And every one of us
    Christ is personal individual journey and relationship
    We find through holy spirit
    But is is not Jesus of the Organized religions of the world
    Those are the anti Christ dogmas
    Loaded with lies And delusions of the false light
    It’s all trapped in the words
    If you understand the etymology of the words and what they mean
    Christos in Greek
    Means Oil or ‘anointed with oil’
    These adepts knew that the secretion, grey matter, as grey creative, which issues or secretes from the Cerebrum was the source and cause of the
    physical expression called man
    And they knew that the river Jordan was symbolized in the Spinal Chord
    The dead sea was used to symbolize the Sacred plexus at the base of the spinal column, where the Jordan spinal chord end
    Typifying the entrance of The Jordan into the dead seas
    The thick oily and salty substance composed the Sacral Plexus, Cuada Equina, which means the Horse’s Tail in Latin
    The bible tells us that body is the temple of God
    And that geographic locations are actually associated with our Biological And how it relates to the Mazaroth
    Or The Zodiac in terms of astrology
    Not just a subverted story of supremacists lineage
    The mountain of Golgotha literally means
    The place of the skull
    It’s not a literal mountain in the Levant
    That was Rome changing the narrative from esoteric to exoteric
    Golgotha is your skull
    Place of the crucifixion
    Crucifying the ego
    And the activation of the chi
    Or Kundalini energy
    It’s inside all of us
    When oil/ointment is thousand fold, not to kill, it remains 2 1/2 days (crucified means to increase in power)
    2/1/2 days is the moon’s period in the sign of the Tomb-Cerebellum on the third day as it ascends to the pineal gland that connects to the cerebellum
    with the optic thallus central eye
    Or throne of God
    Is the chamber over topped by hollow or hallowed
    Caused by the curve of the cerebrum,
    The most high of the body
    Which is the temple of the living God
    The vital living substance which is precipitation of the breath of life into Man
    Therefore the holy or whole ghost of breath
    in cryptic terms
    The sacred secret of secretion that comes from the pituitary gland
    That chemistry comes out of the brain
    Goes down the spinal column all the way to the sexual organs in order to CREATE NEW LIFE
    To be continued…”
    (Jeff has recently pictured on his cover page a new vivacious puppy. I think it is really brightening his soul!) 🙂

    • Dr. John Reizer February 10, 2023 / 3:14 pm

      Thanks again for sharing all of that, Lisa! 👍😀


      • lhakes12 February 10, 2023 / 3:27 pm


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