Conspiracy Theories

Dr. John Reizer

Any attempts to question mainstream explanations about controversial events, which have been handed down from official government sources, are immediately attacked by most members of society.

If you were to suggest other gunmen were involved in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, the people listening to you would, undoubtedly, dismiss your claim as ridiculous and classify you as a conspiracy theorist.

The average person would instantly begin to roll his or her eyes if someone offered a new explanation about what transpired on September 11, 2001. Anything that deviates from the official government explanation concerning that infamous day will get eye tremors going in most people for sure. The same eye gyrations would be witnessed in the vast majority of people if and when they were presented with alternative explanations about other controversial events they have become emotionally invested in over the course of their lives.

COVID-19 and the fakery surrounding the world plandemic fit into this discussion as well. Are you a coronavirus denier or a conspiracy theorist who believes the vaccines are killing people?

The vast majority of the global population has been systematically hypnotized and conditioned to reject anything that strays away from officialdom. Most of the human herd has been programmed by mainstream media sources to reject alternative and plausible explanations concerning staged false flag events.

Once you become aware of this phenomenon, it’s quite disturbing to see it unfold in front of your eyes. Everyday acquaintances, family members, and close friends all seem to fall under the same spell. It’s as if the people rolling their eyes are trying to switch off their brains so they can go to sleep to avoid the truth.

When you go to sleep, your eyes roll back inside their sockets in a similar fashion. I honestly believe that people have been routinely conditioned to fall asleep when presented with logical explanations about globally staged events.

Most of society’s members don’t seem to have a strong desire to challenge officialdom, even when there exists hard evidence suggesting they should. And most people feel the need to police and encourage others to swallow officialdom.

For every person that has the guts to stand up, in an attempt to set the record straight about something that has been painted in a disingenuous manner, I’ll wager there are one thousand others that are looking to avoid such situations.

The regular suppression of truthful information by powerful people is a global phenomenon. A world government that regularly hands down policy directives to individual sovereign governments to manage the sheeple population is nothing new. This order of business has been taking place for eternity.

Most elected governing personalities are more than willing to lie to the public they are supposed to represent. Elected leaders in nearly every jurisdiction lie in concert, with other leaders, for maximum effect. They suppress the truth and label persons questioning their insane agendas as conspiracy theorists.

Why do so many people find it difficult to believe in conspiracy theories? By examining human nature and recorded history, one can easily observe that conspiracies do occur.

According to the Random House Dictionary, a conspiracy theory is: “the idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.” ( Unabridged – Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc.)

After reading the definition above, how could anyone deny this is happening worldwide? Truth be told, classifying someone’s position about a certain subject as a conspiracy theory is nothing more than a convenient way to dismiss the truth. People are so heavily invested in the practice of embracing government officialdom after witnessing government psyops that they automatically label anything presented outside the defined borders of conventional thinking as a conspiracy theory.

It’s time for people to wake up, stop rolling their eyes, and understand that not everything that challenges conventionality should be routinely dismissed. Sometimes the uncomfortable truth is not a conspiracy theory – it’s just a conspiracy!


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5 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories

  1. sandy edwards January 30, 2023 / 8:22 am

    They seem to want to continue the slumber just when we think they’re about to wake up? This week-end there was a neighborhood get together and I really got a good gauge on where things stand around here. And it’s not good. Not one person was willing to entertain my thoughts about anything so called conspiracy. So now I know I will not have an easy time trying to find like minded people to build community. At this point I have no idea what it will take to wake them up. Maybe they are not really human? idk

    • Dr. John Reizer January 30, 2023 / 12:20 pm

      It is a frustrating situation, to say the least, Sandy. Thanks for sharing your opinions. 🙂👍


    • Ashley January 30, 2023 / 5:54 pm

      Perhaps you could let them know about this site, and highlight some.of the most important issues headed our way.
      Or do a printout of some of the most important issues and hand them out.
      It’s worth a shot, but I know so many are so clueless and closed-minded, you may feel it’s a waste of time.
      Still, to feel you have done everything you could is important.
      Don’t give up!

  2. lhakes12 January 30, 2023 / 6:05 pm

    Those eyes do roll, along with some blank looking faces, John! There are just some people who can’t fathom that the world is being reset. Therefore anyone who questions the authoritative narrative is being labeled a conspiracy theorist. But as you point out in that definition, the controlling powers have twisted everything around!
    I am just thankful I have nofakenews to go to! And thanks for the terrific article as always!

    Although I do also appreciate people or sites that are partially awakened as well. At least they can question authority even if they can’t see the whole picture. I think those are the ones that we have the most hope in fully waking up. And with every increasing one we are growing stronger!


    And I Love this! Even though unfortunately, it is being used against us through the media! But it can be used for good, as well as evil!


    Here is a take on awakening and spreading the truth from my cuz, Jeff:
    (A little long, but it is quite good!)

    “Many people resist waking up
    Because they think it’s
    Being ‘Negative’
    Perpetuating ‘Fear Narratives’
    And causing more Division by pointing out
    Who is behind the international global agendas
    And while all of that is somewhat true
    It is necessary to confront fear and
    Seek greater awareness
    Because we live in a false reality
    Built on lies, control and the sustainability of a failing system
    It’s imperative we confront these things rather than run from them, ignore them or live in denial of them
    Like a terminal disease
    It festers And continues to allow toxic situations
    To prolonged physical and psychological suffering
    And self afflicted emotional abuse
    Without awareness of the darkness
    We’re crawling in the dark
    Void of light or courage to escape the purgatory walls we voluntarily build around ourselves

    Sometimes that ‘darkness’
    Is acknowledging that evil is an intention
    By which people channel
    But is a learned behavior
    Like hate it is taught
    It is not Inherent

    And that is the true definition
    Of Fallen Angels

    And Demons are simply those useless eaters
    And useful idiots who perpetuate the mass mind hypnosis of biblical deceptions

    The Culture of intention sin

    Removed from Love
    The worship of self and ego
    Living in Fear
    With belief in false idols
    In service of separation from truth and nature
    And participating in willful ignorance

    Pretending that truth is a theory
    Or that being real is being negative
    Is a clear and obvious indication
    Of someone drinking the Cool aid
    And living in the artificial bliss of their own cognitive

    This awakening stuff is truly terrifying
    It can drive you to insanity, incarceration or death

    But it’s not all bad news
    It’s all about healing and the gospel
    Which means
    Good news
    It’s the butterfly to your caterpillar cocoon natural
    evolution of your soul And spirit

    That’s why the MK ultra mind control projects
    Use the Monarch Butterfly
    And psychological concepts such as the death of ego
    And the ‘Butterfly effect’ as symbolism to the process of an ever changing psyche

    It’s the true hidden moral of ever story ever told
    Dealing with the heroes journey

    It’s the dark night of the soul
    That most every man woman and child experiences when they awaken to the riddles and social conditioning of a brain
    washed society
    And why the Corporations Corpse like death cult system exists to sustain all of these illusions of we the people in psychological

    So have no fear
    This is our destiny
    This is our story

    It’s our time to step up into the cave of our fears
    And face the mirror reflection of ourselves
    And what we have helped create
    To bury ourselves in someone else’s dream

    I can think of a greater fear
    Than fear of these cowards and their puppets

    That’s the fear of the creator
    And failing your purpose
    That you were born for

    The fear of being truly helpless
    When it’s too late to wake up and learn
    when your beds are burning
    And there’s no time left but the realization of regret

    Has my intention
    Been to scare anyone
    Or hurt feelings

    Only to prepare you for what is real
    While we keep spending our energy on things that don’t even matter
    It’s truly sickening how deadly and deceitful this purgatory world really is

    I know you feel it in your soul
    Even if your mind is trying to dismiss it

    Being reborn isn’t a Religious thing
    It’s a real thing
    It’s Being Done with being a fool living in the fake world of politics And money
    And the self realization of our spiritual core the connects us to everything And Everyone
    Transcending material mundane reality

    Rebirth is the death of the false angelic ego
    Ego is the shadow of the true self
    The Sun is to our self as the Moon is to our Ego
    An illumination of the authentic
    Our electric light bound to the gravitation of magnetism
    By social conformity and hive mind consciousness
    Ego is the demiurge
    That believes itself to be God
    While it’s a child of its true creator
    The life giving divine feminine energy that
    Exists in harmony and union with divine masculine

    Heart mind and soul are reunited together as one
    Restored in our consciousness
    When we become one within
    Balanced at the center path
    Reuniting our polarized beliefs and perceptions
    Of duality and separation
    All illusions crumble
    Then we ascend with in ourselves
    On a path toward enlightenment
    We heal, and we become that manifestation of alchemy

    We become that Burning Bush
    Our tree of life
    Fully lit

    Once we achieve this together as a people
    Beyond just individual healing
    We can then change the world together

    Becoming the light
    By shining knowledge of awareness
    On the darkness of this world
    Identifying WHO as the darkness
    And how to stop it

    By taking positive action
    To protect you and your loved ones
    By building stronger communities
    Circumventing censorship
    DISINCORPOARTE FROM the corporation
    And evict the people causing the problems
    Without repeating The same hateful violent mistakes
    That they try to redirect in history by causing Genocides and wars to subvert justice by manipulation of the events

    We fight fire with fire
    With same knowledge they use against us
    We use their system, their symbolism
    And their secret confessions of crimes against humanity
    Against them
    Hidden in the revelation of the method
    And the proof that’s in the pudding
    We take Them to court
    In the natural law court of law
    By not allowing their Saturnian Judiciary system to have any advantages against we the people
    Because unless we know maritime admiralty laws
    It’s a trap used against us
    In their battlefield rigged against ignorance and lack of knowledge for their laws

    We are dealing with psychopaths, sociopaths, and far worse mentally ill people
    And we need to come together as one
    And remove everyone of these counterfeit imposter
    From their positions of power and give them a taste of their own medicine
    We will heal and we will and we will overcome
    THEY will be accountable for their crimes
    They will have nothing
    And THEY will be happy

    Because that’s what we were born to do

    Take no part on the unfruitful deeds of darkness
    But instead
    Expose them
    Change the world
    One voice at a time
    In harmony we all won these trials
    The day THEY fell

    And we will only survive TRIBulation
    When we remember we are ONE TRIBE”

    • Dr. John Reizer January 30, 2023 / 1:18 pm

      We keep trying to make a difference in the world, Lisa. I think we are making progress ever so slightly. Thanks for sharing the information. 👍🙂


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