The Earth Game — Everything We Know So Far

By Michael Morris

I have helped John Reizer write articles on NoFakeNews since the website’s creation back in 2012. It seems like 2012 wasn’t that long ago, but more than a decade has come and gone and many things have changed.

One thing that has not changed much during the past ten years is our writing content about the machinations taking place globally.

The interconnectedness of the dirty deeds being perpetrated on society by a world government is unmistakable to anyone even remotely awake. Unfortunately, there are many people in the world still sleeping and completely unaware of the conspiracies against them that have been up and running their entire lives.

We regularly struggle with the idea of calling it quits and not publishing NoFakeNews. It seems as if every time we decide to do this, something pulls us back here, and we are back at it again writing more of the same stories.

How long will the nonsense continue? Can thousands of elites control billions of people indefinitely?

We believe the nonsense can and will continue for a long time because there are not enough awakened individuals to stop the things going on.

If you are new to the NoFakeNews platform and don’t have the time to read hundreds of archived articles, we will provide you with all the pertinent information about what is happening in your world right now.

Let me warn you that what follows next will be hard to believe for most people. Even the most loyal followers of the website might find our summary and conclusions as being nonsensical and ridiculous. Believe it or not, we don’t care at this point. We are laying out the information regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Our Summary and Conclusions:

1. There’s a world government controlled by otherworldly beings, hidden in the shadows and at war with humanity.

2. All sovereign governments in existence receive directives from the world government and enforce the policies on their citizens.

3. The hierarchy of control has been ongoing for longer than people can imagine.

4. Nothing in the world is as it seems.

5. Everything you have been taught or believe you know about your world, its history, and what your purposes are in life is inaccurate.

6. You are avatars downloaded temporarily in a simulation to garner experiential learning for a Vast Intelligence that continually seeks to expand its knowledge base.

7. The game is made possible by universal frequency codes that are read and solidified into physicality by DNA which acts as antennae.

8. The elite avatars that control the lives of most other avatars participating in the earth game simulation are trying to wrestle away the gameboard from its creator.

9. In computer programs, malfunctions can occur when improper codes are introduced. The same goes for the simulation here on earth.

10. The vaccines (the more recent ones) are designed to alter the computer codes of avatars to help the elites have total control of the simulation. The elites are attempting to hijack the game from its creator.

If you want more in-depth information about what I am writing about, read The Michael Morris Writings. It’s information John has been privy to since his tenth birthday in 1973.

If you think we are kidding or not right in our heads, you won’t be alone in your thoughts.


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5 thoughts on “The Earth Game — Everything We Know So Far

  1. lhakes12 December 21, 2022 / 1:15 pm

    Pure genius comes from Michael Morris and his channeler, John Reizer! We must keep our minds open to the idea that things are not as they seem! Because until people listen, things will not change and it will only become worse.

    Ashtar channeled by Sharon Stewart:

    “The information you’d need to study is already available upon your planet. However, for the most part the information is written with third dimensional understanding of life in the cosmos.
    Your world at the moment isn’t even aware of its true history, never mind having access to all information available in the cosmos. Our energy is Light energy and Light energy is information, In effect our multidimension is a system not unlike your libraries, which attempt to bring to you all information available..
    It has started already, Channelers are bringing in new information and those of the old guard on your planet are giving up their secrets, the secrets of civilization past and how they lived. The secrets of antiquity upon you planet.

    Your world is in transition from a state of telepathic deficiency to increasing telepathic contact and these methods that have worked in the past will work again. Your people, en masse, need to learn how to access their telepathic skills. They are latent within all upon birth however DNA modifications and calcification of the pineal gland work towards creating a state of telepathic nullification in many.”

    And there are many deplorable ways that the controlling powers are accomplishing these DNA modifications and calcifications. Such as through Big Pharma (vaccines), Direct Energy. Chemtrails, and the Media for a few examples.


    • Dr. John Reizer December 21, 2022 / 1:57 pm

      Michael thanks you, Lisa! 🙂

      • lhakes12 December 21, 2022 / 2:05 pm


  2. sandy edwards December 21, 2022 / 5:15 pm

    I am in agreement with all of this in one way or another. I do have some different views on a couple things but it all really adds up to the same thing in the end. Great to see this share from the duality. Always making a difference in this crazy world is the main thing,

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