The only pandemic that has existed for two-plus years is the one centered around the massive number of people who can’t critically think!

Dr. John Reizer

To have a world pandemic, there must be several epidemics occurring simultaneously in different countries. To have epidemics, there must be case numbers attributed to a specific infectious disease.

There is no valid diagnostic test in existence capable of accurately detecting a sars-cov-2 virus that has never been properly isolated through the rigors of science.

Following the dictates of science and microbiology, it can be deduced that there is no COVID-19 disease because the virus allegedly linked to the infection has never been discovered.

Without a virus or a diagnostic tool to test for the pathogen, there cannot be legitimate case numbers. Without legitimate case numbers, there cannot be an epidemic let alone a world pandemic.

We have been lied to by governments for over two years about the world pandemic. This is too disturbing for most people to handle and so even when the truth is presented, most in society can’t handle the narrative. This phenomenon is known as cognitive dissonance.

Have people gotten sick from something else besides sars-cov-2? I think this is a distinct possibility. I believe lots of people have been poisoned by stealth technologies and those casualties were later blamed on a fake virus.

Many case numbers were undoubtedly created by statistically placing other illnesses in the COVID-19 category.

Individuals capable of critical thinking must understand that the primary reason for the plandemic in the first place was to vaccinate as many people as possible. Fooling the general public about an imaginary virus was the easiest way to successfully pull off a global genocide.


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One thought on “The only pandemic that has existed for two-plus years is the one centered around the massive number of people who can’t critically think!

  1. Lisa April 2, 2022 / 11:34 am

    COGNITIVE DISSONANCE – From shared post on PArry Masons Facebook

    “Sometimes people hold a core belief
    That is very strong. When they are presented
    With evidence that works against that belief
    The new evidence cannot be accepted, because it
    Creates a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable.
    Because it is so important to protect the core belief
    They will rationalize, ignore and deny anything that
    Doesn’t fit that core belief. This why people get
    Upset when their strongly held beliefs are challenged.”

    And a comment on this post from PArry Masons or as known to me, my genius cuz Jeff

    “The ego is designed to protect its illusions

    Seek your higher self
    Heart and soul to overcome the walls of the
    silo mind
    It takes time, patience, humility and it helps to
    keep the mind open to all possibilities
    Thinking is a gift
    Which grows like a muscle
    And has the ability to observe, absorb and
    Ideas beyond our imagination
    And reality is even stranger than fiction

    The spirit is immunity and the higher mind
    We are all connected to it
    But most of us have it on standby
    It’s like a radio station or channel
    Built into our nature as human beings
    As our divinity

    The first step to recovery in this mad world
    Is admitting we’ve been lied to
    Once you see it
    You see it everywhere
    And once you break these chains
    Once knowledge sets you free
    You’ll never go back to sleep”

    And as I commented earlier on his Facebook today,
    “Excellent, cuz!
    So accurate, every step of the way!”

    And back,
    “Thanks cuz
    Just doing my diligence Hugs”


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