An Interview with the inventor of the WAND (Wave-Altering-Nanoparticle- Disrupter) – Dr. Clyde Daniel

From Target List…

United Press Affiliates: When did you know that the WAND was going to work so well in eradicating cancers and other diseased tissues in the human body?

Dr. Clyde Daniel: It was early in the year 2008 when I realized the concept of WAND could be supported by our technology, and the instrument would work. I knew before that date the technology was close to working. Our team had assembled a rudimentary prototype in 2006 that was able to break down body tissues and cells into their resonant frequency signatures relatively easily. It was reassembling the frequencies back into subatomic particles that was the tricky part. It wasn’t until 2008 when everything began to click that I realized WAND was going to revolutionize the field of medicine.

United Press Affiliates: When you knew in your mind that the WAND was going to change organized medicine completely, what were your initial thoughts?

Dr. Clyde Daniel: My first thought was that the technology would help so many people in the world and I was excited about that fact. That first thought lasted about twenty seconds and was immediately replaced by another one — fear!

United Press Affiliates: Why were you afraid, Clyde?

Dr. Clyde Daniel: There are mighty corporations in existence that profit tremendously from treating diseases indefinitely. People tend to think of disorders as diseases, but big corporations in the pharmaceutical industry see them as intellectual properties. WAND technology represented a direct threat to those intellectual properties and their owners.

United Press Affiliates: When did you know that you and your colleagues were in danger?

Dr. Clyde Daniel: I knew we were in extreme danger when our company formally announced the instrument publicly in the national press conference. I knew we were all going to be placed on someone’s target list!


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