There’s Nowhere to Hide from a World Government with Tyrannical Power

Dr. John Reizer

We are at war! But not against an invisible virus that purportedly has wreaked havoc on the entire world. Instead, society is engaged in a fight against a tyrannical world government that hides in the shadows and stays out of the light of day. It’s a global governing construct that hands down directives to the elected managers of sovereign countries who then implement the draconian measures that are to be followed by citizens worldwide.

Unbeknownst to many, the world government I am writing about has been in existence and behind the scenes for a while, demanding absolute obedience concerning the authoritative measures they have been slowly introducing.

The immense Covid-19 psyop agenda that has been dress rehearsed throughout the years by the few controlling the many was finally launched into action for real in 2020. It has been brilliantly crafted by a team of scientific writers so that it would fool citizenry worldwide that a dangerous, relentless virus was on the loose and that nobody was safe.

You can’t design and successfully implement a fake viral world pandemic without lots of planning. The powers that be have been studying the world’s population for years. Understanding people’s emotions and their reactions to different psychological operations that have been carried out over time have been of paramount importance to the world government.

The continual collection of data by national security agencies in many countries has allowed for the world government to understand and be able to accurately predict the reaction characteristics of the planet’s population when specific psyop campaigns have been intentionally scheduled and carried out. Whether it’s been mass shootings, engineered riots, power outages, health epidemics, bad financial news, increased taxes, scripted terrorist attacks, fuel shortages, or catastrophic weather systems that have been geoengineered to bring about devastating pain to different communities, the powers that be have been watching their enemy — us!

The reactions of people to various psyops have been observed and carefully examined by global security agencies. What people will consume, purchase at a store, watch on television, search for on the Internet, have all been studied, cataloged, and used to determine the best ways to influence herds of people in different geographic locations. It’s all very calculated, and nothing has been left to chance.

Analysts have carefully considered all the statistics and data available. They have come to the conclusion that the Covid-19 psyop event was the best way to guide the world’s population in a direction that is coveted by the elites running the Earth show. There was one final dress rehearsal that needed to take place in October 2019 (Event-201). It happened right in front of our eyes, and then the real psyop was launched.

Covid-19 (Event-202) is not a real virus. It is a psyop designed to make people think that there has been massive planetary illness with significant casualties. It’s not true. It’s a sleight of hand magician’s trick that has been pulled off with near precision results. The end goal is to ultimately create for the world government a tyrannical leadership that nobody can hope to hide from. It’s an agenda that is a means to an end, a long-ago written blueprint that was drawn up to make it easier for the elites to manage seven and a half billion people.

What is happening presently is not a conspiracy theory. It is what conspiracy writers have been predicting for years. Event-202 is the real thing.


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5 thoughts on “There’s Nowhere to Hide from a World Government with Tyrannical Power

  1. uscan64 January 18, 2022 / 5:08 pm

    Dr. Reizer, That has to be the best thing I’ve read concerning this Nonsense. To the point and as much information to want a “ normal “ person to Re-Think his/her stance on what is really going on in the World. I’ve learned/ witnessed people will not research anything. I’ve tried to print things out, show them facts from Their “ Governments” Websites- nope, won’t spend 5 seconds looking at it. They are a cult. They are being sent a strong delusion. Long story longer great Article, very well written. Thanks,Ed

    • NoFakeNews January 18, 2022 / 5:34 pm

      Thanks for the feedback, Ed! 🙂

  2. Lisa January 18, 2022 / 8:22 pm

    John, as I was reading your well executed explanation here of the damning of our world, a book I ordered called “The Dehumanizing of Man” was delivered to me. I have not read it yet, but I skimmed through the chapters.
    One chapter is titled
    I believe everything you stated in your article falls under under this heading. And as you state the controlling powers have studied humankind for eons to bring this result about.
    But as explained by a quote in this chapter of the book, ” We have had religious revolutions, we have had political, industrial, economic, and nationalistic revolutions. All of them, as our descendants will discover, were but ripples in an ocean of conservatism– trivial by comparison with the psychological revolution toward what we are so rapidly moving. That will really be a revolution. When it is over, the human race will give no further trouble.” –Aldous Huxley
    They have succeeded! People are cooperating and lining up to receive bioweapons injected into themselves and their children.
    The sheeple have arrived!
    But to end in hope,
    Expansion of Consciousness:
    “We all have psychic abilities, but we have been poisoned and indoctrinated to unlearn and forget our limitless potential. Our “supernatural ” abilities lie dormant within us, awaiting to be awakened.”
    We all have the power within ourselves to awaken and set ourselves free. And many more souls are opening their eyes.
    The controlling powers fear this!

    • John Reizer January 18, 2022 / 8:38 pm

      Great information, Lisa! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and this material. 👍


      • Lisa January 18, 2022 / 8:51 pm

        Thanks, John. I love it when things fall in my lap at just the right time!


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