Health Fascism

Dr.John Reizer

Health fascism is a governmental control system that utilizes a fake medical event (Covid-19) to usher in forceful and often violent practices on the population while simultaneously suppressing opposition and critical thinking.

Health fascism is promoted by using medical regulatory agencies and specifically selected members of a scientific community that will routinely opine in a pre-calculated manner to support a particular false narrative, which is necessary to further bring about draconian policies that will ultimately silence and oppress the people.

Sound familiar?

If you still believe the world plandemic taking place is about a deadly virus that has made its way around the globe, there’s probably little I or anyone else can write that would convince you otherwise.

The people walking around, wearing face masks, are a big part of the problem. In some ways, they are causing more damage than the world government handing down its autocratic directives to the managerial elites posing as the leaders of different sovereign countries.

Dictators can pound their fists on a table. They can yell and scream and try to impose their will and agendas on the masses. But if the people do not acquiesce, the world’s tyrants, no matter how many of them there are, have little power, if any.

Look in the mirror. Are you wearing a face mask? Do you put one on while driving your car? Do you wear a face-covering in the supermarket?

Do you wash your hands obsessively with disinfectants? Are you afraid to get within six-feet of other human beings? Do you find yourself afraid to leave your home?

If the answers to any of the questions above are yes, they’ve got you! They have psyched you out, and you are going to be a slave for the rest of your life to the world governing construct that has designed the plandemic.

Here are the facts:

  1. No Covid-19 virus has ever been isolated or identified by a scientific body.
  2. The PCR tests being used to diagnose the disease are not detecting a Covid-19 virus.
  3. There have been zero cases of Covid-19 detected in the world.
  4. You are being lied to about a fake disease by governments worldwide.
  5. The Covid-19 vaccines being manufactured cannot protect you from a nonexistent virus.
  6. Large numbers of people are dying from the vaccines.
  7. You cannot sue the vaccine makers if you or a loved one is irreparably harmed by their products.
  8. Face masks do not protect people from a virus that does not exist.
  9. If you wear a face mask, you are harming your body.
  10. You should wake up and stop doing things that are feeding into the fake virus narrative.

The world, unfortunately, is not going to get better in the immediate future. The people running the psyop want to change things so that they are completely different from the way they were before. If you think life has drastically changed already, wait and see what is coming down the pipe soon. You haven’t seen anything yet.



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One thought on “Health Fascism

  1. Lisa January 14, 2022 / 2:23 pm

    How saddening it is to witness people complying to the controlling powers rules of indoctrination. They are whittling away at their own and our freedom. And that is exactly what these hidden demonic rulers want.

    And I can tell you from personal experience that it does not feel good to not be able to be free. Because of the personal circumstances in my life, I am currently fighting for my own freedom to go places such as appointments, stores, health club, get togethers with friends, a walk or anywhere else. My 26 year old adult son with autism (vaccine-injured) has recently been refusing to go to his day service program or anywhere else. This makes me a prisoner in my own home!

    I am for the first time seriously considering looking into groups homes. That will also be a very difficult task to accomplish. Especially right now. And it comes with great guilt and worry. But I’m getting to the point of desperation these last few weeks.

    Anyway, do not take for granted your freedom by succumbing to these ridiculous demands that not only do not benefit anyone, but will either kill you or rip your life apart. Freedom is precious!

    Do everything possible to prevent this genocide that they have planned for us from happening. Do not comply!

    And a smidgen of revenge is sweet! A donation to The Target List movie production to help expose their villainous schemes would be much appreciated. Their master plan has been going on for some time. And it is more than just about the downfall that is currently playing out. The pharmaceutical companies have been destroying lives since they first came about. It has never been about health. It has always been about money and power. The controlling powers do not care about the suffering they bring in destroying people’s lives. And If you think otherwise, I feel sorry for you.

    I have donated myself to the The Target List movie. Being a part of this production myself brings me some satisfaction.
    It is easy to donate on Go Fund Me, and I have had no problems or issues in doing so!

    Whatever you can afford is of value to the project. If many would put in a few dollars it could add up to a significant amount. Please be the one to start the ball rolling!


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