Dr. John Reizer

If people honestly want to follow science as is commonly advised/stated by a plethora of paid actors portraying scientists and doctors on mainstream television — they should begin with protesting the use of PCR testing for sars-cov-2 and other viral pathogens.

Testing for and diagnosing any bacterial or viral pathogens in animals or human beings with PCR technology is not following science — it is following a distorted, philosophical view of science that itself is based on an intentionally crafted psyop that has been unleashed on humanity by a controlling world government.

Every healthcare professional and scientist in the world should be speaking out against the use of PCR testing and similar diagnostic technologies currently in use to legitimize an infectious disease paradigm that is at a minimum — grossly misunderstood, and at a maximum — significantly entrenched in scientific fraud!

The scientist and inventor of PCR technology, the late Dr. Kary Mullis, went on the record and stated that his technology should never be used in clinical settings to diagnose the presence of pathogens in animals or humans. According to its creator, PCR testing can make anything seem like it is present in people when it is used as a clinical diagnostic tool. In other words, it is capable of yielding an unlimited number of false-positive results if the people administering and developing the tests desire that outcome.

I don’t think people realize how significant of an issue PCR technology is concerning the plandemic. The PCR test is the great sars-cov-2 legitimizer. Without this bogus lab test, there would be no world pandemic. PCR testing has made COVID-19 appear to be an actual disease in the eyes of the public healthcare consumer — something it most certainly is not!

If society’s members want to follow science — let them begin at once by demanding that the PCR test is disqualified from being used as a diagnostic tool in clinical settings. Let them start by requesting the technology is no longer used as a diagnostic indicator of infectious diseases for animals and humans.

All the statistics PCR testing has produced concerning every infectious disease known to modern science must be reevaluated and the authentic results rewritten.

The controlling powers’ worst collective nightmare would come to fruition if people worldwide began to follow science and apply that scientific understanding to infectious diseases and, more specifically, COVID-19 and its fictitious variants.


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— Dr. Reizer

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  1. Anonymous July 16, 2021 / 10:55 am

    When dictatorship IS A FACT, revolution becomes a right !
    Victor Hugo

  2. tim July 16, 2021 / 3:52 pm

    Doctor Reizer, please let everyone you know about kratom. It comes in different formulas depending on what you need.

    The kratom red is really good for pain. It can make a 10 pain go to 0 in 15 minutes.

    It is also a mood elevator, and acts as a tranquilizer to help with those who have the tremors and convulsions. (side effects from the vax)

    These people are suffering from a lot of pain and someone needs to tell them kratom will stop the pain and convulsions. There’s also St. John’s Wart, GABA Plus, L-tyrosine, passion flower, and so on.

    And it’s LEGAL. Go to Kratom Krush. It’s about 10 dollars for 60 caps.

    • NoFakeNews July 16, 2021 / 4:01 pm

      You just did, Tim! 😀

      • tim July 16, 2021 / 8:08 pm

        Hehe, Spread the word … 🙂

  3. Dr-Artaud July 16, 2021 / 4:44 pm

    Attaboy Luther

    It’s something I use when supporting the views held by someone on an issue. I fully agree with what you said in this Blog Entry, evidenced by the push for universal vaccination, which is causing insane actions. One young woman, a previous victim of Guillian Barre Syndrome, not related to the vaccine, is being denied enrollment into BYU college in Hawaii since she is refusing the vaccine. After a medical committee from BYU reviewed her case, she’s still denied enrollment. The vaccine poses a substantial threat to her health, but no consideration (it poses a threat to everyone’s health, but in terms of Guillian Barre, her even more so)

    In Pittsburgh, I have written about a neighbor that has a disorder, post vaccine, that Doctors attributed to a variety of diseases, Lyme Disease, Sjogrens Syndrome, and West Nile. The theory is now Lyme Disease. Odd piece of local news today, in my county. They began covid vaccinating children recently, and now they are claiming there is an Epidemic of new Lyme Disease Cases in Children. Duh, do you think so? Maybe they are vaccine reactions?

    MASSIVE! Top Doctor Warns about COVID Vaccine (DISTURBING)https://michaelsavage.com/top-doctor-warns-about-covid-vaccine/

    Elsewhere, I found this:

    “McCullough said he believes the bioterrorism has come in two stages—the first wave being the rollout of the coronavirus, and the second, the rollout of the dangerous vaccines, which he said may already be responsible for the deaths of up to 50,000 Americans.”

    Attaboy Luther, as we started this comment, is for someone willing to stand for the Truth despite pressure from others. Dr. Reizer stands for the Truth.

  4. Lisa July 17, 2021 / 11:01 am

    While visiting my relatives in Michigan, I saw on the local news there that two brothers under the age of twelve are actively promoting the covid vaccines to other children. Of course, their parents are proud, and everyone is commending them for their efforts. Their strong motivation was even considered newsworthy.

    I would imagine that these children’s parents are sheeple, and that they have been herd following examples to their children.
    It is sad that such young people are being manipulated and used to do this dirty work.

    Apparently, Disney is also having a young star promote the bioweapons.

    I would imagine the controlling powers figure that using the youth for their diabolical plans will be more influential and lessen the fears of others their age about taking the jab.


    • NoFakeNews July 18, 2021 / 9:27 pm

      Thanks, Lisa! 🙂

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