The Sad Truth About Infectious Disease Management (It Doesn’t Make Sense!)

Dr. John Reizer

What would you think if I told you everything you have been taught about managing infectious diseases was wrong? Would you roll your eyes and click on another article that was more aligned with what you have been accustomed to reading and believing about public health procedures and the role modern medicine has been assigned to manage illnesses?

To truly comprehend the public’s misunderstanding of infectious disease management, people need to remember a few important facts regarding bacterial and viral pathogens’ signs and symptoms. Here are a few key points that need to be remembered:

  1. The signs associated with a disease are things observable by others. Some examples are rashes, increased temperature, sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  2. The symptoms associated with a disease process are not observable by others. They are felt or experienced by persons who are ill. For example, a sore throat, stomach cramps, chills, and headaches are all symptoms.
  3. The signs and symptoms associated with diseases are not caused by illnesses. They are produced by the body’s immune system in response to a particular infection. Signs and symptoms are physiological expressions observed or experienced in healthy people engaged in a fight with bacterial or viral microbes.

If your body is compromised or run down and you become infected by bacteria or viral microbes, the body’s immune system will immediately begin a plan of attack to disable the foreign invaders.

In many instances, the body’s intelligence will produce a fever that makes it difficult for the virus to replicate and spread. Fever can also kill bacteria that might be challenging a person’s health.

Headaches and sore throats often occur when the body is busy fighting a battle against an infection. Inflammatory reactions in the throat can cause people discomfort but are instrumental in combatting and destroying microbes. And sometimes, the unpleasant symptoms will force people to slow down and not be active, allowing the body to rest and repair.

Sneezing, coughing, vomiting, and diarrhea are also physiological expressions that help eliminate microbes from the body. Rashes that erupt on the skin’s surface are how the body expels certain viruses. This is why we often see rashes form in some childhood diseases. The human immune system creates a rash to eject the virus from the body through the skin.

In certain illnesses, the immune system produces thick amounts of copious mucus to sequester infected areas so infection cannot spread to more vital areas of the body.

If we become infected by bacteria or viruses, we should be thankful for the signs and symptoms that show up because they provide us evidence that our bodies are healthy and working to destroy the infecting agents.

Additionally, it needs to be drilled into people’s heads that bacteria and viruses are always present inside and around our bodies. We do not become infected by bacterial and viral pathogens because we happen to run into one of these invisible terrorists that snuck into our homes through an open window. We become infected by pathogens around us when our natural immunity becomes less than what it should be. There are various reasons this can happen. A lack of sleep, emotional stress, not being around others, poor nutrition, a lack of exercise, the taking of prescription drugs and vaccines are some of the common things that can diminish human immunity.


Because we have been mostly educated about health and wellness by a large consortium of pharmaceutical companies that own the patents to a variety of products that suppress the efforts of human immunity, we are routinely instructed to take prescription drugs that will prevent or delay our return to a proper state of health. This is an unfortunate reality that healthcare consumers must deal with when utilizing the services of medical professionals.

The local and national mainstream media are routinely used to influence and control the way people in modern society think about many things, including healthcare and the practice of traditional medicine. Traditional allopathic medicine is regularly described by the media as a panacea for all illnesses. Alternative healthcare disciplines and less invasive natural remedies, on the other hand, are regularly painted by the media as controversial and nonscientific.

Every day, there is a time slot on virtually any news broadcast dedicated to discussing the next miracle drug or breakthrough to manage cancer or some other plague overtaking humanity.

The various presentations that showcase the medical profession, through media products and associated props, as ultra scientific are very clever. The customary white lab coat is usually worn by doctors and researchers being interviewed on television. The image of a white lab coat has been painstakingly etched inside our minds. It yells out to all of us and says, “The individual wearing the white garment is honest, and he or she is a scientist!”

Over a considerable number of years, the medical wardrobe and its associated props have been carefully carved into the American public’s psyche to garner society’s unwarranted respect for the medical establishment. Television news programs, sitcoms, movies, magazine articles, and other media products have slowly unleashed an amazing brainwashing campaign on an unsuspecting audience.

In the case of COVID-19, we are dealing with a fake disease — a world plandemic that was written and directed by a world governing construct to scare the world into medical submission. The end-goal being to sucker people into taking a vaccine that will depopulate the planet and reprogram human survivors’ DNA so that it becomes inadequate in its innate ability to naturally manage infectious agents that it routinely encounters.

The few who control the many would have never been able to run a medical psyop so effectively on a global population without years of medical brainwashing that was carried out using the mainstream media channels of communication.


Since our very first days here, we’ve all been taught a carefully scripted presentation about what’s real and what’s not. Our collective perception of reality is very far removed from what’s actually happening on this planet. This is also true concerning our understanding of the practice of medicine. Our ongoing struggle to remain healthy in an environment offering a continual stream of health disinformation makes this goal a daunting task.

The keys to a human’s healthy existence can only be realized when individuals are permitted regular access to the truth about the world they live in and can dismiss the false perceptions about their reality they have acquired over a lifetime of watching mainstream media productions.



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Written by — MJ Palo and John Reizer

Cinematographer — Andrew Arguello

Editor — Andrew Arguello

Casting by — Justine Reyes

Production Assistant — Jennifer Bunn

Key Grip — Chris Casaceli

Gaffer — Max Georgeson

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2 thoughts on “The Sad Truth About Infectious Disease Management (It Doesn’t Make Sense!)

  1. tim January 19, 2021 / 10:49 am

    Yap, yap. You have an awesome way of making the technical sound simple Doctor. Thank you for that. You should wright some of those, yellow books, you know, the ones for dummies like me. 🙂

    The Yellow book on Fake Viruses / Plandemics, for the Dummy ”
    Then you could do one one for every subject, ” Masks for Dummies.” “Social Distancing for Dummies,” etc, etc. hehe

    Anyway, your right sir, there is a:
    Fake medical industrial complex.
    Fake MSM.
    Fake medical colleges.
    Fake doctors, white coats.
    Fake hollowood actors.
    Fake politicians.
    Fake pseudo science,
    Fake gates, fauci, etc.
    Fake virus.
    Fake disease.
    Fake plandemics.
    Fake matrix.

    Before I was a Corpsman in the Navy, I was into holistic / homeopathic health and healing.
    And I’ve been on the inside, working for a medical corporation, and have seen the money making machine called the medical industrial complex.

    I’ve seen doctors, who forge a patients records so they can “treat” a patient with the “cancer / chemotherapy” protocols on a patient who DOES NOT HAVE CANCER, for the kickback (money) from big pharma for every patient they treat for cancer, whether they actually have cancer or not !!!

    How many stories have you heard about the drugs that turn out to kill, paralize, or destroy the human body, AND THEY STILL produce, manufacture, advertise, and distrubute such said drug ? Then only after 100’s of 1000’s of people are murdered or mentally and physiologically destroyed will they stop giving the public they poison, and then, NO repercusions or judgements handed down to big pharma for murdering millions. They just pay the FINES, and walk away.

    I’ve seen what a patient is put through by their “treatment” protocols for their 1000’s of diseases (most of which were caused by their “treatments” ,) and how it destroys their immune, endocrine, nervous, digestive, urinary, and other biological systems slowly over the years from the “medications,” surgeries, ect.

    And as you know, they start them young, wanting to cut out the tonsils as soon as they become swollen. Better cut it out before it kills you (tongue in cheek.)

    This is why I stopped working for the medical complex. Do no harm. What a joke. And I was part of that. Knowing I was part of a system that was destroying and murdering so many innocent lives ? Couldn’t do it any more. And I’ve been healing naturally ever since.

    Now, the 1% are salivating at the mouth. They can barely contain their glee and happiness. They know that with this wave of the fake vaccines, they are going to cause and unknown amount of misery, pain, and death. This is the essence they feed on.

    Their plan worked. They are now depopulating the world and making quadrillions (that’s a 1 with 15 zeros.) in the mean time, from these latest vaccines.

    And then add that to the other 16 vaccines they will force onto the people over the years, plus the over 200 vaccines they have in the pike ready to hit the market ?

    Your talking about so much money, it’s hard to fathom. That’s really what it’s all about. Redistribute the money so there are only rich, or poor, no middle class.

    That is the 1%’s game plan. They have been working on it for hundreds of years. (Dollar bill, latin) They want to sit up in their white castles in the sky, while a few of their minions down on the earth produce what the 1% need and want (Georgia Guide Stones)

    World conqueror, world domination, capital powers, control, that’s all they want. Not asking much, right ?

    As the good Doctor has said, we have been a big part of viruses, bactreias, cancers, and the whole lot, our whole lives and our body naturaly knows how to combat such microbes. Unfortunately, the medical complex makes these symptoms the “culprit” of a disease, and “treat” the symptoms as if they are bad, with their “medicine.” In “their” fake attempt to make a person healthy and strong, but instead, they are slowly killing the human body with their inferior, toxic, prevention treatment protocols.

  2. Lisa January 19, 2021 / 12:21 pm

    Brilliant, scientific medical information here, John. You explain it all in a manner that is understandable
    If the world would only open their eyes to know they have been lied to for generations about their health care.
    I also liked the video interview with Ramola and Dr. Carrie in the prior post. A couple of very intelligent women.
    It was interesting that they kept getting frozen trying to do the interview. Ramola mentioned hackers.
    Dr. Carrie mentions cell phones in connection with the nanotechnology down the road. We are all so addicted to our cell phones.
    There are days when I think mine might have a mind of its own. Some days it goes off continuously, when there is no messages and not even junk mail. I ignore it on those days. I check things later.
    Dr. Carrie really knows her business regarding vaccines past and present.
    If only there had been more information on the dangers of vaccines when I had my children. I was trusting of the white coat. All I could see was that these doctors seemed caring and wanted the best for you. I do not blame myself for my son’s autism (vaccine poisoning), but it does make me sad when I think I might have been able to prevent what has happened to him.
    The school systems all demand that you show a record of vaccinations too. Lots of pressure and no knowledge at that time.
    It was not understood then that there was evil teaching these doctors how to slowly destroy us. Unfortunately, the great majority of people today still cannot bring themselves to believe such an evil exits.
    The entire world is getting worse by the minute. They had better wake up real soon!


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