The Return of the Creature at Jekyll Island (The Sequel)

By Dr. John Reizer

November 2019
Jekyll Island, Georgia

A long Mahogany conference desk was centered in the middle of a secured executive board room in an undisclosed, secret location on Jekyll Island, Georgia. Seated around the desk in brown leatherback chairs were the world’s most prominent and important CEOs from healthcare and pharmaceutical corporations.

Much like a powerful group of men had forever changed the US financial system in November 1910 at the same location, the men in attendance on this late fall evening were about to forever change the way the world embraced infectious diseases.

The chairman of the secret council, an older man with striking white hair and a strong jaw, held a stack of papers in his hands and faced the others who were all immaculately dressed in expensive Italian suits.

The chairman dropped the paperwork he’d been holding on the desktop and cleared his throat. “Gentleman, we have the blueprint for operation ‘ACHOO,’ and we are ready to proceed with our plan in December of this year.”

There were a few rumbles of muffled conversation briefly heard across the room before the chairman continued. “We’re going with a novel coronavirus. It will debut in Wuhan, China.”

“Why China and why a coronavirus?” a voice called out.

The chairman smiled and said, “Because America thinks everything is made there.

“Based on the lab samples we have collected worldwide, a coronavirus will test positive in about 30 percent of the population. It will allow us the false-positive results needed to support a world pandemic.”

“Do you think that we can sustain this thing with such a weak virus?” asked one of the CEOs of a major drug manufacturer.

The chairman smiled before offering his reply. “The sheeple will believe anything we broadcast on television. After they have been sitting at home for months without watching sports or other forms of entertainment, they’re going to be begging for a cure.”

“How long do we need to disrupt everything to achieve our goals?” asked another CEO.

The chairman straightened in his chair and said, “For as long as it takes. We are about to change an entire paradigm. We are about to create a ‘new normal,’ one where we will decide who gets what pharmaceutical products, and how often.”

The CEOs in attendance were all smiling and feeling confident at this point.

One attendee seated at the opposite end of the desk from the chairman asked a question. “Don’t you think a few people will figure out our plan and alert the rest of the public?”

The chairman of the group reached in his suit pocket and pulled out a face mask. He strapped it over his face and stared at the others, looking back at him. “They won’t be able to speak out about anything because the entire world will be wearing these face diapers.”

The council members were all laughing heartily.

The chairman stopped laughing and sported a more serious look on his face. He held the face mask in one hand and a syringe in another. He said, “If they are stupid enough to wear the masks, they’re going to be just as stupid and accept the vaccines.” The chairman was grinning widely.

A short time later, the room erupted in loud laughter.

12 thoughts on “The Return of the Creature at Jekyll Island (The Sequel)

  1. Kenneth T. July 15, 2020 / 9:51 pm

    It saddens me to believe that many sh(p)eople will accept this “reality”
    … many – but… NOT all

    • NoFakeNews July 16, 2020 / 4:51 am

      I think there are some people who are aware of the fact that this thing is a hoax. But we need others to snap out of the hypnotic trance they are in if we are going to be able to stop the controlling powers from accomplishing their goals.

  2. Hillary July 16, 2020 / 4:16 am

    If it weren’t so tragic it would be a scream…
    The one mistake they made though was choosing a “harmful virus” NOT!
    They assumed that everyone believed in the germ theory of disease, but weren’t they so wrong?

    • NoFakeNews July 16, 2020 / 5:03 am

      Yes, Hillary, you are correct. The germ theory as they teach it is not accurate. Our immune systems determine whether or not we get infected and not the microbes lurking around the environment. I don’t believe that Covid -19 is even a real virus. I believe that it was made up in a studio and only exists on paper as a result of fake statistics garnered from false-positive tests. The test kits are sensitive to other coronaviruses that compromised people throughout the years have contended with worldwide.

      False-positive test results have made it possible for the powers that be to create this paper tiger and the incredible amount of hype that has the world living in a new paradigm.

  3. tim July 16, 2020 / 9:48 am

    So far I’ve had a mixed bag. From the ones who hate you because you’re not wearing a mask to others who like myself, refuse to wear a mask. The latter seems to be to few and far between. To many cowing to the psychopaths mandates.

    There must be something going on in my neighborhood, a famous skateboard guy lives across the street, and a bunch of people with skateboards are going to his house. They, unfortunately, are all wearing masks.

    I feel like yelling out and telling them to take their masks off, in the name of liberty and freedom rather than safety, but I know it would probably get contentious, and I don’t do contention. If you want to have an intelligent conversation , that’s one thing, but TELLING people not to wear masks, would make me be no better than the powers to be.

    Most are at least a little aware that something is wrong. They see POTUS talking about the many false positives, and the fake, jacked up numbers of deaths, etc.

    They know they are not sick, and no matter how much of a hard ass they can be about wearing the mask, they hate them and want to rip them off their face. They hate being told what to do .

    And some of them even have enough brains to read what it says on the side of the boxes their masks comes in; where the FDA makes sure businesses tell the customer that this mask is not able to guarantee them from contacting the virus; and think for one second, why in the hell am I wearing this damn thing ?

    “…this product CANNOT prevent user from contracting the Covid-19 Virus …and is not 100% guaranteed to prevent you from contracting or spreading the … blau, blau, blau”

    ( Into the mind of a 1 % , into the abyss, I go ;
    “…after all, there is NO CURE for any of our “intellectual properties / diseases”, so don’t even think about producing a product that even suggests they can prevent the spread of our intellectual properties !!! Don’t even think about it or our buddies , the FDA will send a swat team in to destroy you, and take away everything you own, because you said there is a cure for one of our intellectual properties and that is against the law, and we love to enforce that law, and destroy anyone who gets in our way. See, intellectual properties are our little piggy banks. And these piggy banks give us a lot of revenue. Revenue we can use to control and program all the little shepple into doing what we want them to do . That’s why there are so many of them who can’t wait to get in line for their vaccine shots, hehe !!! They actually can’t wait to be injected by something that will cause them to suffer from at least one disease if not more, or even better, it will kill them. There will be hundreds of thousands if not millions who will die from the vaccines. And the greatest part of it is that they are actually killing themselves by volunteering to take the shots, (it only takes 2 vaccine shots to seal the deal and destroy the human body) and don’t even know it, the stupid little sheeple. (ROFL) It gets me so excited every time I think about it. All those dead little sheeple no longer breathing my air, and eating my food, and taking up space on my earth … oh sorry, I digress, back to your regular programing sheeple. ” )

    Hehe, thought I’d try to joke about it, so I don’t cry. I’m hoping the universal consciousness of the earthlings will rise high enough for us to survive.

    I know the powers that are, think if they can convince / mandate the people into putting something over their mouths to shut them up, to stay 6 feet apart from each other, and so on then they can convince the sheeple to be injected and raped by their toxic needles, also !!! And then it’s game over.

    Then they will report 100,000’s of deaths and blame a virus or whatever instead of the real culprit, the vaccine’s !!! And, shampoo, rinse, repeat.

    • NoFakeNews July 16, 2020 / 9:39 pm

      What we are witnessing is pure mind control. Citizens are policing other citizens and keeping them in proper alignment with the draconian policies and guidelines being laid down by the controlling powers.

  4. tim July 16, 2020 / 9:55 am

    Perhaps a tiny light at the end of the tunnel ?

    Georgia Governor Bans Face Mask Mandates

    The order read: “Any state, county, or municipal law, order, ordinance, rule, or regulation that requires persons to wear face coverings, masks, face shields, or any other Personal Protective Equipment while in places of public accommodation or on public property are suspended”

    Although numerous US states, as well as several countries worldwide, have adopted mandatory mask policies, the science supporting such extreme action is far from settled. The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged that “the widespread use of masks everywhere is not supported by high-quality scientific evidence, and there are potential benefits and harms to consider.”

    • NoFakeNews July 16, 2020 / 9:37 pm

      Now that’s a step in the right direction! 🙂

  5. tim July 16, 2020 / 5:49 pm

    New series, Atlantis. 7 humans must die every year, so that 20,000 can live. The 7 are sacrificed to a god / gods ? so the god won’t be angry with the city of Atlantis, and kill them all.

    Continuing to plant the seed that it’s ok for 1 innocent to die to save thousands.

    What if they make it mandated anyone who cannot wear a mask must die ?
    Think that’s to crazy ?

    It started with them telling a woman what she can do with her body.

    Then they made it law that you have to wear a motorcycle helmet. For your “safety.”

    Then they made a 1000 other laws telling you what to do with … everything.
    Slowly programing you and getting you used to doing what they tell you to do.

    Then, the time was right. Boom !

    Mandated social distancing, masks, grouping, small businesses attacked as “non essential.”
    (liquor stores are essential, but Church is not ! Sound right to you ? )

    And the million dollar question, what’s next ?

    We are already seeing it. They want to make Face Shields mandated.
    Yep. That’s next.

    Not only do they want you to wear a mask, but also, a face shield.
    This thing raps around your head with a big plastic shield “in your face.” Talk about claustrophobic.

    Then , what’s next ? Oh , I know. Lets made it a law that no one can wear “shorts” in public.
    For public safety, just in case “the virus” can get into the skin, the citizens must cover their whole body when in public, for the safety of the general public.

    And then what ? Will they try to tell us when we can or cannot go outside ? When you can or cannot drive your car to the store ? They are chipping away at our liberties and freedoms and no one seems to care and have never even heard of Ben Franklin or what he said about safety, liberty, and freedom !!! When I express that concept to them, it’s just goes right over their heads. They can’t comprehend the concept between freedom and safety.

    So, I wonder why they keep putting that message into so many shows and movies ? One innocent must die so many can live ? Sounds like something that will happen in the future, but it won’t be a movie.

    • NoFakeNews July 16, 2020 / 9:36 pm

      They have these hidden and subliminal messages always running through network and entertainment media products. It gets a bit sickening after a while.

  6. tim July 18, 2020 / 2:01 pm

    Hey when confronted by the ones who hate ones who won’t wear a mask, anti-mask haters ? remind them that they cannot control what others think, say, do, or feel. They can only control what they think, say, do , or feel. As Wayne Dyer said, we must first learn to cutivate our own garden, before we try to cultivate someone elses garden.

    • NoFakeNews July 18, 2020 / 2:07 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Tim. 🙂

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