Certain Death For You – A Satirical Article

By Dr. John Reizer

You’re home watching television, and every fifteen minutes, the network programming is interrupted by a drug advertisement. The products vary greatly, but they all share one commonality that cannot be overlooked. They’re all potentially dangerous to human physiology and can make you sick and even die.

According to any given ad spot, CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU was approved by the FDA and has undergone years of rigorous medical research. And this is what the scientific geniuses that are paid by the medical-industrial complex and performing the analysis on CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU discovered:

CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU can cause the human immune system not to work correctly predisposing persons taking the drug to a large number of serious diseases; it can cause various forms of cancers; it can halt the body’s natural abilities to defend itself against cancerous tumors; it can cause serious, irreparable complications in the body; it can cause coma; it can cause death.

After the long list of adverse reactions is painfully read, the narrator goes on to suggest that the viewing audience should ask their medical physicians if CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU might be beneficial for their specific health condition. Keep in mind that the entire commercial’s narrative content is being performed by an actor with a pleasant-sounding voice. Children are playing in the background, and a middle-aged woman is jumping rope.

Who the hell writes this garbage? And more importantly, why does the FDA routinely approve synthetically made poisons for healthcare consumers that are thousands of times worse than the diseases they’re supposedly managing?  And why are the products being directly marketed to healthcare consumers through television ads?

Why hasn’t the American public demanded that the FDA be held accountable for approving poisonous products in the first place? Obviously, something is terribly wrong with the governing system that’s in place. The FDA seems to have lost its ability to be objective when examining and evaluating research associated with products like CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU.

Perhaps someone needs to evaluate the FDA. They’ve been approving drugs like CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU for a long time and still regularly approve similar products for public use despite the horrific problems they can cause for human beings. Doesn’t the FDA realize that by approving CERTAIN DEATH FOR YOU, and similar toxic medicines, they are sentencing millions of innocent healthcare consumers to — certain death?

Americans need to wake up and hold their government accountable. We cannot afford to sit back and take an apathetic stance on such an important topic. It’s time to become proactive and get involved. This is especially true considering the fact there’s a proposed vaccine for the coronavirus that’s being developed and rushed to market. Are people seriously going to risk their lives by taking this untested drug?

Don’t let drug companies get away with killing innocent people through the poisons they manufacture, which are broadly marketed and disingenuously presented to look like beneficial solutions to health problems. And finally, don’t let the FDA, that’s supposed to be protecting our citizens, get away with fast-tracking toxic drugs and vaccines into the healthcare market. And don’t let the FDA allow the manufacturers of said products to have liability immunity. Zero accountability for drug-makers equates to even more unsafe products being produced and inserted into the marketplace.

It’s because the FDA allows this type of activity to take place that it continues. American citizens need to stand up and be counted. We need to become committed to the cause of making the FDA operate with integrity and fulfill its mission to protect all citizens against dangerous foods and drugs, as was initially intended by the United States Government!

How We Get The Government’s Attention:

We are going to have to organize nationwide with large numbers of people who are willing to take part in public demonstrations. But first, people must overcome their fear of germs. We have to demand from our government that they reopen the country.  Letters to representatives will not get the job done!

4 thoughts on “Certain Death For You – A Satirical Article

  1. Wanda April 9, 2020 / 4:45 pm

    I love your article “Certain Death for You” and everything you write about it makes me smile all the while thinking of all the TV commercials currently promoting Certain Death for You. But one thing I would like to call out: you say we should hold the government accountable and don’t give a way to do that. Listen, I call my representatives and senators and email them and even write them. I sign petitions as well. All I ever get is my rep is not in the office they have no clue what his stance is on ANY given subject or how he will vote on anything. The form letter replies have Nothing to do with what I wrote to them about and those replies usually come either less than 5 minutes later or months later. So please for the love of God tell me what else I need to do to be listened to. I am all ears. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

    • NoFakeNews April 9, 2020 / 5:00 pm

      You are right, Wanda. We are probably wasting time writing to government officials. I have little faith in that process these days. I too have been trying that method for years without any success.
      We are getting dangerously close to having to get their attention by other methods. Maybe marches and public demonstrations need to be organized in DC. That is if people can first overcome their fear of the fake virus that has everyone hiding in their homes.
      I am also open to suggestions from readers. I am frustrated just like everybody else. Writing posts is a therapy that maintains my sanity through this mess.

    • tiredofit April 9, 2020 / 9:52 pm

      Same here and its been that way even before the Covid 19 fraud opened up.

  2. tiredofit April 9, 2020 / 9:47 pm

    Follow the money trail from the start and all along the way watch the names that pop up along the way, lots of profits in drugs legal or otherwise huh Mr. Gates?

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