Google Lunar X Prize Deadline Passes Without Trip to the Moon

By Gina Flores


We promised our readers last February 8, 2017 that we would write a followup post in January, 2018 about an original article we published concerning the Google Lunar X Prize. We predicted last year that the December 31, 2017 deadline would pass without any privately organized space missions to the moon getting off the ground. Unless we have missed this huge news story, we believe our prediction was correct.

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I believe that we will continue to hear about both government and privately planned missions to the moon and Mars in the years to come and that these dates will continue to be pushed back and the missions will never be completed. The excuses given will undoubtedly be about funding but ultimately there will not be any manned missions taking place beyond low earth orbits (LEOs). The technology is not available for this to occur and unlike the 60’s and 70’s with Apollo, you can’t fake the space missions today. People are too computer savvy and could figure out the trickery. That’s ultimately why the manned missions beyond LEOs were stopped after the Apollo hoax.

It is often easier to fool large segments of the population about a given subject than it is to convince the same group that they have been fooled. This is true with regards to the space program, false flag terror attacks, the war on terror, the war on Cancer, and many other subjects that are disingenuously circulated as the truth by the powers that be.

If in fact my hypothesis is accurate, and I believe it is, nobody’s getting to the moon or Mars anytime soon – if ever.

2 thoughts on “Google Lunar X Prize Deadline Passes Without Trip to the Moon

  1. Trent January 9, 2018 / 8:00 am

    I don’t understand how people can believe that the United States went to the moon with Apollo almost 50 years ago. If we had actually achieved such an amazing accomplishment, we would’ve been traveling to the moon on regular missions ever since the first successful landing. People are awfully gullible and are clueless about having been hoodwinked about space travel capabilities in general.

  2. Gina Flores January 9, 2018 / 5:15 pm

    The more years that pass without any manned missions that venture beyond LEOs (Low Earth Orbits), the more obvious the Apollo hoax becomes to anyone paying attention.

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