Universal Frequency Codes and Interdimensional Physics


Michael Morris

In previous posts on this particular forum I have described in great detail how Universal Frequency Codes are constantly broadcast by Vast Intelligence. I have also described how DNA is able to convert said frequencies into solidness through a process I refer to as solidification.

It is important for serious students reading these materials to fully comprehend the following facts that pertain to Earth and the reality construct that exists here:

  1. Life on Earth is a holographic experience derived from a frequency generated blueprint.
  2. A human being’s perception of reality is far removed from total reality.
  3. Time does not exist outside the parameters of the holographic experience being realized by sentient beings.
  4. Everything and anything appearing to be solid is actually a frequency signature.
  5. When solid subatomic particles revert back to Universal Frequency Codes, time cannot exist. In the absence of solid particles, physicality is nonexistent and there are no physical objects in existence capable of passing through space which requires the passage of time.
  6. When Universal Frequency Codes are transformed through solidification into solid subatomic particles, time exists because solid particles can pass through space which require the passage of time.

When a piece of steel is heated inside a furnace at the appropriate temperature, the subatomic particles within the metal, that have been intelligently arranged by Vast Intelligence in the form of Universal Frequency Codes, are affected to the point that the metal will melt into a liquid. This is common, scientific knowledge that demonstrates how light frequencies (heat) can alter the solidity of our perceived reality within the construct of the earth game.


DNA – Antenna/Frequency Converter

When Universal Frequency Codes encounter human/animal/plant DNA, the DNA’s basic structure will solidify said frequencies into subatomic particles. Depending on the code’s particular arrangement, a holographic or solid appearing reality is created for humans and other sentient beings interacting within the parameters of the earth game. A specific light/frequency introduced to the DNA template can modify its structure and affect/limit a human being’s ability to perceive one holographic expression of reality from another.

This is how and why it is possible for different dimensional constructs to exist simultaneously. Other dimensional parameters of existence containing expressive life forms are quite abundant, however humans can only perceive a limited number of Universal Frequency Codes because the tuning mechanism they are bound to (DNA) has been strategically designed to filter out other dimensional platforms.

More to follow later…

7 thoughts on “Universal Frequency Codes and Interdimensional Physics”

  1. Hello Dr. John Reizer,

    I’ve read some of your texts under the name of Michael Morris and I have found them truly fascinating.

    Since the subjects you deal with, like the universe, mankind and reallity, are those in which I have great interest, I would like to ask you if what you write is based on credible information you somehow got, or purely in your imagination (very fertile it had to be).

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for reading the posts by Michael Morris. Back in 2003 I began writing the first Michael Morris novel. The book was written as a science fiction project, but most of the content is based on what I believe to be truthful information.

      The information about frequencies and DNA solidifying those codes into subatomic particles came out of my mind. I have studied biochemistry and genetics during my healthcare education. I have always believed the DNA structure was an antenna.

      I believe I have always had some help with writing and developing these ideas. The name that came to my mind was Michael Morris.

      Best wishes,

      John Reizer

      1. Hi Dr. John,

        Thank you for your reply.

        What about these new Michael Morris posts you have been putting here in the website? Do you still feel you’re being helped getting those ideas on how our universe works?

        It’s strange, some years ago I had an experience where I could feel that I was trapped in a loop time and had some similar episodes after that. Pretty scary I must say. And despite always being a big interested in these subjects, that experiences really marked me. I thinks there is some much more that what is told us on the day life. To read some ideas like yours, about mankind being trapped in a loop time, it’s stunning I must say.

        The ideas that you share here, personally they aggregate so many points of view that I previously believed to be true, despite going against the mainstream thoughts. One of those examples is the fact that this world could be an experience, something that I tend to base my life on, since a long time ago. I like to think that’s the case but who really knows?

        Just wanted to tell you I’m ordering your books. I read the first pages of your first Michael Morris book, in some website, and it honestly feels a masterpiece (I’m excited!).

        Hope to talk about them in the future.



      2. Hi Daniel,

        Thanks for taking the time to contact me and for taking an interest in this particular subject. With regards to your question about whether I believe I am still receiveing help getting the newer materials, the answer is yes.

        Most of the information I know about has been with me for most of my life. The collaborative relationship I have with the character, Michael Morris in my opinion is quite real. Please understand that I am not in a trance when the articles are written. I am quite cognizant of what I’m producing, but I believe I am having some guidance concerning many of the subjects you are asking me about.

        Best wishes,


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