Trump Scores Major Victory in 3rd Presidential Debate

Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

Las Vegas, Nevada – Last night Americans watched with great interest the final presidential debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump. The contest turned out to be the venue that everybody had hoped for. Both Republican and Democratic party members claimed their candidate was victorious after the 90 minute event.

Trying to be as objective as possible, I believe Donald Trump got the performance he really needed and won the contest. Hillary Clinton appeared frazzled at times and seemed to be under constant distress when trying to defend accusations stemming from the Wiki Leaks materials. Clinton also appeared confused several times, and offered vague answers as she tried to pivot away from more than a few questions coming from the debate’s moderator concerning her involvement with what many Americans believe are extremely important subjects.

Donald Trump on the other hand remained calm throughout the entire debate and scored points repeatedly when he pressed Clinton on her mishandling of six billion dollars, her involvement with paying protesters to disrupt Trump’s rallies, and her willingness to take millions of dollars from countries that routinely mistreat and kill defenseless women. At one point Trump challenged Clinton to return monies she received from such countries. Clinton just stood there looking dumbfounded. Trump definitely delivered his best performance out of the three debates on this particular evening.

On the major issues facing America Trump was strong, Hillary not so much. Trump spoke intelligently about his detailed plans regarding economic recovery for the country. He showed great vision and his blueprint for success seemed logical and realistic while Clinton’s economic proposal for America seemed to lack vision and appeared to be nothing more than a rehash of President Obama’s ideas that haven’t been successful in over eight years.

On the whole, I believe Trump delivered a major victory for Republicans and performed with presidential-like style the entire evening.

While many of the mainstream news outlets will probably call the contest a draw or in some instances pronounce Hillary the winner, the overwhelming feeling from many people in attendance was that Donald Trump did exactly what he had to do in order to secure a victory on November 8


The USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” poll tracks about 3,000 eligible voters until election day, asking on a regular basis about their support for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or other candidates as well as their likelihood of actually casting a ballot.

The above referenced poll was considered the most accurate poll in the prediction of the 2012 US presidential race.


One thought on “Trump Scores Major Victory in 3rd Presidential Debate

  1. Dr. John Reizer October 20, 2016 / 3:57 pm

    I thought your post yesterday was excellent and that it pointed out the obvious; the vast majority of mainstream news polls seem to be rigged in an effort to show Hillary as the front-runner that Trump cannot possibly catch before the election.

    My own feelings about last night’s debate pretty much mirror the written words you provided today. I thought Trump performed admirably and that he won the debate outright. I believe that Trump is ahead of Clinton and that the election results will show that to be the case on election day.

    As you already know, I believe our mainstream media companies are totally unreliable and controlled by the establishment. That’s why I created this website.

    I had to smile at the conclusion of the debate when the establishment media asked Trump if he would give his blessings to the eventual winner on election day. In other words, they wanted Trump to say that he believed the election was fair and that it was going to reflect the final word of the American voting public. Trump said that he would give them an update on his answer at a later time. In other words he would wait and see if the election, in his opinion, was going to be conducted fairly and that it truly represented what American voters wanted.

    Trump has every right to be concerned about the legitimacy of the election. Look at what has been engineered by the establishment to date.

    Love your writings, Gina. Keep up the great work. You have made my website that much better. 🙂

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