NoFakeNews: Happy 4th Birthday!

By Gina Flores

Editor of NoFakeNews


In February, 2016 NoFakeNews will have been publishing original articles on the Internet for four years. Since its inception, this blog has maintained an altruistic mission of trying to enlighten visitors about the conspiratorial efforts of the mainstream media and its handlers to disseminate disinformation to the masses.

NoFakeNews without question has always been a unique website, but not because of its mission statement. Its uniqueness has very little to do with the fact it attempts to shed the light of day on different machinations that have remained in play for as long as modern man can seem to recall. As noble and selfless as that mission statement might be, it is not what makes NoFakeNews stand apart from other alternative news addresses that have similar agendas. The one thing that makes this blog different from others within the same genre is the fact that NoFakeNews operates without any financial assistance from advertisers and donors.

Let’s be perfectly truthful. You can visit the most popular conspiracy sites on the Internet and they all have one thing in common; they market products and services that are congruent with the interests of its readership. This is not a bad thing. From a business perspective, it is what makes the most sense and also the most dollars. It is how alternative news websites have the ability to survive and prosper so they can ultimately deliver to readers out of the box viewpoints regarding the world’s happenings.

But one has to wonder just a little about the integrity of an article that forecasts the demise of a monetary system when there are advertisements on the same website encouraging readers to purchase precious metals. You will never find anything like that on NoFakeNews. We will never have advertisers here and we will never ask readers for donations.

The one thing that initially attracted me to this blog was the fact that there were no ads on the website. It was my perception from the very first time I visited NoFakeNews that its founder did not seem to be preoccupied with making money from his creation.

After meeting Dr. John Reizer in the summer of 2015, I knew the website’s mission statement was based on a genuine desire to help people learn the truth about what was happening in the world. I immediately became hooked because I knew that I was witnessing something very special.

Having lived in Europe and having an assortment of contacts in many of the European member countries, I convinced Dr. John that I would be a good fit as a writer for NoFakeNews. I explained that I could immediately contribute by helping readers achieve a clearer understanding of what was taking place overseas. The rest is history.

Presently, I am an integral part of the production team at NoFakeNews and enjoying every minute of it.

Lots of people visit NoFakeNews every week. Our readership comes from all over the world and continues to grow annually. I think Dr. Reizer has created something exceptional and it’s nice to know that the survivability of his blog is not dependent on advertisers.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for being loyal and for encouraging others to visit NoFakeNews. We appreciate all of you very much!


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  1. Gina Flores January 28, 2016 / 9:00 am

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    I am having the best time of my life helping others learn about what is happening in the world through

  2. Dr. John Reizer January 28, 2016 / 9:18 am

    It’s hard for me to believe that this website is four years old already. I’m happy you are on board and a big part of our team. Thanks for writing this post and for being our editor.

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