Concussion Movie Shows How “Medical Science” is Bought Off

By Dr. John Reizer

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I had an opportunity to view the movie, “Concussion” recently and have to write that this feature film did not disappoint me in the least. In fact, the production really pointed out to me and any moviegoers paying attention just how much power one giant corporation can really have.

Just like Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, the National Football League was able to conceal from the general public, for many years, important health information. Just like Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, the National Football League was able to pay for “scientific research” that supposedly demonstrated to interested parties that there were no serious long-term health effects resulting from their specific product.

In the case of the NFL, the product they have been delivering to the American public for many years has been professional football. It’s a violent sport that many Americans love. Americans are addicted to violence and aware of the fact that there is inherent risk associated with playing football. The general public realizes football players can break bones, detach ligaments, and in the rarest of situations can become paralyzed. But they didn’t know that football players could develop permanent and life threatening brain damage from repetitive head trauma that is incurred by most players on virtually every play during the course of a game.

It’s the cumulative concussive forces that over time destroy the cellular tissues inside the human brain. Although the damage is not usually visible on diagnostic imaging such as CT or MRI scans, the microscopic inspection of brain tissues extracted from deceased players vividly display the death of brain cells that have occurred from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

The movie, “Concussion” is based on a true story. It exposes how the NFL hid from its players and other employees for a substantial number of years key scientific evidence that proved there was permanent damage being inflicted on its players after each play in a particular game. Only after a gifted doctor from a foreign country, Dr. Bennet Omalu made the connection between head trauma from football and brain disorders in retired football players did the NFL make a public admission that safety guidelines had to be implemented for all of its teams.

The movie depicts how the NFL went to great lengths to discredit Omalu’s work and professional credentials. They threatened his American VISA, his family, his coworkers, and had the help of the US government and various law enforcement agencies in their quest to suppress the truth.

The same thing happened years ago with Big Tobacco. Lie after lie was published in medical journals and fake research was regurgitated by puppet physicians about how safe cigarettes were and that they posed no threat whatsoever to the construct of human physiology. Today we know just how deadly cigarettes really are.

The same thing is happening presently with regards to Big Pharma and the plethora of toxic drugs and vaccines they have unleashed upon humanity. Years ago, Dr. Andrew Wakefield exposed and proved through a scientific study the association between Autism and the MMR vaccine. His research was published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet. It was later retracted and he was ostracized from his profession and stripped of his license to practice medicine.

Whether it’s spilling the beans about concussive forces coming from football players that cause irreparable brain damage to human beings, the dangers associated with smoking cigarettes, the dangers associated with toxic medicines and vaccines, the harm caused from artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water, mercury fillings or many other protected lies that make up the fabric of our falsely perceived reality, remember one thing: Giant corporations and enabling governments suppress the truth.

The truth shall set you free! And that’s why you will never be told the truth.

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  1. Gina Flores December 27, 2015 / 12:21 pm

    As always, your articles are timely, newsworthy and spot on. 🙂

  2. Dr. John Reizer December 27, 2015 / 4:23 pm


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