Rheumatoid Arthritis: It’s Not Going to Stop Me from Living Life

By Melissa Reizer

Writer at NoFakeNews.net


Hello readers! I have to share some very positive news.  Last night I returned home from an International Hair Show in Cancun, Mexico. A few days before my arrival to the event, a HUGE Rheumatoid flare came on.  Ah, what in the world was I going to do?

It’s hard enough to handle a flare from this damn disease in the comfort of my home let alone in a foreign country. Frightened that I would be completely wiped out, I PANICKED! To be honest, for a few moments I thought about canceling everything. But then something powerful came over me. The excitement of the hair show, the beauty of the location, love and encouragement from friends that were coming with me; it all began to give me strength. In that amazing moment I realized things would be okay. Not only were things going to be okay, they were going to be AMAZING!

wpid-fb_img_1443116050294.jpgMelissa Reizer on the Red Carpet

I decided that I would take on what I could, which ironically was everything I wanted to attend in the first place. I stayed hydrated, BREATHED, and rolled with everything. I am so grateful that this happened. Prior to this trip I never would have attended a 5 day (incredibly busy) International Hair Show, in another country, with friends that are healthy and don’t have an auto immune disorder. Looking back a few days, I had really underestimated myself and the friends traveling with me.

Rheumatoid arthritis had forced me, for the longest time, to live very cautiously inside a protective box. So vacations had been few and far between. When we had taken them they had to be really planned out. I started to abandon any thoughts of travel.

I have a bad habit of overthinking certain things and as a result will often talk myself out of participating in events and vacations.  This trip forced me to rally above all that.

I’m so grateful to see the power that is still thriving inside me. The energy and excitement of the hair show was exhilarating. Now I’m busting with creative ideas and renewed passion for my craft. My eyes were pleasantly overloaded with the beauty of the location. I have never seen such blue-green, crystal clear water in my life. And the love and encouragement of my friends filled my heart so much that it has left me speechless (that is a rarity). I’m so happy and wanted to share this with readers.

wpid-imagejpeg_0.jpgThe Best Friends in the World!

Life is imperfect and there will never be that perfect feeling of health for so many of us. But that’s how life is sometimes. And this is acceptable. It’s okay to challenge yourself and to try and make an imperfect situation into a perfect memory. I surprised myself on this trip and it boosted my confidence for the future.

Remember that if you only KNOW fear, you will only have NO possibilities to succeed, but when you rally and challenge yourself, you will have NO fear and only KNOW possibilities for success.

Much love,


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