Croatia Closes Border Crossings with Serbia

By Gina Flores

Editor at

Things are beginning to look pretty bleak in the Balkans. The refugee crisis has Croatian authorities panicking and shutting down its border crossings with Serbia. Europe is in a major mess and there are a lot of people worried in this part of the world that tensions will continue to escalate. This is a crisis that continues to worsen.

European nations are beginning to shut their border crossings in other locations as well. The sentiment over here is that these problems are going to be around for awhile. There seems to be no quick fixes available at this time.

Read more about this situation by clicking here!

3 thoughts on “Croatia Closes Border Crossings with Serbia

  1. Nothing but unemployed, homeless people in this portion of Europe.

    Who cares about the Balkans? No one does. Croatia is the poorest member of the European union.

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