Can Fluoridated Drinking Water Harm the Body?

By Dr. John Reizer

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Tap water, from your local municipality, contains sodium fluoride or the chemical, hexafluorosilicic acid. The rationale for placing a fluoridating agent in public drinking water, according to most public health officials, is to lower the number of dental caries within the general population.

For many years, people have been arguing with local and state governments about whether fluoride, in drinking water, can harm the human body. In one corner, there are fluoride advocates pointing to the benefits of fluoridating water supplies. They claim people enjoy fewer cavities because local water companies add fluoride to their product at treatment facilities. In the other corner, outspoken individuals claim fluoride is a toxic substance that causes irreparable harm to human beings.

At the center of this controversy is an important question that proponents of fluoride refuse to address. Why are people being medicated without first having a proper medical evaluation? There are plenty of angry citizens objecting to the outrageous policy of mass medicating the general population.

According to the National Toxicology Program, Fluoride can cause genetic damage and cancer in humans. There is also strong evidence that Fluoride can have damaging effects to the brain. (Chioca LR, et al. (2007). European Journal of Pharmacology Oct 25; [Epub]

But you don’t have to be a medical researcher to know that fluoride is a serious poison. Just pick up a tube of common tooth paste and read the warning message printed on the back of the product. It reads something like this: “WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidental­ly swallow more than used for brushing, seek profession­al help or contact a poison control center immediatel­y.”

Perhaps the majority of people in the United States have been exposed to fluoride for so long that they have permanent brain damage and are incapable of fighting local, state, and federal governments on this most important health issue.

Please take the time to learn more about this poison and how it is directly affecting you and your loved ones every time you drink a glass of water, take a shower, and eat foods that have been cooked or washed in water.

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  1. S. Hawkins June 15, 2015 / 9:44 pm

    Hi Dr. Reizer,

    I admire your resolve and strong determination to get the truth out there about fluoride in drinking water.

    I am including an interesting piece here from the president of the IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry).

    5 Myths of Water Fluoridation

    March 16, 2015
    By IABDM President Dr. Joan Sefcik
    Adapted from her article in Natural Awakenings Austin, March 2015

    1. Water fluoridation decreases tooth decay.
    False. In a study done by the National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR), no statistically significant difference was found in decayed, missing and filled teeth (DMFT) in fluoridated, partially fluoridated or unfluoridated communities. In addition, data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from 1970-2010 shows that DMFT rates have declined in countries with or without water fluoridation. In the July 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), J.V. Kumar, doctor of dental surgery, states that children’s cavity rates are similar whether water is fluoridated or not.

    2. Fluoride is an essential nutrient.
    False. Fluoride is not found naturally anywhere in the body. There are no recommended daily requirements for fluoride or any disease caused by fluoride deficiency. Since fluoride does not occur naturally in the body, it acts as a toxin when introduced to the human body. The National Toxicology Program (NTP) calls fluoride a mutagen, which causes genetic damage and can contribute to the development of cancer.

    Fluoride’s toxic effects are cumulative, which means the more that is ingested, the greater the damage.

    Overexposure to fluoride can also disrupt the balance of hydroxypatite-carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, calcium and phosphorous of the tooth enamel, causing dental fluorosis, which shows as white or yellow spots, or, in severe cases, brown pitted areas in the teeth.

    3. Water fluoridation benefits disadvantaged communities.
    False. As stated previously, dental cavity rates have not been influenced by water fluoridation, and those who are malnourished can experience greater systemic harm from ingesting fluoride.

    In 2005, the CDC published the results of a survey conducted between 1999 and 2002, that lower income African-American children have significantly higher rates and more severe forms of dental fluorosis than white or Hispanic children. Even with water fluoridation, Hispanic children had increased decay rates compared to white or African-American children.

    Low income communities usually cannot afford to filter their water or purchase bottled water, so they are forced to only consume fluoridated water, thereby exposing their bodies to its harmful effects.

    4. Fluoride is good for you.
    False. Fluoride can actually mutate DNA, damage vital organs in the body, inactivate 62 enzymatic reactions, and cause premature aging and thyroid problems. Fluoride can also calcify the pineal gland, damaging kidneys and brain tissue. It also replaces vital parts of the bone similar to the way it does so in the enamel, causing skeletal fluorosis. This makes bones more brittle and susceptible to fracture. Arthritis and bone cancer are also attributed to fluoride consumption.

    Increases in blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, leading to Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are linked to systemic fluoride.

    Since fluoride is a mutagen and damages DNA, this can result in cancer. The late Dean Burke, Ph.D., biochemist and researcher at the National Cancern Institute, stated, “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.

    5. Fluoride is especially important for children and infants.
    False. In reality, fluoride does the most harm to children and infants. Because of their small size, infants can receive up to 400 percent more fluoride per pound of body weight than adults, damaging developing bodies, organs and brains. In 2006, the National Research Council (NRC) stated, “It is apparent that fluoride has the ability to interfere with the function of the brain.”

    In July 2012, the Harvard Review found a relationship with increased fluoride levels and decreased IQ. Lancet Neurology links fluoride to the increase in neurological problems such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments.

    • Dr. John Reizer June 15, 2015 / 9:52 pm

      Thanks for the comments!

      It’s nice to have some support for the position in my article coming from the dental profession.

      I have used a wonderful biological dentist for years.

      Here’s a great clip from an interview that discusses the dangers of water fluoridation that I found on the IABDM website:

      Thanks again!

  2. Irene June 17, 2015 / 9:55 am

    Hello Dr. Reizer,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am not bothered by people like the doctor that posted the comment on your site. I have been a longtime follower here and I find your articles on many subjects quite fascinating.

    Thanks again for having the energy and desire to fight these bullies and for getting the truth out there to so many people that are blinded by nonsense that is decorated and promoted as science. What a joke. How can any health professional that studies chemistry for so many years believe that putting an industrial waste product like fluoride into public drinking water (in any dosage) will promote healthier teeth in the general population? What a ridiculous concept.

    Looking forward to reading more great posts from you in the future.


    • Dr. John Reizer June 17, 2015 / 10:05 am

      Thank you, Irene!

      Interesting video that I found from Dr. Mercola’s website about Fluoride. I didn’t realize that it is Fluoride Awareness Week, June 14-21 and there are really a lot of communities trying to put an end to water Fluoridation practices throughout the United States.

      Have a nice day!

      Dr. Reizer

  3. Dr. John Reizer June 17, 2015 / 2:53 pm

    Thanks for participating on nofakenews!

    Dr. Reizer

  4. Katie June 17, 2015 / 4:13 pm

    My late grandfather was a dentist and he suffered terribly with depression and Parkinson’s disease.

    My parents told me that his illness was related to the toxic chemicals he handled in his practice.

    Today, I am aware of what those chemicals were.

    I think that fluoride in drinking water is a pretty disturbing practice because nobody has asked me or any other people in the community for our informed consent.

    Fluoride is placed in the water supplies to prevent tooth decay and not to treat water and make it safe for consumption like chlorine.

    By definition, Fluoride is being used as a drug because it is dumped in the water to retard dental caries.

    I don’t care what the results of the research shows. I don’t want to drink and bathe and cook food in fluoridated water. And that is what I am forced to do.

    I love your articles.


    • Dr. John Reizer June 17, 2015 / 4:20 pm

      Thanks for participating on nofakenews, Katie.

  5. Frank T. June 17, 2015 / 4:42 pm

    They purchase the fluoride from Florida and dump it in the public water.

    Fluoride accumulates in the bones and it also damages DNA.

    Think about the number of diseases that can be caused when this crap enters the body.

    Diseases raise the profits for drug companies. Pretty damn simple when you think about the money angle.

    The stupid dentists don’t want to hurt patients. They just read the text books that are written by the drug companies.

    Same thing holds true for reading research. The practitioners are following the published research. I don’t blame doctors even though they are viewed as knowing about the results of the research. They are parrots that repeat what they learned in school.

    Fluoride is killing people silently every day.

    • Dr. John Reizer June 17, 2015 / 4:50 pm

      Thanks for participating, Frank!

  6. Howard June 22, 2015 / 12:36 pm

    Dr. Reizer,
    I’m not going to disagree with you completely. I believe that there might be some benefits associated with fluoride and decreasing dental caries. But I also believe that this is a decision that every person should have the right to decide for themselves.

    When municipalities dump fluoride in their water they’re not doing this to treat their product in order to make the product safe for consumption. Unlike chlorine which is used to make water safe for consumption, fluoride is added to water by municipalities to prevent dental disease in the population. Because fluoride is added to prevent a disease in the population, it’s for all intents and purposes a drug even though it is not considered one by the U.S. government.

    If people want the benefits or supposed benefits of water fluoridation, the government should make it available in bottled water at stores so that consumers can have access if they so choose to do so.

    People should have the right to decide for themselves whether or not they want to consume any drugs.

    I have always thought that the court’s decision to classify water fluoridation not a drug was an improper ruling.

    Thanks for writing a very interesting and important post.

    • Dr. John Reizer June 22, 2015 / 3:22 pm

      You hit the nail right on the head! I agree with you 100 percent. I think what you propose would be satisfying to all parties on both sides of the debate.


      Dr. Reizer

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