The Ebola Virus: A Worldwide Problem Requiring A Worldwide Vaccination Campaign?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

 10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nProblem – Reaction – Solution! One of the oldest tricks in the world that has been used by the powers that be on the general public was the introduction of a major crisis of some sort followed by the mass reaction/panic of the same general public to that crisis which was then followed by the implementation of an already established solution to the original problem that had been patiently waiting in the wings.

Let’s pretend that the powers that be wanted to launch a worldwide vaccination campaign on the general public. How many people do you believe would stand in line, roll up their sleeves, and stick out their arms to receive said medicine? Not too many!

Now let’s pretend that a very nasty hemorrhagic virus that is not well understood by laypersons and medical specialists alike was reported to be…

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