A Question For Michael Morris About The Moon And His Reply

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

Hi Everybody,

I received this email back in the middle of December and  just received the necessary information that allowed me to be able to publish an intelligent reply.

Dr. Reizer


Dear Dr. Reizer,

I’ve been following your blog for the past year and am very interested in the writings by the person using the pen name, Michael Morris.

Can you ask Michael to write about what’s taking place on the moon? I would like to read what he has to write about activities happening there. If it cannot be published on your blog, could you possibly email the information to the address I am providing?


Jeff T.


Dear Jeff,

The following information was written by Michael Morris and authorized for publication on the NoFakeNews website.

Dr. Reizer

By Michael Morris: 1/8/15


-When they first arrived, they had done so through a tear in the fabric of time. The Colony was able to travel great distances through space by creating and utilizing manufactured portals. The portals were temporary gateways to far away places that would otherwise be impossible to access. The technologies used to create these gates were considered integral assets by all species that had a desire to explore other worldly locations. More conventional types of space travel were used sparingly by the Colony to transport personnel back and forth to planets and satellites that were in close proximity to the lunar base complex and its anchor, Earth.

Over a span of seven thousand years, the Colony played an important, albeit secret, role in the foundation of Earth politics. Ever since they’d arrived, the influential ones designated themselves as the real managers of humanity. They were the puppet masters, the enlightened ones behind the curtain, so to speak, that called the shots. They orchestrated the climates necessary for periods of aggression and tranquility. They decided if and when countries declared war and how long peace would rein in-between various conflicts. The Colony directly influenced the humanoid elites they created and assigned to specific provinces, on the blue planet, so that they could manage a society of slaves.

The original members of the Colony arrived on Earth’s moon almost ten thousand years earlier. The lunar surface had been the perfect location to build a huge base that could directly overlook the planet they desired to control. The lunar outpost was paramount to the success of the entire mission. Hidden from human perception, the large satellite offered the Colony’s leaders a strategic celestial body to build and occupy large, subterranean bases that could serve the alien culture’s biological and military needs.

The technological capabilities the Colony possessed, when they first arrived, were beyond the boundaries of most sentient beings’ imaginations. They were, without a doubt, one of the more technologically advanced space, traveling cultures in existence. Long before they began the human seeding project, the Colony had worked out important strategies on how to manipulate the DNA codes of already existing species that were present on Earth. They could control and quickly modify the health or lack thereof concerning any biological systems on the entire planet.

 The Colony’s best scientists, over time, cultivated human prototypes right on the lunar satellite. Utilizing genetic samples they ruthlessly obtained from already existing species on nearby worlds, the extraterrestrials regularly played God and, through the process of trial and error, created a worker race of servants that could carry out the various projects they planned.

Bloodlines and genetics were of extreme importance to the Colony’s Council of Elites. The Council represented the highest echelon of extraterrestrial society. Their processes and methodologies for controlling an entire planet were quite ingenious, but always the same. Once they honed in on a targeted world that contained desirable resources and a moldable population, they would settle down on a nearby satellite or drive one into position from another location in the universe. In the case of the blue planet, they captured the lunar body and transported into its current location thousands of years earlier. The Colony’s brain trust found the moon much to their liking and proceeded to construct many multilayered, subterranean bases that are currently in use.



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