To Whom It May Concern: I’m Not Going Anywhere!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this post in response to the person/persons/agency/agencies that sent the recent private message to this website and its authors:

I am not afraid of you!

I will never yield to intimidation, threats, or similar tactics that attempt to suppress the truth. My writings and any other authors that have contributed posts on this website were published because they, in my opinion, supported the cause of clarifying the truth for people that were looking for a much clearer understanding of what was happening in the world.

Since February, 2012 I, and a few other individuals, have attempted to bring interesting and informative content to readers visiting this forum. Most of the content published here has been controversial, in nature, because it has dealt with evidence and information that pointed to a much different reality construct than is often perceived by the vast majority of people breathing on this planet. In 2015 I and other authors will continue to write and publish informative content on this website.

As for the content that was written within the body of your recent message, I understand your concern. The reporting of truthful information is obviously harmful to your agenda. Thank you for communicating with me. I read your letter and understand it very clearly. Now take the time to read my response to you:

  1. There exists a group of elitists that manage the world’s business.
  2. They are directly influenced by sentient beings that are not from this world.
  3. The vast majority of people living on earth are being mind controlled through chemical, electrical, psychological, as well as other techniques.
  4. What most people think they know about the world is completely different than what is happening in the world.
  5. We are livestock for our Controllers.
  6. We are dinner!
  7. This website will continue to publish truthful articles for as long as it is humanly possible to do so! I am not going anywhere!


Dr. John Reizer

188 Blalock Road

Boiling Springs, SC 29316


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