Why You Are Here!

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for NoFakeNews.net

michaelmorrispicMany entities have lobbied for permission to incarnate on your Earth because they need to work on certain experience skills and cannot accomplish these necessary requirements in other third density platforms. Unfortunately, not every entity gets a ticket into the Earth show. For the most part, if you are in the Earth school program (in other words you have been born as a human being on Earth) you have the first shot at coming back in another lifetime over outsiders trying to take your spot. It’s almost like going to a night club and the fire department has a limit on the number of people that can enter the building due to safety reasons. Once the maximum occupancy is reached, other patrons who want to enter the bar must wait until members of the crowd already inside exit the building. Only then can the new people on the outside get permission to enter the club.
As an entity you are immortal and there is no such thing as death. Death is an artificial illusion that exists only within the parameters of third dimensional physicality. The Earth challenge is to try and accomplish a set of predetermined goals while experiencing a number of different scenarios within a single incarnation. Little obstacles along the way such as greed and envy are often provided to throw you slightly off course. Every single entity, before agreeing to an incarnation on the Earth stage, must calculate a specific birth date as well as locate an acceptable body that can provide a reasonable chance to be successful in accomplishing the predetermined goals during a given incarnation. In addition, the entity must choose its time and style of death well in advance. Once the incarnation plan has been formulated it must be submitted to Vast Intelligence for approval. If approved, the entity is granted permission to incarnate in third density as long as the astrological configuration or birth date chosen is aligned properly within the third density system present on Earth. In most situations the Higher Realm of existence will submit a large number of incarnations for approval by Vast Intelligence and will then run either all or a majority of the incarnations simultaneously in order to get the maximum learning experience out of the third dimensional vibratory state.
Once an entity has actually been reincarnated as a being in a third dimensional platform, it retains virtually all of its memories of its higher realm, past lifetimes, and simultaneous incarnations. If, however, an entity has chosen to live its life as a human being on Earth then all access to such memories is blocked. The alien rulers of Earth currently have in place a strong fabric of amnesia that prevents any human life form from remembering its higher realm of existence or its ability to live many lifetimes. This factor is what makes the Earth game so challenging but also so valuable to the players involved.
When you are born on Earth it is quite a chore just to figure out how to adapt to your new surroundings. The first several months of life can be terribly frustrating. Many of the neurological connections in a human baby do not fully develop until six or seven months after birth. Because of this situation the new being will spend many hours in a partial sleep state so that the body can have the time that it requires to complete its neurological circuits.
As the human life form matures, the being gradually becomes more and more accustomed to third density existence. Very slowly the memories of a spiritual existence filled with unlimited possibilities are replaced with the reality of confinement that is naturally presented by the limited human body.
As a person on Earth you will inhabit a body that is directly subjected to many forms of alien manipulation and mind control. In the spirit world, outside of third dimensional reality, such manipulation and covert control is non-existent.
In addition, the original inhabitants of Earth were attached to a soul group which housed incarnations that carried twelve strands of D.N.A. These beings were well equipped to exist for a very long time on third dimensional Earth. The alien entities in control of your platform, as I previously mentioned, decided to reduce the strength and longevity of those beings by removing most of the genetic information from their D.N.A. This genetic manipulation caused the creation of a human species that was quite inferior, physically speaking, to the full blooded aliens. Once human beings were genetically modified, the strength of the species was diminished significantly. Everything from life span to immune system capabilities had been attenuated. The most important result of these genetic manipulations was of course the inability of the human being to remember its higher realm of existence. The alien rulers valued this change in the new being more than any other.
As a person on Earth you visualize yourself as an intelligent being and you probably believe that many of the decisions you make in your current incarnation are calculated based on the various forms of information you have access to. The genetic manipulation and programming that you have undergone is largely responsible for your present belief systems as well as the amnesia you currently suffer as a human being. It is also one of the many reasons you cannot remember your higher realm of existence which is the only reason you have chosen to come to the Earth in the first place.

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