Ebola: The Real Danger Lies within the Vaccine

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer at NoFakeNews.net

michaelmorrispicLadies and gentlemen, it has been sometime since I addressed you on this platform. There are many different agendas in play at this time. The end game is very close and while I am not quite ready to unleash the 90 day countdown that I wrote about in a previous post, I am ready to release some very important information to readers.

The current hysteria taking place regarding Ebola is well coordinated disinformation. It is being unleashed by the powers that be. The danger associated with this global pandemic is not in the construct of the actual disease. The real danger to the global population will be launched with the introduction of a soon to be released Ebola vaccine. It will become mandatory for all citizens around the world to take the vaccine. It will provide deadly consequences for any persons that accept this medication.

The perceived solution to this global pandemic is actually going to cause the mass annihilation of the human population. Once the vaccine is approved for global distribution, the world will witness a perceived Ebola outbreak like never before. The media companies will link death tolls to the Ebola outbreak, but the deadly vaccine preparations will be the real causative factors in this deadly campaign that is being orchestrated by the entities in control of your world.

The end game is near, but don’t be afraid dear friends because there really is no such thing as death!

More to follow…


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